Sunday, July 16, 2017

Feats of Might

Pretty much as soon as I finished my post about Skill Checks, I started to think about doing something similar for Fighters. As I was working on it though, I decided against making it an 'official' rule, simply because of the different ways people tend to fluff fighters and warriors. Some give them supernatural demigod strength and endurance, and some do not.

Personally I would make a ruling for out of combat super strength to be something like +2 to your strength stat per Fighter level. So every 5 levels, your Fighter basically gets as strong as another man. If the Fighter has average strength himself, at level 45 he would finally be as strong as 10 men. Pretty useful for mythical levels of strength.

Saving throws and hit dice already allow every character to have a Feat of Fortitude; your characters don't need to roll on a special table to prove they can jump off a building and live; if you have enough health points you're already a mythical survivalist.
Bull Beastfolk breaking his chains.

 This table is a secondary version of Feats of Might using roll under, similar to Skill Checks.

Feats of Might
Roll d20 under target number + Strength modifier. If you're a Fighter, add your damage bonus.
Fair 9 < Break a glass window or rotten door. Open a coffin with a prybar.
Difficult 7 to 5 Open a stone sarcophagus with a prybar. Snap a spear over your knee.
Extreme 4 to 2 Bust down a solid door. Lift an iron gate. Wrestle a bull to the ground.
Monumental 1 to -2 Tear open a coffin or box with your bare hands. Snap rope bindings.
Supernatural -3 to -8 Crack brick wall with fists. Hold back the jaws of a huge monster.
Mythic -9 etc. Lift a boulder. Shatter apart chain bindings. Bend steel weapons bare handed.

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