Monday, July 10, 2017

50 Dungeon Prisoners

Mandeer and prisoners from [28]
50 Dungeon Prisoners
For OSR Adventures

[1] Giant lobster man, slowly being cooked alive in an ogre's pot. The ogre is friendly while the lobster verbally berates the party even if they try to save him. If you play a song for him the ogre will share some delicious lobster stew.

[2] Irate dwarf strapped to a table and being used as a counterweight to a giant swinging perpetual motion machine. Disconnecting him from the device permanently ruins it, but trying to harness the machine's power just summons 1d4 Abominations from the other realm every hour.

[3] Trio of evil gnome sorcerers with a huge burlap golem. It's belly is distended as though heavily pregnant and shifts occasionally. Within the stomach of the thing is a captured local, that the gnomes intended to sell as ransom.

[4] Mummy wrapped up on a table, still breathing but immobilized.. Is actually a young captured orphan girl, who was to be the spirit-wife of some long dead emperor.

[5] Two goblins carrying a third goblin hogtied. The middle goblin asks for helps, but shanks whoever is closest as soon as he is freed. If the party sneaks up on them can see them switching positions because one of them is tired of carrying.

[6] Princess locked away in a tower and guarded by a dragon made of porcelain. The tower is suspended in a snow globe, under a cup, within a cupboard, in the kitchen of this dungeon floor.

[7] Intelligent talking jewels are currently trapped within the eyes of a big demon statue. You can see poison gas leaking from the cracks in the smile occasionally, but they begged to be freed.

[8] Traveling entertainers and minsters performing on a stage for a gorgon. If she doesn't like the act, she'll turn one to stone. There's only a single juggler, lute-player, and contortionist left, each going like mad, surrounded by statues.

[9] Warforged head stuck inside the body of a slime. It's metal casing is immune to corrosion, but he really wants to get out of this stupid ooze.

[10] Talking skull stuck inside the body of a slime. It's developed Stockholm syndrome and honestly believes it can control the slime's movements like a new body.

[11] Scrap of paper with a small sketch of a young boy. He is fully animated and speaks to you through speech bubbles. He can jump from paper to paper and doesn't need to eat though fire and water will kill him. He can only be made whole again if a master painter could paint him in enough detail to be like real life.

[12] There is a song trapped in a room. Entering this room lets you hear it, and leaving the room it fades from your hearing. The song keeps repeating after the second chorus, someone in your party can play last verse to 'free' the song.

[13] Master Swordsman, literally disarmed. His two arms are currently being held in magical bindings by a hag deep inside the dungeon. Each arm you return to him grants him 1d6 fighter levels.

[14] Princess of the Amazons trapped in the dungeon. She's extremely strong but doesn't want to fight anyone to get out unless she has to, she's saving her first fight with her husband. Currently held captive by a very strong half giant, who she actually is attracted to but is concerned about his lack of money and status.

[15] Spread eagled kobold on the floor. He is the counterpoint that keeps this floor from falling into a 50 ft pit below. No matter how much weight is added in the room, it won't fall unless he is moved. He refuses to move but is very thirsty and needs threatens to drop the floor if you don't sate him.

[16] Gulper dog (looks like a gulper eel mixed with a terrier) eating its own rear end. It can't dislodge its mouth on its own, but if you free it, it will serve you as a loyal pooch.

[17] Beetle locked in deadly combat with another beetle. Turns out the other beetle is made of tin, and now the real beetle is struggling to free himself of this trap. If you free him, he'll let you keep his wings.

Beetle Wings tiny magic wings that can be attached to small objects to carry them around so you don't lose them and always have them handy like a key, a single arrow, or a rolled up map. The wings can also be attached to a person and that person takes -1 damage from falls.

[18] Man trapped behind a bricked in wall. You can only hear him if he whispers through a crack in the wall. He's been stuck in here for a year, telling you he's survived off dripping water and rats. 50% chance he's an intelligent zombie now.

[19] Nobleman held hostage by harpies. Each of them wears one of his magic rings, which in the fumbling talons of the harpies only grant +1 AC. He won't leave the dungeon until he gets all 10 rings back, one for each finger. Kills himself if any of his fingers get cut off.

[20] Random peasant girl coated in mud by some mischievous imps. They just got her dirty because they are too childish and stupid to come up with any worse tortures. If the party doesn't save the girl in time the imps will escalate eventually by throwing a bug at her.

[21] Slug man sitting down in the center of the room, a circle of salt around him. 1 in 6 chance of the circle of salt actually being for demons hiding in the shadowy corners of the room.

[22] Countess trapped inside a moldy wooden cage, her dress torn and tattered. She came here to find a magic potion with over a dozen armed guards, all of whom were killed by a clan of vampires. The countess herself is of noble blood, so they are saving her for their leader.

[23] Magician trapped inside a small stone cell, his spellbook destroyed by a demihuman. He's writing out the formula for magic missile, which any Wizard can copy down if they free him.

[24] Wizard bound up in chains and blindfolded. If freed he has a spell prepared, but since he's been awake for 4 days straight to keep it ready he doesn't know what it is.
  1. Target enlarged, gains a HD
  2. Target skin becomes translucent, next hit deals +3 damage if aiming for vital organ
  3. Target is drenched in cold water, takes 1 damage every 10 minutes until warmed.
  4. Target gains control over a floating red orb of energy. The orb requires an attack roll to hit someone and deals 2d6 damage. If you miss three times with the orb, it comes back to you and deals 1d6 to you instead.
  5. One ration or potion in target's backpack becomes an oddly colored, adorable pet rodent. This is permanent.
  6. Roll 1d4 twice on this table, combine results into one spell.
[25] Friendly vampire, trapped in a mirror maze.

[26] Local farmer trapped in the dungeon. Will request rescue, but will also request you bring back a few hefty mushroom gourds you find in his cell. With these he'll start a brand new successful farm and really help out the other peasants in the region, who will throw a feast in your honor.

[27] Dragon trapped in loveless marriage.

[28] 1d4 wood huntsmen were captured by mandeer. The mandeer are not totally unreasonable and will release the huntsmen for a hundred arrows each, which to them would be like asking a human for a hundred lightning bolts as ransom.

[29] Thief captured by a secret cabal of lock makers and thrown into this dungeon. His cell is covered by a heavy stone. If you free him he'll pick any single lock for you.

[30] Elf with a single ear bitten off, held up by ropes in the corner of a large chamber. He was captured by a human hound master who wants to feed elf bones to his best bloodhound, but his dog got lost in the dungeon and he's still looking for it.
50% chance that the houndmaster will come back in the room when you find the elf.

[31] Three miners half buried under rocks. Trapped by an angry stone elemental, with three mining picks still stuck in its face.

[32] Dark Wizard that summons shadow elementals has stolen away the nearest cities best accountants and tradesmen. He'll let them go once they find him a way to make huge amounts of money in the most evil way possible. Among the prison cells are notes for the first ever pyramid scheme. The Wizard is an MU with level equal to your party average +1

[33] Four thieves held up in the dungeon by a virtuous creature (like a unicorn or angel). They just got away with robbing a church, but will give the party a magic silver chalice if they distract the virtue creature long enough so they can escape.

[34] City dweller surrounded by five floating knives. If you get too close, the knife attacks you for 1d4 damage then disappears, but it cannot be stopped by physical armor in any way. The man already has one stab wound and doesn't want any more. If pressed, he'll admit he lied about taxes to a witch to get more money out of her, which is why he's in this situation.

[35] Local lord sat atop a saddle atop a big grimy log down here. His mind is shattered and he believes he is jousting, only knocking him off his horse in a pretend joust will fix his mind.

[36] Elderly halfling stands at the bottom half of an hour glass, his legs bound, which starts to fill with sand the moment the party enters the room. You can break the hourglass with any blunt weapon on a roll of 6 or more. It will fill up and he will suffocate in 3 rounds.

[37] Gigantic fat woman, a literal circus act, is being held against her will by diet demons. They are trying to force feed her magic vegetables that make the eater lose 1d10 pounds each one consumed. If slain, the demons will have 1d6 vegetables left.

[38] Talking tapeworm stuck in a comatose man. Can only leave with a new host.

[39] Wolfman trapped within a (to him) unbreakable silver chain. He's friendly, but the moment he gets outside of the dungeon it better not be a full moon or else he'll go berserk.

[40] Four men trapped in wooden crates. They are gagged but can bump into the sides and make some noise. Each box is labeled with WARNING DANGEROUS ANIMAL INSIDE in common.

[41] Young girl trapped on top of a pillar in the center of a room. By the time she warns you about the gas, it's probably too late.

[42] Youthful crossbowman trapped underneath the body of a slumbering bear. It entered a hibernation sleep right as it was about to maul him to death. Get him out without waking up the bear.

[43] Drunk village idiot sitting in a bone cage, fed dirty fermented watered down ale by humanoid monsters. If they keep this up, he'll eventually become one of them.

[44] Hobgoblin with two broken legs curses, within a small pit he can't drag himself out of. Is hostile towards any humans he sees, but will accept help from other monsterous races and could be convinced the humans are their slaves.

[45] Cleric held in place by a single hand thrust through a glowing red hole, just large enough for his wrist to enter. The hole leads to hell and he can't pull his hand away without dropping a holy symbol there, which he doesn't want to do. Unless presented with another symbol he won't let go.

[46] Dolemi the Fisherman. He's guarded by four spear kobolds, a lesser draconian creature with fire bombs, eight skeleton warriors with maces, two masked wizards, and a giant sawblade trap that will kill him and anyone who opens the door to his cell without a password. His crime? He once saw a dragon's reflection in the river and didn't bow his head and worship it.

[47] Prisoner is an alternate reality version of one party member, selected randomly. Trapped here when they betrayed the party in another world.

[48] Old phoenix constantly being drenched with icy cold water from a big waterwheel, stuck in an otherwise regular birdcage. Really needs to dry off so it can burn and be reborn.

[49] Princess of the horse people, rumored to be at this location. Is also an actual horse. Can't talk or anything, but still a princess horse. Surprisingly strong and intelligent, but she must be given a tiara to wear before she'll let anyone ride her.

[50] King of a very far away and obscure kingdom trapped under the watchful eye of an evil warlord in black armor. Saving him wins you a prize; the title of lord and some tracts of land for that far away kingdom. About 20% chance this is a scam.


  1. This seems like a novel way to include things in the dungeon that players can chat to. I especially like 29

    1. Thanks! I could totally see someone using this as a 'friendly random encounter' table.