Sunday, July 23, 2017

Class as Race

You mostly descend from the wild lands. Your skin tends to be tanned, olive, or spotted in complexion with dark black or brown hair to match your gorgeous physique. Physical prowess and martial skill is considered important, and it is necessary to survive. Your people adorn themselves with lion and boar skins, and every man carries two or three swords as status symbols if nothing else. The current royal family of the four races is of your blood, you are very proud of this.

Other races view you with a mix of fear and derision. Even your elders and children could physically knock around other peoples, but you're mentally slow and gullible. Despite being great empire builders, you aren't so good at sustaining them. Fighter men often marry several women, as well as several things that aren't women that they simply love and want to get status of. Famous warriors often marry their swords, their horses, their castles- Acts that undermine the institution of marriage in the eyes of the other races.

Rotund, jolly, and in high spirits your people descend from a sunny paradise land. Here the Mother of Life gave birth to the world, and she holds your people in highest regard of all. The dates on the trees fall down in your waiting mouths, the waters deposit fresh fish on your shores. The greatest adversary here is faith and personal relationship with the divine. Even you who travels with rust-colored freckles can still pray for a miracle. Even speaking her name can make the Undead flee in terror from her holy righteousness.

Other races view you as a spoiled brat, the know it all, as well as out of touch with the real world. Even though they must admit that you have been chosen above all by the Goddess, that doesn't mean you people are immune to corruption. Other races who travel to your paradise find that the fruits turn sour, the eels in the river snap at them when they try to swim or fish, and the sun beats down on them mercilessly, drawing jealousy and ire.

Magic Users
Pale, sickly, eccentric, but brilliant your people are well known and misunderstood by society. There is a ghetto of your kind in every major city, all must wear foppish, colorful robes to differentiate you from a non-magic person. Your families are tight knit, children are often kept indoors to play with imaginary friends who seem more 'real' then they should. Occasionally these 'friends' are demons, that cause great trouble to the family. The first time a child demonstrates controlled magic, such as levitating on the rug, is a rite of passage. The wands and shells you carry are as symbolic of your craft as they are practical.

Other races view you as the creepy stranger, the poisoner and philanderer. They view your unnatural abilities as a necessary evil. Your strange way of speaking and thinking, along with your written scholarly shorthand are seen as sure signs of devilry. You and your people swear up and down you do not practice necromancy, but most of you still keep at least one past patriarch's skull around, just in case.

Bright eyed, swift of hand and foot, your people are natural acrobats and gymnasts. You are skilled architects, building high towers and cities filled with secret rooms and back alleys, to which you are obsessed. In your eyes, any advantage that can be pressed should be, and things not well guarded enough to stop you from taking them are obviously not important enough to be missed.

Others races view you as the shifty eyed little urchin, even far into adulthood. Your men look like women and your women look flat and shrewd. Whenever anything is lost or misplaced, you are the first to be blamed. The curiosity of the Thief people gets them in trouble more then once, sometimes more then their innate mechanical skill and craftiness can handle.

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