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10 Unbeatable Techniques

All techniques listed here are Difficulty 5 Special Moves, only accessible to max level Fighting classes and requiring the same training costs and time as listed in the rules for Special Moves. They are very powerful. In addition to the normal requirements, characters who wish to learn these moves will need to perform a difficult quest or seek to reincarnate into a new body which can generate the chi necessary for these moves.

[1] Flying Squirrel Furls Cape
As long as you are equipped with any sort of robe, billowing clothing, a strong cape, or a kite strapped to your back; you can fly. Your flight requires only the slightest movement of wind to accomplish- but fails if the air is totally still. You can generate enough air currents with a simple hand fan, or using another move like Broom in the Old Study.

Your flight is as fast as a running horse, and you have total control over acceleration, movement, and control. You can hover or make attacks while swooping, lift in the air high or low as needed, and freely battle other flying creatures- do not make saving throws or checks for flying skill. If a saving throw or check is needed to perform any
exceptionally difficult maneuver, roll with advantage anyway.

[2] White Whisker Killing Glance
You can perform any of your pressure points, debilitating strikes, and even unarmed attacks with any part of your body. You can step on someone's foot to perform a blinding strike, strike with a tail or tongue for damage, or even harm a foe who puts their hand on your shoulder. The move appears to invisibly strike foes, but its true nature is related to the spectral whisker-hairs that the user grows.

This move requires the same time to train as all other Difficulty 5 moves, but takes years to grow the whiskers requires to use it. This move makes the user grow a handful of very long, thin white hairs. Those without the ability to see the invisible or a supernatural level of Wisdom (+3 modifier minimum) cannot even see the hairs. The hairs are like spiderweb, coiling around your limbs and extremities and striking at the pressure points and fault lines of your foes. Additionally, enemies with longer weapons no longer hit first against you AND add a permanent +2 to hit with your unarmed attacks.

[3] Way of Twenty-Two Jewels
Your hands channel the magic and power of your soul. Your hands count as magic weapons permanently, if they didn't already. When you perform martial arts moves, your hands may glow with spiritual energy, burning with your aura so brightly it is visible to the naked eye. Additionally, add +2 to damage rolls with unarmed attacks.

Your hands gain face. You treat both your hands as Heads for the purpose of magic spells or special attacks- For example, a vorpal weapon that automatically cuts off your head on a roll of 20 has only a 1 in 3 chance to target your head, instead it may cut off a hand- turning a death condition into losing a limb as an improvement. Additionally, spells that target, mutate, or mutilate hands simply don't work anymore unless you want them to. Any effect too powerful to be resisted instead just deals 1 damage as your hands cramp. You are hands are too spiritually superior to be destroyed by mere magic, ensuring you are never helpless.

[4] Way of the Left Hand
This infamous move counts as a regular martial arts combat style. Unlike animal, gemstone, weather, or other named styles, this one doesn't have a counter. It counters every other style, and cannot be countered by any style except itself. Due to both its shadowy origins and use by power-hungry adepts, it has an extremely dishonorable reputation and all hirelings who know kung-fu must make a loyalty check to stay employed to anyone who uses this. Old masters shake their heads at the upstarts who only lust for power, and nothing else. It is said using this technique even once permanently stops the warrior from every achieving enlightenment- their soul stained too deeply from a lust for victory over all else.

[5] Dragon Fist
This is the advanced form of the technique Clawing Tiger, and you must know that move first before you can learn this one. Clawing Tiger lets you automatically hit any foe with an AC of 10 or less, no roll needed. Dragon Fist lets you hit any foe with AC of 13 or less, no roll needed. A clumsy man in chainmail, or an agile man in leather have no defense against your technique. This move works with both weapons and unarmed strikes.

[6] Soul Bursting Pinch
This move requires a successful unarmed attack, which deals no damage. The target is pinched on a specific spot in their body, which renders their spiritual energy asunder. Target loses 1 level or -1 HD, with all possible negatives therein and must reroll their Charisma score, taking the lower of the two results. If it's a monster, reroll their morale score instead and remove any leadership skills or abilities. After the first time you are hit with the pinch, you become immune to its powers, but are forever altered by it. If they are 1 HD or less, they simply die.

[7] Infinite Star-Chakra Technique
The learner of this technique studies it underneath a night sky. They let the power of stars flow into their body, permanently gaining a pale silver glow of starlight. They no longer get tired and no longer need to eat, sleep, or rest if they do not wish to. Their stamina comes from within and without, their body becoming an infinite loop of recurring energy. This power is permanently lost if the user is hit by a level draining undead, spell, or technique, but instead of draining their levels it just ruins this chakra balance in such a way it cannot be restored again. Additionally, while under this technique, gain advantage on saving throws versus death.

[6] Special Ninjitsu- Gleam in the Eye of a Warrior
The user of this technique must not have attacked the victim for at least 3 days. If the victim of the attack attacks the user, and the user does not fight back, then the victim must roll a saving throw from the cold gleam in the user's eye. On a success, they miss their first attack and give time for the user of the technique to ready themselves for combat. On a failure, their body slumps down, barely standing, and becomes devoid of personality. It can eat and sleep, but cannot speak or have any relationships- this is because this technique traps the aggressive victim's mind within the warrior's mind. The body remains alive but essentially in stasis, unable to fight or train.

While within their mind; the victim of this technique can be subject to multiple hallucinations and real fantasies. They may face hundreds of powerful foes in an endless combat struggle, be subject to their worst fears, or the user of this technique may simply mock and scold them for their arrogance at attacking them. The enemy is trapped for an indefinite period of time with two exceptions; the user may only hold one spirit within their eye's gleam and the trapped spirit can break free if exceptional pain or loss of concentration happens to the user. Additionally, the trapped spirit gets a hard saving throw to escape once per year if they are equal or higher level to the user of the technique.

As this power straddles the line between special move and spell, it is said high level Wizards can learn a variant of this move. As they lack the powerful aura to trap enemy spirits within themselves, they must rely on a crystal orb or other powerful magic item, but the rules remain the same.

[7] Breaking Strike
This move strikes at the weakness in the target. It can be performed with any weapon or while unarmed, even at range if using a specialty “hardpoint” arrowhead. Upon a hit, it deals all the damage of the creature's current difference between max and current hit points. The move splits open all wounds, inflames burns, splits cracked bones, and breaking the creature apart. If you attacked with this move against a creature with 20 missing hit points, then this move would deal 20 damage. It has no effect on creatures without injuries. Once a creature has been struck by this move and survived it, their body becomes tough enough to withstand it and it no longer works on them as their old scars disappear and reassemble into something far stronger.

[8] Gift of Absolute Power
The ripple of life can be given, the final gift before death. This move can be learned as normal, or may be learned as part of training to manipulate chi, and can only be used once. If a Fighter is dying, they may transfer their remaining life energy into someone else as a gift, causing the user to die. The target swells, recovering all of their lost hit points, advantage on their next to hit roll, and a glowing aura of pure life energy that deflects all save vs death attacks or spells, especially from the undead. If the affected character is also a Fighter, they also grow an entire level, permanently.

[9] Flawless Granite Body
Through advanced training techniques; the user becomes physically tough. Their body becomes supernaturally hard. Their skin simply cannot be harmed by weapons below a certain level in quality. Improvised wooden weapons, rusted iron, flimsy decayed teeth and claws simply cannot break the warrior's skin; count all attacks with these weapons as automatic misses. Regular high quality weapons and magic weapons can still penetrate your skin, in which case you get +2 AC passively.

[10] Lacerate the Sky
This move uses swords and daggers. The master of the move becomes so adept with bladed weapons that the space between the blade and their foe is reduced to nothing. This move allows the user to slash the air and create waves of energetic force the cut anything they strike as though the sword had slashed them. Unlike normal slashes, these ones don't damage the blade and strike at a short range, meaning you can slash at beings encased in stone or acidic things without harming your weapon or your own body from the shrapnel. The range of this attack is similar to that within throwing distance, the waves of force glow bright enough that someone can attempt to dodge them if at the edge of its useful range, granting a saving throw to avoid as well as requiring a successful attack by the user.

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