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Magic Rods + 12 Magic Rods

These are some rules to replace battle magic with more common and less powerful magic weapons. Unlike a spell, magic users can be disarmed of these and also it allows for loot progression. I've been inspired by games like Breath of the Wild recently and its own elemental magic rods. You might notice that this magic rod table is “cleverly” designed so the first 8 follow the Dominions based elemental magic system in case you'd want to use it in combination with that. Just combine the powers of the water rod minus the water magic attack; roll 1d8 for a random Dominions rod.

For a long time now I've also enjoyed the high fantasy aesthetics of things like World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and so on and try to incorperate some of those elements into my games. Part of this involves a common amount of blasting magic, as well as the idea of buying magic items at shops. Magic is a little more common and considered less evil or people aren't as afraid of it. I think having a common magic rod weapon that can also serve as utility will help this purpose, along with giving non-magical classes a form of magic attack.

Magic Rods
Magic rods are medium range weapons that strike at foes with magical energy and the wrath of the elements. Anyone can make use of a magic rod. Rods use a magical attack roll (d20 + intelligence modifier vs enemy AC) to hit.

Most magic rods are made of Mysterium; a magical alloy of iron mixed with arcane dust. This helps it store and conduct magical energy. Every magic rod made of Mysterium has 3d6 charges it generates every dawn and dusk. Rods not made of Mysterium only have 1d6 charges. Rods waxed with special magical oils get an extra +1d6 charges, and Rods topped with a powerful elemental gem also get +1d6 charges. Damaged rods get -1d6 until repaired.

Each rod expends charges to either make a basic attack, or for an out of combat use. Very small actions, such as using a Fire Rod to lit a candle, require no charges. Very extensive uses, such as using a Frost Rod to freeze an entire pond, will require a magic roll vs a DC to succeed. On success or failure, expends all charges.
Roll 1d12 for a random rod.

12 Types of Rods
[1] Fire Rod- Rod of elemental fire and heat.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 fire damage on a hit. Start a campfire.
2 Charges: Melee-range flame blast deals 1d6 fire damage. Cook something spontaneously.
3 Charges: Create a 6 ft. high wall of flame, 10 ft across. Deals 1d6 to anyone who passes through. Channeled; costs 1 charge per round after first.
4 Charges: Flame shield around an ally; any missed attack against them deals 1d4 to the attacker for 3 rounds. Power & heat a forge for an hour with the rod.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a fire infusion, dealing +1d6 fire damage on a hit and counting as magic for an entire fight. Create a smokeless, colorless flame to warm you at night, or melt an entire snowbank.

[2] Shock Rod- Rod of elemental lightning.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 shock damage on a hit. Levitate a piece of paper or cause a handful of nails to stick straight up.
2 Charges: Spark Armor- infuses any metal armor with electrical energy that discharges and deals 1d4 damage to the first enemy who hits it, on a roll of 4 it also stuns for a round or causes them to drop their weapon from the jolt.
3 Charges: Chain Lightning; On a hit with the basic (1 charge) magic attack spend 3 charges to make another attack at a target nearby the first, each bolt of lightning bouncing between them.
4 Charges: Summon a lightning cloud that zaps anyone who goes higher then you in elevation in the immediate area for 1d6 shock damage. Stick any metal object to a wall or ceiling.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a lightning infusion, dealing +1d6 shock damage on a hit and counting as magic for an entire fight. Control metal ball bearings to roll a heavy object on their own, or use magnetic powers to repair a few points of broken AC of metallic armor.

[3] Frost Rod- Rod of elemental ice and cold.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 frost damage on a hit. Freeze a mug or extinguish a flame.
2 Charges: Freeze a sopping wet foe by touching them with the rod; Deals 1d8 frost damage and inhibits their action for one round. Freeze a puddle or wet floor causing foes to save or slip.
3 Charges: Loose arrow-ranged icicle, deals 1d6 ice damage. Chill meat for long preservation.
4 Charges: Create a cold-trapped metal object that deals 1d10 frost damage to next being who tries to pick it up. Turn rain into hail in a 30ft area.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a frost infusion, dealing +1d6 frost damage on a hit and counting as magic for an entire fight. Create an ice sheet raft. Throw a blizzard over a campsite or snow-in a cabin even in the middle of summer.

[4] Stone Rod- Rod of elemental earth and metal.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 physical damage on a hit- Counts as a 'magic' attack, despite being 'physical' damage.
2 Charges: Enchant boulders rolled off cliffs and down hills to veer towards approaching enemies, granting +1 to hit with the crushing boulders. Create a literal stone paperweight or weigh an object down enough it doesn't blow away.
3 Charges: Create a small embankment of earth and stone to act as mobile cover from ranged attacks- You have to crouch down to use it and can only fit one person per charge spent to make it.
4 Charges: Grant yourself a stone fist that deals 1d6 damage for a punch and grants +1 AC to you, but weighs you down for the fight. Create a sandstorm around you that gives enemies -1 to hit in the area if they try to enter it.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a sharpness infusion, granting +2 to hit and counting as magic for the whole battle; weapons already enchanted and made well respond well with Earth magic. Very short lived, localized earthquake to knock something off a shelf or crack a structure.

[5] Brilliant Rod- Elemental light and the stars.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 astral damage on a hit. Focus starlight outside to light a path.
2 Charges: Enhance a helmet with astral light, blinding foes who aim for the head or just granting +1 AC vs those with blunt weapons. Create a flare that lasts for one turn high in the air.
3 Charges: Cast a Light spell that lasts for one turn; bright light illuminating a dungeon. Focus outdoor light to deal a 1d6 astral damage blast on a hit, with a roll of 6 causing blindness for a turn.
4 Charges: Colorful spray that blinds and stuns an enemy on a successful attack, equal or less to the charges spent- Minimum 4 charges to use this.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a sunlight infusion, having the effects of true sunlight against a creature on a hit.

[6] Death Rod- Elemental death and darkness.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 necrotic damage on a hit. Rot a pile of leaves or a few loose vines into dust.
2 Charges: Shadow evocation, deals 1d8 damage in darkness and doesn't require a roll to hit in absolute darkness, but the caster still has to know where the victim is or have darkvision.
3 Charges: Inflict an enemy with corpse rot, causing -1d6 strength, dexterity, or constitution damage. Melt flesh off a corpse for clean bones.
4 Charges: Create thick supernatural darkness that can't be penetrated by torchlight.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a necrotic infusion, dealing +1d6 damage on a hit for an entire fight.

[7] Primal Rod- Rod of Nature and life.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 poison damage on a hit. Unwilt a flower, or conjure a small number of convincing beast tracks.
2 Charges: Create one ankle-root, used to ensnare a foe- Unless a save or bladed weapon is used to cut it, they can't move from their location.
3 Charges: Creates a poison cloud that deals 1d8 damage to anyone who breathes it in in a 15 ft area; with an extra 5 ft square per extra charge spent. Spring up a patch of flowers or grass.
4 Charges: Create a swarm of insects to harass an enemy MU, keeping them from casting spells. Create thorny briers that entangle enough to stop victims from moving or attacking, dealing 1d4 damage if they resist.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a poison coating, which deals 1d6 damage each round until a save vs poison is successfully made on a hit.

[8] Blood Rod- Corrupted Blood & Demons.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 bleeding damage to living thing on a successful attack roll. On a roll of 4 cuts open a wound that deals 1 damage per exploration turn from bleeding until healed or a bandage is used.
2 Charges: Create a tiny imp that either attacks or does another action for two rounds; +1 round per extra charge spent. It's cowardly and only have 1HD, but can riffle through your pockets to pull out items you need while you're occupied.
3 Charges: Grants someone boiling blood, dealing damage back to an attacker equal to what they dealt to you with a sharp weapon- they can make a save to avoid the blood. Give an area of land or object a dread aura that keeps away most people.
4 Charges: Conjure a standard demon for a single round to perform one attack or action; a succubus to confound an enemy, a balor to slam the ground with its hoof, a flaming beast to shoot hellfire at a foe and deal 1d10 if they fail a save, etc.
5+ Charges: Give any weapon a demonic infusion, dealing +1d8 damage on a hit to any holy being or religious person. Enchant a demonic amulet that prevents the wearer from being turned or exorcised for one day.

[9] Heaven Rod- Holy Power. Use Wis modifier.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d6 holy damage to an evil being on a hit. Used during an exorcism to add +1 to the roll to drive out the spirit.
2 Charges: Give an ally 1d6 temporary HP from a blessing- lasts 3 rounds. Mimic the sound of a church bell, of which many monsters are afraid.
3 Charges: End an ongoing dark magic effect on a person from an enemy's rod; equal to its charge cost with a minimum of 3 charges spent.
4 Charges: Create a white line in a circle or over a threshold that holds back evil and undead of HD equal to or less then the charges spent; minimum of 4 charges must be used.
5+ Charges: Consecrate any weapon with holy power, letting it harm otherwise invincible demons or undead- Deals +1d6 damage on a hit against an evil being on a hit, lasts all day.

[10] Acid Rod- Corrosion and Acid powers.
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d6 acid damage on a hit. Burn through some paper or thin some paints off a surface or object.
2 Charges: Focused magic attack- Make a magic attack roll at -2 and aim at a specific object like a bowstring, a sack an enemy is carrying, etc- On a hit you destroy a small part of that object or item.
3 Charges: Melee splash of acid deals 1d10 damage unless enemy makes a save to avoid, no attack roll needed. Make a melee attack roll to damage an enemy's armor by -1 AC, must touch with rod to do this.
4 Charges: Burn through a mundane lock, but this causes as much noise as if you smashed it. Scald all the color and texture off a metal object. Acid treat a gemstone to make it much brighter.
5+ Charges: Infuse any weapon with +1d6 acid damage on a hit, lasts all day. Reduce an enemy's armor by -1d6 AC at range, but must hit with a magic attack roll. Melt away a standard, mundane metal shield or something of weaker material. Burn away a small sack of an object into a lesser material or into slag.

[11] Water Rod- Rod of Elemental Water
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 damage on a hit, extinguishes flames and drenches target. If underwater magic attack deals 1d6 damage and can bash the foe in any direction 10 ft
2 Charges: Stream of water pushes back small creatures- they cannot attack the rod user. Wash an object off or make water clear to see deeper.
3 Charges: Heavy dew drop sticks to the end of a blunt weapon- Increases its weight and adds +1 to hit and deals +1d4 damage and drenches on hit.
4 Charges: When underwater crushes an enemy from all sides, deals 1d10 damage unless they make a save. Part a small pond or make it draw something from deep within up to the shore.
5+ Charges: Infuse any weapon with +1d6 water damage on a hit, lasts all day. Conjure a small amount of drinking water, or as a tidal stream that can push back and wash away men-sized targets. Use the rod to 'swim' underwater at incredible speed and to burst from the water to great height.

[12] Magus Rod- Arcane Power & Dueling
1 Charge: Magic Attack- Deals 1d4 arcane damage and does not miss; homemade talismans and circles of salt reduce or block this attack. Grant yourself +1 AC vs the rod attacks of other users for one round; AC bonus as spent charges.
2 Charges: Point the rod at something and spend 2 charges; if it glows, its magical. Create an arcane glyph for 1 turn on a door or the floor, and when it is disturbed you will know.
3 Charges: Create a fantastic illusionary music or a scene like a tiny knight fighting a tiny dragon- can't fool anyone, but useful for entertainment. Reflect a rod effect of a lesser charge cost back to its sender, they can send back by spending 1 more charge then you, and then you back again, etc.
4 Charges: Arcane warding placed around a shield, granting its AC bonus vs rod attacks and magic spell saves for one day. Arcane bonds freeze enemies in place and time for 1d4 combat rounds, unable to be hurt or moved during it, save to resist or if enemy makes the save can come out at the worst possible moment as a surprise.
5+ Charges: Infuse another rod with +1d4 arcane damage each time it spends a charge as magic missile. Counter a spell with the rod, each charge past 5 giving you a +1 on the save to dispel or weaken the enemy spell.

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