Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[Class] Lizard Lord

Class inspired by this picture. Art by Axbraun
Lizard Lord
HD- d8
Equipment- All, minus weapons & armor too large. Base AC 12, Max AC 16

Lizard Lords are intelligent monitor lizards that stand upright. Despite only being 3 feet tall at most, they are fierce warriors and hold dominion over all reptiles. They are eager to prove themselves and have large personalities to compensate for their small size.

Because of their scaled bodies, they have a base AC of 12. Their max AC is 16. All armor must be fitted for them to use, and 2handed or versatile weapons are usually too big for them. Regular sized weapons are used by them in two hands. Lizard Lords gain +1 to hit every level, and can enforce their will on powerful rebellious magical weapons and armor like normal Fighters can.

Whenever making a reaction check towards a reptile, such as a serpent, crocodile, or giant demon turtle, they can add their level to the roll. On a good reaction, the creature also acknowledges the Lizard Lord's authority and will offer aid in some way if requested. Dragons are not true reptiles, but get +1 to reaction checks with them anyway.

At 10th Level, the Lizard Lord comes into possession of a magical Sunstone- a rock with powers related to the sun, and a holy object for reptiles. This stone can restore up to 1d6 hit points to every Lizard that touches it once per day, and can focus forth its light as a light spell but with true sunlight. Using the Sunstone along with your natural Lizard charisma lets you attract several fully sized and intelligent lizard men, skink-men, and talking snakes along with 1d20 crocodiles, tortoises, AND chameleons as servants to your lizard empire.

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