Friday, March 2, 2018

March is Monster Month + Monster Rules

How about an entire month dedicated to monsters? I like the idea, but I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with it. Let's try it anyway. For the Month of march, The Manse will only produce the highest quality content with the best homemade “art” with a focus on monsters and fighting monsters.

Monster Rules

Instead of scaling AC and To-Hit, monsters get +1 damage per HD. This makes armor more important for players, and also makes fighters good. The +1 damage per HD also means that monsters are scaling to keep up with the players; a minimum of 1/HD of their health with each hit, reducing HP bloat at higher levels of the game.

Monsters also have a discipline or morale. In order to sneak up to or past a monster, you have to roll a d20 + stealth OVER their morale. Monsters also save with their morale; roll d20 UNDER their morale to save in combat. Spell saves run on a separate system for them, or they just have the basic saving throw.

I like these changes to monster HD as it makes small squads of highly motivated or trained monsters just as dangerous as high powered HD monsters in different ways. Monsters take a morale check on the first one of them that goes down, and again when half their number is depleted. But what about monsters without morale, like zombies and undead? Are they always able to be sneaked past, or never? What about combat saves- is it trivial or impossible to trip a zombie? Personally I'd make it depend on the monster. You can always succeed on maneuvers and sneaking against a zombie, but a stone guardian meant to protect a tomb of a king? There's no way you can sneak past that.

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