Friday, March 9, 2018

4 Sketched Monsters

[1] Featherbrain Chimera (3 HD, +3 AC, 3 bite attacks at 1d6, random actions each turn)
Morale- 15

The Featherbrain Chimera is a very unstable creature. Despite being very strong, each head controls the body equally and it constantly changes what it is doing. It cannot attack the same person twice in a row. If bodyblocked by a character, it loses -1 morale and is forced to attack them.

Every 6 damage this creature takes; it loses one attack, -1 AC, and -5 morale from having one of its head disabled, but it becomes more tactically aware and seeks ways to escape combat. As long as it isn't killed it can regain its strength.

[2] Dunderhead Summoner (1 HD, summons Dunderheads)
Morale- 12

The Dunderhead summoner is a small demihuman shaman who can call upon a massive, many headed hydra from deep under the earth. It takes 1 turn after calling for a head to appear; creating a great rumbling under the area it will appear.

The dunderhead hydra is a herbivore and very stupid. Each head is strong, but not very dangerous. Each head can also easily be distracted by anything shiny or with fluttering movements. If you manage to learn the spell this creature uses, you can only use it on the same landmass as you encountered the summoner- the hydra's body is only under there.

Dunderhead (4 HD, 1d6 big bite, easily distracted)
Morale- 8

These are the heads the summoner calls from the Earth. Upon being scared off or killed, the head slips back into the earth and the soil closes the hole back up. If the summoner is killed, the head instead looks towards the nearest vegetation to greedily scoop up and then disappear back down.

[3] Pangoo Denmother (2 HD, 16 AC base, 19 AC when curled, 1d6+1 blades or 1d4 roll attack)
Morale- 10, 14 if defending nest

This creature is a mother of a liter of Pangoo- squat pangolin like demihumans. Like all Pangoo, she has extremely strong scales and can curl into a ball to increase her AC to 19 and deal a 1d4 rolling attack. If trapped in a small enough space that she can't uncurl from the ball, she will surrender, but is otherwise dedicated to defending her nest.

If the party does not appear as nest raiders; roll a reaction check. On a good result, the Pangoo Denmother will grant the party a few of her spent scales. Enough of these can be woven into a lightweight, expensive suit of armor with 16 AC and a defensive curl minus the rolling attack to bring the AC of the wearer to 19 as long as they don't attack.

[4] Zeebo's Armor (5 HD, +2 AC, 1d4+1 smash attack, mesmerizing patterns make ranged attacks miss, counts as magic attacks)
Morale- N/A

Zeebo's Armor is the upper body armor of Zeebo's leggings. While the leggings were obedient and functioned as they were told; the upper body became too powerful and proud to be worn by humans. The patterns on the armor give it a mesmerizing effect that make it impossible to hit with ranged and thrown attacks. The hollow shell punches and strikes with fury that counts as magic attacks, thus being able to hurt even ghostly or elemental creatures.

Only a handful of these pieces of armor were produced. The tribal patterns that give them their effect were always intended to be worn as fabrics and as pants; as the human form makes metal arrogant and lustful for power.

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