Saturday, January 20, 2018

8 Sketched Magic Items

[1] Candied Blood-Drop Blade
Sharp magical dagger that deals 1d4 damage when used as a weapon. After a successful hit, the dagger creates a single large drop of blood from the victim which hardens into a candy-sphere that can be sucked and act as a ration. Attacks that deal 1 damage don't create a drop big enough to be used as a ration, 2-3 damage creates 1 ration, and a roll of 4 creates an extra thick candy drop that counts as 2 rations that can be sucked on and saved for later.

This blade can create rations from self inflicted wounds, but diseases a creature has will be transferred to those who eat its blood candy. Creatures with regular red blood have cherry flavored candy, giant bugs with green blood make apple flavored candy when sliced, and so on.

[2] Wyrmwood Wand
This wand has the power to twist objects. By waving it and spending a single combat round you can; twist up the wings of a flying creature to ground it, twist up the legs or arms of humanoid creatures, twist a guard's head backwards so he can't see you, twist up the branches of a tree to make a bridge or twist a stone column to make it easy to climb. All things that twist groan and feel some pain from it if they are alive, but it deals no damage and comes undone in 1d6 turns for living creatures and 2d6 for nonliving materials. It does not cut off bloodflow or restrict breathing for living things.

The wand has 3 charges that refresh each dawn and dusk.

[3] Sweeping Axe
This axe is designed to sweep through smaller groups of enemies and is enormously powerful in the hands of a strong warrior. Acts as a normal 1d8 Great Axe but if you take a full round to charge up a swing, your next swing hits all enemies in front of you in a 15 foot cone and knocks enemies smaller then you to the side. Requires both hands to use.

Deals full damage to swarm, even to swarms of very small creatures like spiders or snakes. This weapon was originally used as a one handed axe by a giant to cut the straw roofs off of huts he suspected villagers were hiding in, so he could stick in a hand to gobble them up.

[4] Zeebo's Incredible Leggings
These leggings grant +1 AC and the stripes on these leggings grant them an almost illusion effect while moving. Attacks aimed at the legs; such as bolas, arrows, entangling vines or grappling monsters get confused and unable to correctly target the legs. These leggings also make the wearer's kick attacks count as magic; letting them kick ghosts but dealing only regular unarmed damage.

The leggings were created from a ceremonial design by a culture that used them for mesmerizing dances and feats of agility. The design was later stolen and armored to be used as equipment for warriors, but it's patterns can still only be created by masterful fabric dyers of these people.

[5] Helm of the Arachnid
This helm grants +1 to your Dexterity modifier in addition to regular AC bonuses from Armor. It also grants improved vision in the darkness, letting you see twice as far in low light as normal, but does not help you in absolute darkness.

The longer you wear the helmet, the harder it becomes to remove it and the more spider-like you become. Eventually you will grow multiple eyes, have an irrational fear of sunlight, and desire to trap creatures in your webs of traps. If you cannot spin webs, since most creatures can't, you'll resort to using regular traps and ropes instead. At this stage the helmet cannot be removed without killing you but the metallic spider limbs on the helmet can be used as improvised weapons +1 to hit against adjacent foes, and can be used to climb and hold up your body weight for a maximum of 1 turn per day, since you're too heavy to carry around all the time.

[6] Glinting-Charm Crossbow
This crossbow deals 1d8 damage and can once per day stifle all wind to line up a shot. Ignore all penalties for shooting in a storm and ignore mages with shields of air that protect them from arrow fire. Gain +2 to hit for this one shot.

The glinting-charms of this crossbow are constantly dangling and lightly chiming. Only when its ability is activated do the charms stay silent to line up a perfect shot.

[7] Perilous Puzzlebox
Instead of casting a spell, a spellcaster can give up a spell slot to conjure creature(s) inside the box with HD total equal to the spell level spent. The creatures can fit in the box regardless of size but once the box is opened or thrown, the creatures explode out of it and use a single attack, ability, or spell on all nearby targets. Then, the creatures disappear and the box must be charged again to be used.

Multiple turns of charging the box with spells can be done to fill the puzzlebox with more and more deadly creatures. But each round you hold the box it has a 1 in 6 chance of springing open prematurely, which means the creatures exit at your location and will attack you and whoever is nearby instead.

[8] Duelists Crystallabra
This matching cauldron + bracer set grants +1 AC. If you defeat an enemy made of magical energy or light, you can draw that enemy into the armor set. By facing a foe directly while the set is charged it casts out blinding light with each of your attacks giving them -2 AC and -2 to hit when they attack you. This only works against enemy's in front of you while turned towards them, and has no effect on flanking enemies or ranged enemies. The Crystallabra armor can also be used to create soft, multicolored light at any time while in darkness at the caster's will.

Once absorbed, the spiritual essence of the absorbed creature can create light for you both in combat and in dungeons for 1 day per HD of the absorbed creature.

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