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Stating Dota 2 Items p.1

[1] Tango
Consumable – You find 1d4+1

Using this glowing material on a single plant kills it, slowly healing and restoring the user of the item. This only applies to a single plant, and the amount of life force is tied to the size and strength of that plant, so trees are almost always used. This item works on giant fungi sprouts, cave moss golems, etc.

Heals 1d4 health each day, rolled each morning for 3 days.

[2] Smoke of Deceit
Consumable – 1 use

When uncorked, purple fog grants an aura of stealth to all within a short range. This grants +1 to all stealth rolls for each character until that character is uncovered. The true power of this item is that word of a person's passing or namesake does not spread or is not recognized- this allows for passing through hostile lands or places with spies as long as you are not uncovered by the very person searching for you. Nobody but the direct searchers will pass along word they saw you.

[3] Orb of Venom
Charm – Carry for Effect

As long as you are carrying this orb, every time you inflict damage with bladed weapons or arrows you deal 1 poison damage per round for 1d6 rounds. This applies to all cuts you make while carrying the orb, including surgical or accidental self inflicted injuries.

[4] Morbid Mask
Equipment – Mask

When you defeat a foe of at least 2 HD, you heal 1 health.

[5] Ghost Scepter
Magic – Two uses per day

The target of this scepter turns into a spectral shade of themselves. They are unable to be hurt by non-magical weapons and attacks, but take an extra +1d6 damage from all magic and spell based damage. They also cannot physically attack others in this form unless they also possessed a magic weapon when they were turned into a specter. Successful casting of Turn Undead knocks them back to normal. Lasts a maximum of 2 exploration turns.

[6] Shadow Amulet
Magic – One use per day

Once activated, this amulet takes a single combat round to fade out the user and make them invisible. They cannot attack, move, or cast spells during this time, but if they were casting a spell before they used it they can continue to channel that ability while invisible. They can speak in a voice that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere while in this form. Lasts a maximum of an exploration turn.

[7] Blink Dagger
Magic – One use per charge; 1d4-1 charges

The blink dagger allows the user to teleport up to 30 ft in any direction. This can be used to teleport through solid walls if the user knows there is an empty space and the general idea of where they will end up. If you are injured you cannot use the dagger.

The dagger has a limited number of charges and the party does not know how to recover them. It is rumored that slaying a transient who will not be remembered is the only way to recharge the dagger.

[8] Null Talisman
Equipment – Necklace

While worn, this talisman makes the wearer's curses and spells save at -2, making it harder for enemies to save against them. Spoken curses, such a literal curse against someone and wishing them damnation, have been known to mildly jinx people who have been spoken to this way by the amulet wearer. All who wear the talisman are said to be of a sharp mind but overly cruel and sacrilegious.

[9] Void Stone
Charm – Carry of Effect

Every time you use a racial power, spell, item, or secret fighting technique that has a daily use limit this stone has a 1 in 6 chance of restoring it if you are carrying the stone. Each stone can only do this once per day, and each stone past the first adds +1 in 6 chance to resfresh.

[10] Perseverance
Equipment – Ring

This person heals an additional +1 health each day from bed rest. If you use wound infection tables, they do not apply to this character when injuried. The first time this character would be killed by a natural force such as a blizzard, tidal wave, or volcanic eruption; they appear nearby instead, miraculously surviving with 1 HP remaining.

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