Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Samurai Jack-esque d8 Hero Generator

Hero Appearance & Traits
[1] Grizzled, middle age, intimidating.
[2] Unassuming, old, passive but with hidden strength.
[3] Sharp haircut, adolescent, fiery temper.
[4] Ascetic, physical prime, respectful.
[5] Stylish, graying hair, boisterous.
[6] Exotic, distinctly abnormal feature, tricky.
[7] Dark, young adult, brooding.
[8] Ridiculous, indeterminate age, rambunctious.

Hero's Cultural/Martial Tradition
[1] Arthurian Knight
[2] Arabic Sultan-Guard
[3] Native American Brave
[4] Indian Kshatriya
[5] Caribbean Pirate
[6] Norseman Viking
[7] Spanish Duelist
[8] Ghana Warrior-King

Hero's Defense
[1] Energy Barrier/Magic Tattoos
[2] Dodging, leaping, parrying.
[3] Carries a great shield.
[4] Wears massive suit of armor.
[5] Has a trusty steed/vehicle.
[6] Animated animal pelt/skin defends him/her. Animal is relevant to cultural origin.
[7] None- uses sheer size and toughness.
[8] Chains/ropes tied around body, uses to knock away enemy attacks and entangle them.

Hero's Flaw
[1] Untamed Rage
[2] Wants reward/recognition for their mission
[3] Prideful, cannot let insults pass
[4] Trusting & Gullible
[5] Relies too heavily/not enough on technology
[6] Easily Distracted
[7] Intrigued by puzzles or mysteries
[8] Depression or Suicidal thoughts

Hero's Magic Weapon
[1] Walking Staff
[2] 1d4 Throwing Stars/Javelins/Axes/Chakrams
[3] Regular Bow. Has a single white arrow, meant to pierce Aku's heart.
[4] Sword. Design, style, and length adjusted to fit Cultural Origin.
[5] Poleaxe/Pike.
[6] Flail. Chain can extend for longer distance attacks.
[7] Two Claw-Fist Weapons.
[8] Gigantic marble Sledgehammer.

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