Sunday, January 28, 2018

Weird Monster Generator

Rolled [6], [11], and [1]
Roll each part required by your body plan. If they are in a pack, one of them may be an Elite. Start off each Weird Monster with 2 HD and a 1d4+1 tackle if they have no other attacks.

Body Plan – 1d10
The basic shape of the creature. All body parts of the same type are the same on a creature, unless misshapen which has a different part per roll.
[1] Humanoid (2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head)
[2] Quadruped (4 legs, 1 head)
[3] Tauric (4 legs, 2 arms, 1 head)
[4] Devi (2 legs, 4 arms, 1 head)
[5] Bug (6 legs, 1 large head that deals x2 damage)
[6] Mannequin (4 arms, 1 Surface)
[7] Wheel (4 legs, 1 Surface)
[8] Duo-Biped (2 legs, 2 heads)
[9] Roll again but add a special power.
[10] Misshapen- Roll on subtable

Misshapen Table – 1d8
Roll continuously until you roll an 8.
[1-2] Roll an Arm
[3-4] Roll a Leg
[5-6] Roll a Head
[7] Elongated Torso. Add +1 HD
[8] Roll for a Power, then roll one last time on the Misshapen table. That body part controls/emits the random power. Add +1 HD

Legs Table – 1d12
[1] Hooves. Fast running, 1d4 kick attack.
[2] Paws. Nearly silent, +1 initiative
[3] Insect legs. High jump, +2 more legs.
[4] Stone wheels. Runs you over, slow turning.
[5] Tiny black clouds. If blown away; can't move.
[6] Reptile. +1 AC
[7] Human, w/ boots. Sounds like marching army.
[8] Fabric, stuffed with straw. Weak to fire.
[9] Raptor. Claw deals 1d8 damage.
[10] Snake tail. No legs. Length is x2 number of monster's legs in feet.
[11] Jellyfish Tendrils. Floats. Tendrils deal 1d6 poison damage and save or be stunned 1/round.
[12] Paper. Folded into 'accordion' paper legs. Can extend to make itself taller or shorter. Tall enough to attack flying/floating units. -2 AC

Arms Table – 1d12
[1] Tree bark claws. When broken becomes a single entangling tree root/vine.
[2] Sloth. Huge claws, 1d6 damage and climbing.
[3] Pulleys w/ rope. Likes to strangle.
[4] Crab Claws. 1d6 damage, can crack armor.
[5] Human. Each holds a knife, spear, or shield.
[6] Ay-ay. Long finger can do 1d4 piercing attack
[7] Tiger Claws. 1d8 damage.
[8] Arms end in hammers. 1d6 crushing damage.
[9] Skeletal. They fall off from Turn Undead
[10] Transforming. Usually spikes, but can be made into crushing orbs or regular hands.
[11] Animated Gauntlets. Can do ranged rocket punch moves, but crumble to dust if hit in flight.
[12] Human, backward joints, unnatural color. Can cast one 1st level spell daily with weird gestures.

Heads Table – 1d12
[1] Turtle. Ambushes from water. +1 AC
[2] Cyclops Goat. Has a special power.
[3] Jaguar. Deals 1d6 damage, +1 to initiative
[4] Shark. Deals 1d8 damage.
[5] Mole. Can detect nearby characters.
[6] Tusked Humanoid. Retainer morale -1
[7] Roll an arm. Has an eye in center of palm and shoots 1d6 eye lasers, no save.
[8] Flaming Pyre. Can breathe fire cone 2d6 damage. Stunned for a round after use.
[9] King with tin crown. Commands 1d4 faceless, cowardly humanoid creatures w/ spears.
[10] Tapestry covers face. Takes -1 damage from all spells. Face underneath defies description.
[11] Big ugly pink pig. Snorts out huge gust of air; blinding dust 1 round and knocks away arrows.
[12] Vampire Bat. Drain-Bite attack deals 1d6 damage and heals it for same amount.

Surfaces Table – 1d8
Flat part of creature w/ magical surface.
[1] Metal Relief. +1 AC
[2] Flowers. Animals won't attack it without a morale check, still have -2 to hit.
[3] Skinless muscles. Deals +2 attack damage.
[4] Copper Skull. Takes ½ damage from fire.
[5] Mechanized Mini-Crossbow. Deals 1d4
[6] Shaggy Hair. Takes ½ damage from cold.
[7] Twisted Human Face. Striking it forces save or take -1d6 points of Wisdom damage.
[8] Bright red jewel- creature gets special power. If crystal broken loses that power.

Random Powers – 1d20
[1] Glowing eye(s). Extinguishes 1 light source.
[2] Scorpion Tail. 1d10 poison damage.
[3] Followed by fog. Gains +2 AC vs ranged.
[4] Red Orb floats above. +1 HD
[5] Ethereal. Takes ½ damage from non-magic weapons.
[6] Spider Thorax. Can shoot Web.
[7] Covered in thick scales. +2 AC
[8] Wrapped in magic sheet. +1 AC and Initiative
[9] Discordant music follows it. -1 to your saves.
[10] Can squash flat and slip under doors.
[11] Can cast a random 1st level spell once daily.
[12] Release octopus ink-cloud when first hit.
[13] Commands 1d6 featureless wolves.
[14] Any weapons it possesses are magic +1. Becomes dust upon its death.
[15] Roll a random damage type. Creature can throw three 1d6 magic bolts of it per day.
[16] Acid Spit/Piss. Deals 1d4 damage, and can destroys armor on a failed save.
[17] At half health grows 2 more Arms of a random type. Attacks ferociously with +1 to hit.
[18] Boiling Blood. Characters take 1 damage on a successful hit with anything shorter then a spear.
[19] Upon death, splits into 3 identical creatures that deal ½ damage and only have 1 HD
[20] Roll on surfaces table. Can project this on a nearby wall, heals 1d4 health per round until the surface on the wall is destroyed.

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