Wednesday, January 24, 2018

[Class] Castle Men

Castle Men
HD: 1d12
Equipment: Any weapon, cannot wear armor
AC starts at 14 and goes to 16 at level 2 and 18 at level 4. At level 10 they get 20 AC.

Castle men have stone fists and deal 1d6 damage when unarmed. Due to their immense strength, they deal +1 damage with all attacks every 3rd level.

Castle men can also garrison or imprison small creatures, something the size of a kobold, halfling, or young human, inside themselves. They have an internal store of food and water that lasts for a number of days equal to level. When this time is up the creature within can attempt to escape if the castle man is unwilling to let them out. Especially stealthy characters, such as a Rogue with a higher level then the Castle Man, can make a save to try and crawl out when the castle man is asleep.

Castle Men also have a few tiny innate weapons. Miniature catapults and ballista can pelt anyone within throwing distance, dealing 1 damage per round. Tiny thimbles of boiling oil also deal 1 damage to anyone who tries to grapple with or climb on the castle man against his will, and forces a save or be knocked off.

While they do not technically have a gender, the fierce deep rumbling that the castle men use to talk gives them a masculine identity. Castle Men also must reproduce. In order to do this, they must 'claim' an unoccupied fort or castle and be the sole master of that castle for a six year vigil. During this time, the Castle man must stop anyone else from claiming the castle, and keep out intruders, or else their vigil ends and they will fail to reproduce.

While normally alone in their vigil; a few intruders hiding in the castle for the Castle-Man to hunt down or allowing a few travelers to stay for a few days does not end it prematurely. If the vigil is successful then a new adult castle man, fully formed, will exit the gates of the fortress. The newborn Castle Man will have a similar color, texture, and style as the fortress they were spawned from.

Castle-Men do not have families, but have a minor amount of respect and familial affection for their 'Fathers'. They refer to them as the “one who stood vigil over me”.


  1. Brilliant. Where did you get the inspiration for this from?

    1. The concept of giant, castle sized golems along with a few choice pieces of artwork I've seen over the years. The Rook from Demigod was also a huge inspiration.

  2. i like these im stealing them for my settings. saw them on /tg/ u mentioned them in 1 thread with the upper pic. who are the dudes in hats he is fighting against?

    " They refer to them as the “one who stood vigil over me”. " this is rlly cool lol

    who created the first castle men?
    can they be mass produced one by one? like id imagine some human nation would wanna have some castlemen units and they would industrialize it by sending them to stand vigil in different castles
    how do u kill a castle man? can they survive if the castle on their shoulders is destroyed?

    my idea is that castle men are golems/vehicles and are populated by a race of tiny people and their castleman essentially represents their whole nation in a world that is otherwise too large for them

    1. Those are all some great ideas. Some of them I'd leave up to other DMs to add into their games, but some I will certainly think about myself. Thanks!

      Oh, and as for the people he is fighting against, I was just drawing some generic human bandits for scale.