Friday, February 2, 2018

Ars Magica but it's Dominions

Magic has 13 Arts. It has 5 Techniques and 8 Paths; The Techniques are Creo, Intellego, Muto, Perdo, and Rego. The Paths are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Astral, Death, Nature, and Blood.

Permanent magic items and summons will require magic gems, pearls, or blood slaves (vis) to make. It also requires higher level magic users to perform the rituals in place, though it is always helps if they have the power of a pretender God on their side.

Magic Spell Guidelines by Path
Creo: Create flames, light, heat, or creatures made of flames such as elemental. Restore or grow the power of a flame or flame-entity. Empower a weapon with fire. Heal a God or prophet of fire.
Intellego: Sense nearby fires or learn the properties of fire. Sense the presence of fire Gods or their prophets. Scry remotely through a fire, or learn when a fire was started or put out.
Muto: Change the color, light, heat, or amount of smoke created by a fire. Change the shape of a fire, give the fire unusual magical properties, or transform a fire into a fire elemental or back.
Perdo: Dim or extinguish a flame. Reduce how much fire can light up an area, or make an object/person hard to warm up via fire. Deal direct damage to a fire god or their prophet.
Rego: Make a fire leap or grow in a specific direction. Make a fire selective of what it burns, or command fire elementals. Frighten or Bolster a force that serves a fire God.

Creo: Create water, ice, or coldness. Create a water elemental. Create unnatural fluids or purify a body of water. Heal a God or prophet of water.
Intellego: Allow yourself to see through murky water. Sense nearby water, or water hidden in the ground. Sense a God/prophet of water. See everything inside a body of water or what it reflects.
Muto: Change water to another liquid, such as acid, wine, or (non-sacred) blood. Change the flavor or colors of water. Mutate the shape of a water elemental.
Perdo: Dry wet objects, or evaporate pools and barrels of water. Make safe water unsafe to drink, or curse people with desiccation. Deal direct damage to a water God or their prophet.
Rego: Control where water flows, make it leap, or call it to the surface from far below. Spread a natural body of water for passing. Frighten or Bolster a force that serves a water God.

Create stone or metal, or create it in motion to throw at enemies. Restore damaged statues, forts, or golems. Toughen up a suit of armor or make a golem. Heal a God or prophet of Earth.
Intellego: See through walls, or sense ore deposits deep in the ground. Scry through the eyes of a carved statue. Sense underground movements and sense a God or prophet of Earth.
Muto: Change stone to sand, sand to dirt, tin to iron, and so on. Make a stone much lighter or change its colors and other natural features. Structurally reconstruct a golem or underground space.
Perdo: Destroy fortifications, make armor brittle or turn it to dust. Damage a golem or creatures closly tied to Earth. Cave-in an underground chamber. Deal direct damage to Earth Gods/prophets.
Rego: Make boulders roll or assemble into formations of your choosing. Launch them through the air as projectiles, or cause an Earthquake. Frighten or Bolster a force that serves an Earth God.

Create gusts of wind, thunder-claps, or vapor-illusions. Create weather; rain, fog, and storm. Create bubbles of air to breath underwater. Throw lightning bolts. Heal a God or prophet of Air.
Intellego: Sense the movements of flying units or the weather long before it happens. Know when a weather event is caused by magic, and sense illusions. Sense a God or prophet of Air.
Muto: Make air in an interior chamber fresh and clean or rancid and toxic. Change the weather in progress to a storm of the same intensity, but different effect. Change an illusion.
Perdo: Still and calm the winds and weather. Destroy illusions. Dampen electricity, or force fliers to land. Harm storm elementals, or deal direct damage to Air Gods/prophets.
Rego: Force a storm to move elsewhere, change the direction of the wind, or force air underground. Disrupt a flier's path or steal illusions. Frighten/Bolster a force that serves an Air God.

Creo: Create or focus natural light, from the stars and moons. Create a false memory. Make someone lucky, or conjure anything with a powerful wish. Heal an astral God/prophet.
Intellego: Scry anywhere via astral projection, or sense manipulations of fate. See the invisible strings of magic to know the paths of another mage. Sense an Astral God or their prophet.
Muto: Change or bend the fate of a person. Manipulate a mind, or link your consciousness with another to commune for power. Manipulate raw vis into other forms.
Perdo: Create a disastrous misfortune for your foes, or make them feebleminded. Break a psychic connection, or an area opaque to scrying. Deal direct damage to an Astral God/Prophet.
Rego: Create a portal or jaunt from one location to another, or directly rip the soul out of someone. Turn an Enchantment wild. Frighten/Bolster a force that serves an Astral God.

Creo: Create aging clouds, vile curses, or conjure undead servants. Bolster the forces of undeath and help protect them from banishment. Heal a Death God or prophet of a death God.
Intellego: Make the dead speak, or sense when a person will naturally die. Perceive the invisible strings of control of the dead to their masters. Sense a Death God or their prophet.
Muto: Change the mechanics of aging in a person, but not their actual age. Change the forms of an undead creature. Manipulate corruption and rot.
Perdo: Destroy or damage the undead. End or severely weaken a lich or other undead creature that can resurrect. Stop unnatural aging (not reverse). Deal direct damage to a Death God/Prophet.
Rego: Control the undead or make them follow you instead. Counter a curse or change when a slain undead creature can return. Ward against the dead. Frighten/Bolster a force that serve a Death God.

Creo: Create entangling vines, animals, or heal any living thing; including Nature Gods/Prophets. Create poison clouds, empower creatures, reverse aging. Make plants grow in bad soil, make food.
Intellego: Sense animals, speak to animals, or get the feeling of everything that has passed through a forest in recent months. Get a sense for a creature's emotions. Sense a Nature God and their prophet.
Muto: Shapeshift into different natural animals or large monster forms, or polymorph someone into a harmless animal. Turn twigs and tree-bark into food, or change the size or basic state of an animal.
Perdo: Damage living creatures, deforest woodland areas, or wilt brambles to allow for easy passing. Kill creatures or infect them with diseases. Deal direct damage to a Nature God/Prophet.
Rego: Control the behavior of an animal or beast. Wildly change the emotional state of anybody, like putting a human into an uncontrollable berserk rage. Frighten/Bolster the force of a Nature God.

Creo: Create an abomination; a chimera made of many living things. Creates fields of boiling bloods, or summon a demon or horror from outside reality. Heal a freak, Blood God, or a Blood-God Prophet.
Intellego: Sense blood slaves in the nearby area; which is extremely important to perform any serious blood magic. Sense blood freaks, those controlled by blood magic, and Blood Gods/their Prophets.
Muto: Greatly mutate or change a living thing into an unnatural form. Change the bloodline in a living thing, so all its offspring will be different. Change who a horror is hunting, but not for long.
Perdo: Deal damage to blood, and sicken someone by ruining their blood. Destroy abominations or demons, and deal direct damage to a Blood God or their Prophet.
Rego: Control a person's blood to spurt from their skin or leak from their eyes. Control the mind of a blood slave (with ease). Make a pact with a demon. Frighten or Bolster the forces of a Blood God.

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