Saturday, February 17, 2018

[Campaign] Kingdom of Gan Introduction

I have recently recruited several players for an online game. The system is using a combination of the ASU ruleset, minus classes, and the Dirt Simple Dominions Magic rules for magic. Ever since I read this blogpost years ago about having something like a simple point-buy system for creating characters, I've wanted to run one, and here it is.

The Kingdom of Gan is ruled by a wise, mighty, and above all else just King, known as the 100 years King, for his reign was foretold to last 100 years. On the first day of his final year, he went on parade with his young daughter, but out of the sky came a black bolt of lightning that struck both of them, and they disappeared.

Now the seven Kind Counts, the Kings closet allies and advisors, are scrambling to find him. All across the land they are searching for and recruiting the help of the greatest heroes and adventurers to find the King and the Princess.

The blue-clad Count Geoff of Talia hires five extraordinary people to search for his majesty;

Ulfar the Lion The very strong knight hailing from a noble family, secretly is a prodigy with death magic. Skilled with sword and shield and heavy armor, he is attended by servants and a foolish squire.

Thalassa The charismatic adventuress is a ship captain and possesses a magic amulet that warns her of danger and guides her on her quest. She is skilled with spear and net and speaks another language.

Minadora “Mina” Arletto The stealthy and skillful Rogue hailing from Talia. She is skilled with cloak and dagger as well as lockpicks and has +1 bonus AC from her natural swiftness.

Charibert “Bert” Oakheaver A strong halfling with some powers in Earth and Nature magic. He is skilled in hand to hand combat; able to take on those that underestimate his size.

And Hazel the Half-Dragon Is a very strong halfbreed, crossed between a human and an air dragon; raised by a man who slayed her dragon mother. Still has the slayer's magical, lifesensing scythe.

These five purchased armors and supplies, and loaded onto Thalassa's ship, the Anne-Marie, while attended by Ulfar's servants. Bert gave some coins to a young beggar child, and was given a single mysterious Earth Agate as a reward for his kindness.
The Count had spoken of three places near his region that might have something to do with the disappearance of the King; the city known as Delta-City to the South, filled with pirate scum, the Carnarium Empire to the West, which views Gan with hungry eyes, and the Mountain Giants to the Southwest, who have the air magic but not the motive to kidnap the King with the black bolt.

And so, the heroes set sail down South to Delta City while Ulfar's Brother, Mikael the Bear seeks the Mountain Giants, and his father, Remieth Ostamer, seeks audience with the Empire to the West.

Our first session was just introductions and a bit of shopping, and this blog will chronicle the events of the campaign a few weeks behind the actual events. I am extremely excited for the actual campaign and have enjoyed being able to put my plans to use.

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