Friday, February 16, 2018

Stating Dota 2 Items p.2

[1] Blight Stone
Equipment – Necklace

If you hit a foe while wearing this stone, they get -2 AC for the rest of the battle. The stone guides you to old battlefields and gets excited nearby rotting flesh.

This stone ruins and corrupts equipment, warping it and rusting it. It is said the scratches and dents caused by the weapons of the wielder spread rust and staining colors from the points of impact on afflicted armors, lest they be polished and well maintained.

[2] Infused Raindrop
Charm – Carry for Effect

Whenever the carrier of this charm takes elemental damage from fire, lightning, or acid the raindrop soothes their wounds and cools them; absorbing 1d6 points of damage.

The raindrop shrinks each time it is activated. It only works 3 times before evaporating totally.

[3] Wind Lace
Charm – Carry for Effect

As long as you carry the Wind Lace, the winds always aim to aid in your movements; gaining +1 foot of movement per round. This allows you to eventually catch up to those faster then you, or outrun foes of your similar speed if you're using the basic rules. If you're using chase or stunt rules, then the wind lace grants +1 to the relevant roll instead.

[4] Observer Ward
Consumable – 3 Uses

The ward must be placed upright and planted into the ground. It turns invisible and can see everything around it. The planter of the ward automatically sees what the ward sees; transmitted by the winds of magic. The wards shrivels and dies in 1d4 days.

While invisible, it can still be found via touch. Magical creatures may be able to sense or devour the ward, and anyone who discovers a ward placed somewhere compromising will be none to pleased about it, and will usually destroy it unless they can send it useful fake information. There is a rare blue offshoot of the ward that can see the invisible.

[5] Ultimate Orb
Charm – Carry for Effect

This orb contains the essence of life; as long as you hold it treat yourself as 1 class level higher then you actually are. You gain all the saves, HP, spells, bonuses and all advantages of the next highest level except for your level 10 social/storyline bonuses such as gaining a free fort and men for Fighters.

The orb is highly coveted by basically everyone and everyone who possess the orb tries to keep it a secret. However simply owning the orb causes the carrier to seem greater and larger then life, making their presence and reputation grow. Many up and coming powerful and individuals of growing fame are murdered on the assumption they may possess this priceless artifact.

[6] Eaglesong
Magic – 1 Use per day

By blowing this horn it grants the target “limitless dexterity”. For one combat round the target can avoid all attacks, or automatically hit their attack. If used in combination with a bow, the bow's range extends to anything you can see up to the horizon. If a very light breath is used to blow the horn, it grants +5 to stealth checks for a turn.

[7] Tranquil Boots
Equipment – Boots

The wearer of these boots draws healing energies from the earth itself; recovering hit points at the same rate of bed rest even while travelling. The boots can store up to 6 hit points of “healing” that the wearer can use on others by touching them or themselves by clicking their heels.

Those who wear the Tranquil Boots find themselves living at peace on the roads and in nature, away from warfare and conflict. Those who wear the boots also live about 15 more years on average, keeping along much of their youthful vigor even into extreme old age. This only applies to those who have worn the boots for many years- but even slipping the boots on your feet once seems to have a positive, long-lasting impact on the body and mind.

[8] Wraith Band
Equipment – Head + Magic 1 Use per day

This band constantly whispers. It grants +1 to a random stat modifier each day. Once per day, you can focus the whispers of the band to grant you +2 to a stat modifier for one exploration turn. Once used, the band is silent until the next night when the whispers begin to speak again.

[9] Demon Edge
Equipment – Sword

This magic sword is excellently made and very sharp, granting +2 to hit. Anyone hit by this sword with less then 10 HD instantly die. Anyone of a high enough level, divine essence, or extreme fortitude to resist this effect take 4d6 damage instead.

This death effect takes hold even on tiny scratches and scrapes, and it is so sharp even minor cuts count as full attacks. If you test the blade with your finger, try to disarm someone holding it, or grab the sword by the blade roll a save or treat it as though you were hit by the blade.

[10] Vanguard
Equipment – Shield

This counts as a magic shield that grants the user +2 AC. If you hold the shield up and focus only on defense this round, giving up your attack, the shield also reduces the damage of all incoming attacks by -2. Additionally if you are hit with a knockback effect, or slammed by an incredible force, the shield absorbs it causing you to only be pushed by a few inches, even by the swing of a giant or a huge boulder falling on you.

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