Sunday, February 4, 2018

50 Types of Beastmen

The Wooly Sloggoth [41]
[1] Hummingbird man. Tiny regular sized hummingbird wings can someone support his weight, letting him hover a few feet off the ground or Feather Fall once per day. Eats nectar and has a sickeningly gentle voice.
[2] Eel man. Can unhinge jaw to swallow creatures as big as a kobold or halfling. Can squeeze anywhere where its skull could fit.
[3] Stick-Insect man. Holding still lets it get a 5 in 6 chance of being undetected in a forest. Long limbs means it can hit with melee at range.
[4] Cat-Dog man. Long limbs of a dog, long cat like tail and claws and whiskers. Desires to chase things and then rub them with its face. Filled with internal strife.
[5] Double mole-man. Both front end and back end are the upper bodies of a mole. Constantly argues which direction to dig, but when they work together dig as fast as a horse runs.
[6] Slothclaw. Body of man but arms are replaced with long dangling sloth claws. Has no disadvantages to speed or energy, but claws are dangerous and give a strong climbing advantage.
[7] Goataur. Upper body of a man, lower body of a goat. Has four legs which is uses to easily climb up mountainous trails and rocks.
[8] Ostrich man. Head and arms of a man, rest of the body is an ostrich. Typically weilds a spear and charges around.
[9] Walrus man. Looks like a huge walrus on land- has two legs and everything. Mercenary work suits it, it's so fat and thick-skinned that it has natural armor and resistance to cold magic.
[10] Rhinoceros man. Big strong man with a huge rhino horn coming out of his face. Can gore and charge with +1 to hit and damage.
[11] Viper man. Absolutely normal body, except the head of a large hooded cobra. Has poisonous bite and is excellent at telling lies, but few believe him when he tries to tell the truth.
[12] Snake man. Entire body is mildly snake-like, thin but normal proportioned limbs with a thing neck and snake like head. Lesser poison to the Viper man.
[13] Vulture man. Can vomit as an attack, bald and looks old regardless of age.
[14] Rainbow Jaguar. Bottom two legs and body fur looks like a Jaguar but with an obnoxious color.
Roll 1d6
1.Neon Green
4.Blood Red
5.Light blue
6. White and reroll for polkadot color
 [15] Zabu-style minotaur. Big fleshy lump on back gives +1 AC vs attacks from behind.
[16] Siamese cat men. Always come in pairs.
[17] Koala man. Head and ears are Koalas, everything else is normal. Heavily resistant to poison and mind control magic due to retardation.
[18] Heavy Feather. Large bird-like man without wings, just feathers and a beak. Warriors without peer, but unable to fly.
[19] Camin man. Like a crocodile man, but kobold sized. Snips ruthlessly, often lives with packs of its own kind in the swamps. Eats insects.
[20] Hermit Crab-Man. One arm replaced with a giant crab claw, deals d12 damage if you get stuck in it and it crushes you.
[21] Eyestalk man. Looks like a normal man but with invertebrate eyestalks. Can 'see' heat and 8 more colors then humans can.
[22] Scorpion tailed man. Dangerous poison.
[23] Ant-Head men. Regular humans with ant heads. Incredible fortitude and work ethic. Each one will produce a single masterwork item in their lifetime and hide it in an underground chamber.
[24] Lamprey man. Gray skin, slim, has a horrible suction lamprey mouth filled with teeth. Deals 1d4 bleeding damage per turn if bite until bandaged.
[25] Sponge man. Looks awful; yellow or orange skinned human with millions of holes on his flesh. If he sits down in a small pond he can filter feed without expending a ration however. Any part of his body broken off with regenerate eventually.
[26] Mantis Man. Regular human with extra set of preying-mantis style claw arms on his back that extend over his body. Extra attack.
[27] Bear body. Head, arms and legs of a man but bears torso. Can eat massive amounts of food and has double HP but can't wear normal armor.
[28] Body of a rat, face and hands of a man. Sneaky, smart, lives in the city. At least one of the high ranking thieves guild members is this.
[29] Armadillo man. Curls into a ball.
[30] Starfish man. Face is in the center, each arm is identical and can rotate his face in any direction. Any arm chopped off becomes another starfish man, regenerates.
[31] Geckoman. Bright colored skin that can change to blend in with surrondings. Torso is way longer then should be, huge wide fingers.
[32] Zebra man. Human body but with zebra stripped skin all over, stand together to blend in.
[33] Ferret man. Long slender body that can squeeze through tight spaces.
[34] Basilisk man. Head and legs are chicken like with lizard skin and tail. If you meet his gaze save vs paralysis or else be stunned one round.
[35] Beetleman. Body of a huge beetle, face looks humans but underneath armored plates and crest.
[36] Tiger-Elephant man. Long striped trunk and claws and fur. Absolutely terrifying.
[37] Stoat man, agile. Gets very angry and attacks with two daggers if you call him a ferret/weasel.
[38] Shark-Mouth man. Human but mouth full of teeth. Dorsal fin 50% chance of being present.
[39] Arachnid man. All human except for a fat spider abdomen and random antennae. Can throw webs but prefers to sow.
[40] Spider Person. Horrible 8 eyed face, lower body of a spider. Huge fangs deliver venom.
[41] Wooly Sloggoth. Huge furred head with tusks, lower body is like a fat slug without any slime, moves slowly but can crush people.
[42] Toucan Man. Kenku type man with brightly colored beak; loves to sing and dance.
[43] Hostyr- Lower body of a man with head of a horse. Stupid, but can take a punch.
[44] Bloodhound Man. Regular looking human with dog nose and ears. Excellent sense of smell.
[45] Amoeba man. Looks like a normal human but has no internal organs or bones. Can push things into any part of body to digest or store for later.
[46] Beaver person. Builds dungeons in the river.
[47] Otter person. Swims in river dungeons.
[48] Aardvark man. Stats as Dwarf. Everything.
[49] Chipmunk man. Huge teeth count as daggers, likes to bite wood into formidable staves for MUs
[50] Rooster man. Called Fierce Cocks, skilled in many styles of martial and weapon-based arts. Obsessed with honor and taking many wives.

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