Tuesday, March 20, 2018

50 Monster Treasures

[1] Several metal beads in the belly of a beast. Polished and worn into smooth orb from its stomach acid, from swallowed coins or swords.

[2] All of its own internal organs and body parts, meticulously preserved. This creature is capable of regenerating, and has a collection of itself.

[3] Tiny “portable” volcanic vent. Constantly spews ashy smoke, but very warm and never goes out. Can heat a house; worth a small fortune to those seeking relief from harsh winters.

[4] Regal cloak stitched from cobwebs. The patterns are fractal and those with sharp eyes can see that the pattern is built from smaller stitches of the same pattern. Probably took centuries to craft.

[5] Tiara made from frozen fresh-fallen snow. It is made with one million unique snowflakes. The icy monster lord keeps it in a locked box.

[6] Twisted obsidian shards made into fascinating, symmetrical shapes. Gathered around an altar to a dark god as offerings.

[7] Handful of huge pearls, cultivated from the carnivorous oysters this monster uses to protect its underwater lair.

[8] The monster's hair is tied into long, complex geometric knots. If sold to a treasurer a new economic concept if invented like compound interest or fractional lending.

[9] Monster has several bits of torn up fabric of an incredibly rare color. With the right reagents, the dye could be sucked out of the cloth and used into a new garment to make it very valuable.

[10] Monster grows several types of mushroom on large wooden shelves in its lair. All of them are useful for alchemy.

[11] Carved bones of its dead parent.

[12] Sundial that works underground. Torchlight bends strangely around it and forces the shadows to fall exactly as the truly time is. The monster who holds it is extremely obsessive compulsive and needs to know the exact time of day at any given moment.

[13] Long black linen sheets the monster uses as bedding. Very comfortable, but anyone who sleeps in them experiences terrifying dreams of the surface world overrun and enslaved by monsters.

[14] Magic crystal from the inner earth. Capable of absorbing a candle flame, which can then be transferred to a new wick by touching the crystal to it, in which the crystal becomes empty again. The flame while inside the crystal never dies out.

[15] Golden bands, secured around the monster's two biggest fangs or claws.

[16] Gemstone embedded into the monster's forehead. Random color, hexagonal cut.

]17] Bronze piercings studded down this creature's spinal column. Each seems stuck into the bone.

[18] Heavy manacles and chains that once bound this monster. The keyholes are studded with red gemstones in a circle.

[19] Marionette puppets made of actual human corpses, tied with magical silver string that prevents the bodies from decaying. The creature puts on morbid puppet shows with these bodies.

[20] Polished semi-precious gemstones and crystals, arranged into a massive charm bracelet around its huge arm. The string is so long it could wrap around a regular human's arm 5 times.

[21] Collection of torture devices, each one steamed clean after every use.

[22] The shrunken head of the first warrior to ever slay this monster, since it came back from the dead for revenge.

[23] Cookbook- How to serve Man

[24] This monster uses a spear with interchangable heads. It keeps several exotic spearheads and points on its belt and in its lair, and has each one marked and labeled for specific purpose.

[25] The tattered pelt of a bear. This monster used a spell to make the bear rip itself apart. The bear's face is a twisted thing of great pain.

[26] Magical runes carved onto its own scales or bone plates. If you counterspell this monster or deface all of these runes, they become worthless and fade and the monster loses -1 HD.

[27] Broken wood from a magic tree of purity and light. It has been used as a toilet for the past few centuries, but could be cleaned and crafted.

[28] Magical blue glowing whetstone. The monster sharpens its blade or talons against it all the time, making them unnaturally sharp.

[29] Several tiny forest fairies, trapped in jars. The monster shakes the bottles to torment them.

[30] Clay sword, made from a mixture of blood, clay, and magical dust. Totally useless as a weapon, but could be valuable to a collector of obscene objects.

[31] An entire ceramic tea set. The prayers and holy symbols on them have all been scratched out and made obscene or sacrilegious.

[32] Obone fashioned from the femur of a once legendary half-giant human king.

[33] Box of the monster's spent teeth. Most of them are still in pretty good condition.

[34] Tiara studded with uncut gemstones. The tiara itself is made from warped and twisted twigs from the forest above.

[35] The monster has tattooed its wings with gold and silver inks, displaying tribal patterns.

[36] This monster only eats on a large golden plate, which it carries on its back like a shield.

[37] All the stalactites and stalagmites in this part of the cave have been carved into monsterous gargoyles- could be broken off and sold.

[38] Humongous glass and stone vial, filled with hundreds of very rare, tiny, bioluminescent dungeon krill. Key ingredient in magical light potions and enchantments for glowing weapons.

[39] Black broken key that once belonged to the first dark lord or god of evil's dungeon pit fiend.

[40] Magical staff with a blood-soaked sharp end.

[41] Face of a sad ent, used as wood for a gold-banded chest that holds other treasures.

[42] Bronze smoking pipe with an amber gemstone. It is much too big for a human.

[43] Several stolen white bricks from a holy temple, used to prop up a weapon rack.

[44] Self playing violin, instructed to play horribly screeching music to match its owner's voice.

[45] The skulls of lesser monsters who dared to challenge the alpha of this pack. Would make fine trophies for a human too.

[46] 20 bags of exotic spices, stolen from traders.

[47] Lumpy bar of gold. Monster is too stupid to know its value; uses as chewtoy.

[48] Stone snake head with saucer. It drips one drop of venom per day. Monster mixes it with tea.

[49] Pile of fine silks used as a sweat rag. Smells so horrible that it knocks people out; has to be cleaned for a very long time to be usable again.

[50] An immortal cerulean weasel. Kept in a locked box and fed crackers. Actually treated fairly well, despite its owners temperament.

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