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Chimera & Crossbreed Creation Rules

The Mighty Bear-Centipede
Every being is given a general classification. Each degree of separation adds +2 to the DC of the check and another +500 coins to the cost of the experiment per being produced.

Plants & Fungus
Ghosts & Spirits
Abstract Ideas & Gods

All animals are considered classified under an animal order. Insects include all bugs and spiders. Mammals include dogs, cats, bears, pigs, and so on. Reptiles include both reptiles and amphibians, Fish include all fish and whales, and Avians include all birds and humans. After all, what is man but a flightless biped?

Within the same animal group; the degree of separation is considered 0. Meaning giving a dolphin the head and electricity of an eel is considered a base DC and cost.

To go from one animal group to another, such as to breed a man with a boar to create tusked warrior men, would be 1 degree of seperation. To go from out of the animal order into plants or ghosts would be a degree of separation as well.

Magical crossbreeding requires an example of each classification as well as time and resources. The difficulty of a crossbreeding starts at a base DC of 10 + degrees of separation. You add ½ of your magic user level to this roll.

Individual (Sterile)- 2,000 coins
Individual (Fertile)- 5,000 coins + Azoth
Breeding Pair (Fertile)- 12,000 + Azoth
Group of 2d6 (Sterile)- 10,000 coins
Group of 2d6 (Fertile)- 25,000 coins + 1d6 Azoth

Magic Roll
In order to create your magic chimera, you need to roll vs a DC. On a success, the chimeras are created at roughly adult age, and have a average lifespan of the averages between all the forms they were made of. For things that don't have a lifespan, the creatures tend to be extremely long lived; add +500 years if they're crossed with mineraloids or elementals, and add +1000 years if crossed with ghosts/abstract.

The average DC of a crossbreed magic roll is 10. It takes a number of seasons equal to the DC of your creation in order to create your order, +1 additional season per Azoth required. On a failed roll, the beings are still created but must roll on the failed table to see what happens.

Azoth is the magical force needed to create true life and things with fertility. It is said that female virgins of the mortal races of exceptional magic or purity may have Azoth within their womb, but normal living things do not contain enough Azoth to be extracted and used for experimentation.

Azoth must then be created in a laboratory, either through a philosopher's stone and many years of dry/wet composting or by finding it in the wild. Untouched valleys within mountains, magical unicorn horns, and parts of gods and goddesses of life have all been known to contain Azoth.

Example Crossbreeding
An enterprising Wizard wants to mix his human servants with stones to make them tirelessly strong and immune to his own animated blade traps. This is 2 degrees of separation, but they do not need to be fertile, so the DC of the roll is 14, would take 14 seasons, and for a group would cost 11,000 coins. These stony humanoids would have a lifespan of roughly 600 or so years; possibly long enough to escape the Wizard and go out into the world as oddities.

Failed Crossbreeding Table 1d4
[1] Turn to ash, never born. Can recycle 1 Azoth if used in their creation.
[2] Turns into corrosive oozes after 1d6 weeks.
[3] Prone to mutations, mentally and emotionally unstable.
[4] Become prodigal, hateful, and cunning. Wish to destroy or enslave their creator.

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