Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cyclops + Cyclops Eye Magic Items

Cyclops (6 HD, +2 AC, 1d12 uprooted tree)
Numbers- 1 or 2

The Cyclops is a mighty creature; a huge cousin to the race of giants, but with a single eye. It is well known that this single eye is magic, and also cannot be destroyed while the giant is still alive. Ignorant monster hunters often set up ambushes to blind a giant, only to find the giant recovering and stomping them into dust. Beyond this, the Cyclops is also known to be a powerful smith and metallurgical crafter; and it is said their one eye was used by the Gods to level out the world so it was truly flat.

If hit with a special 'eyescooper' weapon, or on any attack aimed at its eye that deals 6 or more damage, the Cyclops's eye will be dislodged from its socket. The eye will roll around on the ground and can also bounce, and the Cyclops can still see out of this eye. Any damage the eye takes will also be shared with the Cyclops itself, meaning grabbing the eye and stabbing it with a dagger over and over is a good way to kill a Cyclops. However if the final blow that kills the Cyclops is done on the eye, the eye will pop and become useless.

If the Cyclops is killed without destroying the eye, then it can be used for special crafting recipes. Many people covet Cyclops eyes for their power.

Cyclops Eye Magic Items
In order to make us of the Cyclops eyes, smiths have to first get the eye, then preserve it in a bath of special salts. This crystallizes the eye and makes it retain its shine and color, but at this stage it must be worked into its new useful magical form.

Cyclops Eye Shield
The Cyclops Eye can be worked into a magic shield. In this form, it forever stares out at the enemy's of the wielder, bringing subtle warning to its user and helping to defend them from harm. As long as it is pointed against an enemy's attacks, ranged projectiles, or spells the shield grants +2 AC or saves to avoid the blow. Any kind of blinding smoke, darkness, or flashing lights that could blind a person also temporarily “blind” a shield and forfeit its AC bonus at the same time.

This same principle also applies to armor as well; universally put into a breastplate. However since you cannot cover the eye and receive its effects, the armor version cannot be used with a large shield else it would block the eye's line of sight.

Scrying Stone
The eye is polished and used as an arcane focus instead. In this form, the eye can be stared into and with concentration, a user can make a magic roll vs a DC to get a vision of something. They will see the target in the stone, and what they are current doing and where they are. However, targets who do not wish to be found will receive a bonus to the difficulty equal to their stealth bonus along with situational bonuses; such as how small the target is or how quickly they are moving.

Targets especially far away or on other planes of existence may appear foggy or without any detail around them. No sound can be heard through the seeing stone, and it is said that looking at someone will cause them to feel a prickling on their neck and the feeling of being watched. Wealthy people, mages, and those with secrets often wear magical talismans or create straw dummies of themselves, to which the scrying stone may be confused by.

Cycloptian Flail
The eye must be dipped into a special bath of clay mixed with iron. Each dip, small droplets collect on the surface of the eye and pool to create small divots. The eye must be dipped over the broth over and over, allowed time to dry before being dipped in again, all while the bath must be kept hot and bubbling. Eventually; the eye will become the head of a magic flail. The flail gets +1, counts as magic, and can punch through shields made of wood or any lesser material. The flail can also be 'charged up' by spinning it around your head as fast as you can, which will make a low groaning noise that deals an additional +1d6 damage to whatever it hits and can shatter apart poor quality iron shields or weapons.

The Cycloptian Flail is a minor ego weapon, and those without at least fighter levels will sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by its strength and power. Those who cannot master the flail may find their own armor or equipment being shattered by the flails clumsy movements, and it could be easily disarmed to serve a greater warrior. The flail will gladly serve a strong warrior though; anyone with a Fighter level of 4 or greater will find the flail a steadfast weapon.

The Archival Eye
Requiring metal hinges, several exact cutting tools, and a vial of banshee tears the eye can be made into a storage device for spoken words and thoughts. The eye can be instructed to record a single story, long monologue, or philosophical quandary and to replay the recording by speaking aloud the recording's name. The eye “speaks” in a monotone, unnatural sounding voice that is still clearly understood. The eye has some intelligence and can be instructed to “recite all poems you have gathered” or to return all entries inserted by a single author, unless the author was anonymous.

Smart users of the archival eye will sometimes feed it a table of contents for ease of use or even a clever trick to deceive others; such as instructing it to return the wrong list of ingredients if a common name for a potion recipe is requested, as opposed to the user's own special name for it. The eye doesn't attempt to stop anyone from using it and doesn't seem to have a limit to what it can store, but it also can never forget anything placed within it, making them highly prized and protected items. Many arcane universities use them for both their classrooms and in their power struggles.


  1. Can one Archival Eye speak to another Archival Eye? All we need is two cans and a piece of string to bootstrap the setting into the computing age.

    Can we selectively breed cyclops to be smaller and smaller? Miniaturisation till you have a bag of tiny eyeballs muttering to themselves.

    1. Could the archival eyes speak together? Oh totally- but they might get stuck in a loop. "Repeat order 151" one says to the other, and the other replies "Repeat command" and they just keep going on and on for eternity until you separate those two. Maybe eventually they might develop free will.

      As for the Cyclops breeding; I could totally see that, but the magic would probably get a bit weaker too. Each eye could be made into a little fact-marble that stores one or two facts. You couldn't make a magic flail with one small eye, but you might be able to make a cat-o-nine-tails with a handful of them.