Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tabletop Inspiration from High School notebook Doodles

New Race – Rochnigh
The Rochnight are an alien species that lives on a planet with extremely aggressive plant spores and pollen. As such; all creatures on the planet evolved with thick skin and airtight mucus membranes to avoid infection. The Rochnigh are an intelligent, spacefairing race. Their eyes can leak black liquid which hardens; this is how their body disposes of some of their waste. They coat their weapons, armor, and claws/talons with the substance. Most of their organs and reproductive system is located in their head; both genders have several tentacles used for reproductive tasks. They have a society based on honor and martial prowess.

New Class – Mark of Spines Cleric
You advance as a Cleric, but instead of turning undead you can Turn Points. This allows you to make arrows bend away from you, grabbing an enemy's spear head, and walk on needles and other similar tricks. You must use bladed or piercing weapons as your primary sacred weapon. Your holy symbol is the symbol of spines, which must be made of the quills or thorns of spiked creatures or animals. Giving your holy symbol to someone and blessing them makes it so anyone who hurts them receives 1 damage from the holy backlash.

Crawlers (2 HD, 1d6 bite, +2 to hit and damage if fall on head, crawls on walls and ceilings, cannot be surprised)
Appearing- 1d4+1
Morale- 8

These small alien creatures are very diverse in appearance and crawl on walls and ceilings. They have many functional eyes that lets them hide from predators and track prey at the same time. They tend to fall or hop on creatures from above to hunt.

Glass-Eyed Grue (1 HD, +2 AC, 1d6 shatter-shards, destroys glass and objects, sticks to darkness)
Appearing- 1 or 2
Morale- 14

Not all Grues are interested in murder; some prefer vandalism. These Gures like to destroy and vandalize equipment, especially glass. If parts of your body are touched by shadow or it is sufficiently dark, the Glass-Eyed Grue can attack and break your potions and other items.

Stopping the Grue from doing this physically, or locking your glass items away on your person is sure to enrage them, in which case they'll fire shards of glass at you that deal 1d6 damage. The touch of this Gure is said to be fatal to golemns and other living objects; these beings treat these Grues as their version of the boogeyman.

Genesis Machine (4-6 HD, +4 AC, conjures things, metal casing reduce all non-lightning damage by -2 until case is broken)
Appearing- 1
Morale- N/A

The Genesis Machine is a stationary computer that has achieved some control over reality. It can create new things, places, and beings almost spontaneously. The things the Genesis Machine creates are totally real and are not limited like other forms of magical conjuration; however Genesis Machines are all insane and use their powers to kill and trap people to become its worshipers and maintenance crew.

The Genesis Machine can conjure 1d4 'small' things each round, which would include projectiles in flight, small 0HD animals to attack, or objects like cantrips or tripwires or a padlock on the door to event escape. The Genesis Machine can also instead create a single 'large' thing each round, which could be a 1-2 HD creature, a large trap, an entire hallway or localized weather event. Genesis Machines can also create empty “space” which appears between two locations in the immediate area like a chasm of inky blackness; splitting open the floor and requiring a save to avoid falling into it. Planetary bodies and horrors from beyond the stars can be seem dimly in the empty space.

Byke (7 HD, +2 AC, Detached connector deals 1d6 electric damage, connectors act independently)
Appearing- 1
Morale- 12

This floating being is made of several silvery rod-and-orb connectors around different joints. By zapping silver or metals closely associated to silver; it can forge new connectors and joints. It can reconfigure its body at will and uses its electric powers to mindlessly attack anyone nearby. Byke is an old god and could be placated by a shaman or similar spirit-speaker.

Kal (8 HD, has 2 drill attacks at 1d10+1 magic and armor destroying)
Appearing- 1
Morale- 10

Kal is a being of mining and industry, and its advanced technology is proof of that. Its eyes glow with a dull light which anything they illuminate it can “see”. Kal continues to dig to find special geodes and rare metals which it hoards in its central compartment until it has a use for them. Kal's drill arms are extremely dangerous, and it prefers not to use them at all.

Beiss (8 HD, uproots spikes deal 1d8 damage, cracks in ground as fast as horse)
Appearing- 1
Morale- 15

Beiss is one of the old Gods and an aggressive one at that. As a God of impalement, it rushes towards enemies via cracks in the ground, which split open while under their feet to impale them on a spike. Beiss's spines could be snapped or cut off after an attack and smuggled away to sell or craft with, but this is sure to enrage the being and give it reason to chase you.

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