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Azurite ore is a rare, special type of crystalline ore. It's primary ability is to store and discharge energy. Deep within the Azurite mine, creatures infused with Azurite prowl in the hungry darkness there, it bolstering both their strength as well as giving them new abilities. Those who spend too long in the dark may be charged by the crystal; becoming more animal and predatory, but gaining one of the abilities. Crystals besides Azurite have much different effects.

Azurite Crafting
Azurite ore is carried in load units. The ore itself is expensive and valuable. Each load of lore retrieved is worth 300c, and is the basic unit for crafting. Gathering Azurite may require hazardous materials and the mines themselves are extremely dangerous- further bumping up the prices.

Azurite can be added to machines in the form of diodes, contact points, or moving flywheels to both charge and release energy. These can act as permanent upgrades to machinery; processing becomes more efficient as more Azurite is collected, the only limit is how deep you need to dig to get more. For all relevant checks in actually crafting with the material, Azurite can be used in conjunction with tinkering or thief skills to grant +1, as the material is easily shaped. If used to enhance equipment, such as tipping the end of lockpicks to turn tumblers with a carefully controlled blast of force, you can add +1 to relevant rules or maximum uses. If you dump at least 1d4 loads of Azurite ore into a machine or workshop and craft it into shape as best of your ability, you can make the workshop as effective as though it had another base worker for free, automating or greatly enhancing the speed of one process- an Azurite lined oven can stay hot for several weeks, for example. Azurite doesn't create energy on its own, just redirecting it, so you'll need another method to actually power the machines.

Azurite is a type of ore found in Wraeclast, and is by far most common in the Azurite mine.

Azurite Creatures
Creatures infused with Azurite gain the powers of the crystal; they absorb the ambient magical and physical energies deep within the mines. Some believe this power is chaos itself, and it may explain how all the thriving ecosystems can exist in that still darkness. Azurite creatures are more powerful then their normal counterparts. Any creature infused with Azurite adds +1 to its hit dice, and gains one of the following abilities;

Azurite Monster Powers- Roll 1d4
  1. Roar or screech infused with lightning; sonic power converted to bolts of crackling energy. Deals 1d4 lightning damage in a cone.
  2. Flameblast. First time this creature hits someone in melee- deals 1d6 damage in a nova of blue fire. Everyone nearby gets a save to avoid except the creature who was struck.
  3. Crystal Bomb. Thrown or projectile weapons thrown by this creature explode after one round, dealing 1d4 damage in a radius around the discarded projectile. Also upon death, the creature explodes in the same way. Save to avoid.
  4. Pools of chilling energy- The creature exudes cold energies, dealing 1d3 damage and lowering your initiative by -1 if you start the round in a pool. Pools are conjured by the creature if it can't attack or fails its morale check.

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