Friday, May 3, 2019

The Spider Spell

This spell is almost exclusively cast by drow, or those who steal magic from the drow. Occasionally, spider cults get access to it to great jubilation. This spell offers a method of both torture as well as a form of semi-immortality, and as such is highly prized.

The Spider Spell - 5th level
When this spell is cast; person you are cutting with a ritual knife is affected. This person can be yourself, but you must make a small cut on the belly of the target which deals 1d4 damage. Their stomach splits open, and several magical spiders crawl out. Each spider is an organ, and each are color coordinated.

All the spiders have similar stats; each has 1 HD per 3 levels or HD of the original target. They all deal 1d6 damage on a bite and have a save vs poison to avoid their venom effect. Use stats of giant spiders to determine the rest. All spiders can throw webs which entangle on a failed save, or can use strands of web to swing to safely, or built their nests. Each spider looks like a big mean spider, just with a different color. The only exception is the genital spiders; for women, a single large pregnant spider comes out (having the woman's eggs inside it), and for men, two smaller spiders come out- each representing one gonad.

Spider Organ Table
1d8 bite, causes seizures on failed save
Acid venom; deals 1d8 per round until cure
Smells terrible
Deals 1d8 damage to Strength
Kinda cute
Causes hunger; must eat ration every turn
Sets traps
Genitals (internal)
Cause blindness for 1 exploration turn
Can't drink potions; deals 1d4; piss blood
Collects objects

The target of the spell cannot control the spiders directly, but they don't attack the body where they originally came from. The subject of the spell can make a saving throw v magic to command or pacify a spider for one combat round, else they flee or fight back as per a giant spider. Each spider that is killed outside of the owner's body makes them lose -1d6 max hit points. You cannot recover these hit points. You also lose the function of that organ permanently, though this does not cause in instant death, instead you are simply limited shell of a person.

While the spiders are out of your body, you become immortal up to -50 hit points of damage to your physical form, but lose the use of your physical organs while they're out. You cannot drink a healing potion without your stomach, for example. You can recover a spider by swallowing it OR by cutting a hole (at least 1d12 damage) in your abdomen again and shoving the spider inside, but the spiders grow into giant monsters the longer they are outside of your body, eventually making retrieval impossible without extreme measures. This spell does not stop aging but you won't die due to old age, and as such it has uses as an immortality spell.

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