Wednesday, May 1, 2019

6 Dinosaur Crystals

From Dinosaur Adventure 3-D
[1] Hatching Crystal. Helps speed up hatching baby dinosaurs; if three are placed around an egg they will hatch it instantly and consume the crystal. Using these crystals can circumvent the need for the egg's mother to watch or incubate it. There are no ill effects to the young dino.

[2] Inversion of the Natural-Order. Functions as a reverse of alignment; meat eaters become more peaceful and rational, where as plant eaters become violent and psychopathic. Affects those who look through the crystal. Lasts for 3d6 turns.

[3] Fire Crystal. Focus light. After 1+1d4 Exploration turns, can light dry leaves and dead plants on fire. Each extra crystal used at once decreases time by -1 turn.

[4] Hardening Crystal. If eaten by a dino, grants +2 AC and +1 to hit and damage for up to a full day.

[5] Backwards Amber. It has a tiny, strange creature trapped within. The creature has a weird fuzzy material covering its skin, a long thin tail without spikes, and feeds its young weird white blood. The creature will one day be freed from this amber in the future as it melts apart- reverse amber. If opened early this draws The End of the dinosaurs 1d6 days closer.

[6] Vibrating Crystal. Hitting this crystal reverberates noise, and if spun or carefully rolled it can store noise to be replayed every time it is struck for the future. Can be used to store knowledge, which will almost certainly be lost at The End, each Crystal stored in the darkest, deepest cave you can find has a 1 in 12 chance to survive The End.

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