Monday, April 29, 2019

[Class] Sage - Manse '18 Rewrite

This is the nonmagic sage rewrite for Manse '18s updates from this year. (Manse '19?)

HD- d6
Max AC- 12 /Minimum Hit-Points- 2
Saves- Every odd level, +1 to magic saves. Every even level, +1 to all saves.

You are the wise and curious among the mortal races. Beyond this, you are also a keeper of knowledge, both practical and arcane. Your “sixth sense” is the most honed of all character classes and you are the best at dealing with disquiet ghosts and spirits. You are also automatically assumed to be literate and good with a quill; add your level to number of pages you can write per season.

While not having it innately, magic is a skill you can excel in. Casting magic spells, weaving enchantments, performing rituals, summoning entities from other worlds, and so on. While abstract, you gain a +1 to all magic rolls starting at level 2, and +2 at 9th level and beyond.

You can also identify magic items; during downtime you may roll a 1d8 on a magic item or artifact using the table here. The DM will tell you what you find out. Rolling the same number twice on the same item will fully identify it for you. You may not be able to uncover everything, depending on the breadth of your scholarly knowledge. At 4th level you get a free roll on the identification table the moment you pick up and closely examine an item.

At levels 3, 6, 9, and 10 you gain an extra dice whenever you heal someone. Also as a Sage of any level, you can split up your healing dice to multiple targets or to multiple injuries of different types at the same time, making your healing more efficient.

At levels 1, 4 and 7, you can treat your level as one higher when commanding spirits, turning the undead, or creating wards against mystical creatures. For example; at level 6 you'd count your level as 8 for dealing with these entities.

At 10th level, you become a Mystic. You can build yourself a magician's tower or manse in an area filled with magical energy or phenomenon, letting you study it and keep it out of the wrong hands. Most Mystics do this in far away places and live as hermits, due to the fact you will receive 1d4 annoying petitioners each season asking you to solve their problems with your awesome magical powers and cure their ills. How you answer them or what you demand in exchange is your choice. You will also receive a 1st level apprentice Sage who seeks guidance and knowledge. You can also recruit or stumble upon other apprentices, but the one awarded by you reaching 10th level will be especially talented.

Additionally; you gain the ability to Delve Lore. By studying your references, consulting your experts, and meditating to focus your supernatural insight you can find out a secret. This secret can be a clue to the location of a lost place, the secret weakness of a monster, a magical incantation from days of yore, etc. You can only do this during downtime and once per season.

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