Sunday, April 14, 2019

Random Pantheon Generation Example - Elf Pantheon

Here is a randomly generated Pantheon for Elves I made using my Pantheon generator. Follow the instructions here if the instructions in that were too complex for you.

First, I decided Elves would be pretty gender-equal, so I just rolled on the Appearance table to determine the Prime God. Then, I rolled a 1d8 for the Prime God creation story.

1, 1. Young-Adult male God who was born by a powerful primordial entity and usurped it take power. I decided to skip a step and just determine the God of these Elves would be the God of Beasts & the Hunt, perhaps being born by a cosmic entity of a powerful beast, and then killing it to overpower the monster with skill and archery. Works for me. Then, I generated a Young-Adult female companion for this God by rolling a 1d20 on the Domain table. She rolled a 7, so Love & Children. Pretty basic.

So, these two Gods will have 1d6+2 children. I rolled a 4+2 for a total of 6 Second Generation Gods. We've got a decent amount of rolling ahead of us.

For the secondary Gods, we roll appearance first;
  1. Roll 5, Roll 1. Androgynous Youth, God of the Skies & Storms. I've rolled a lot of 1s.
  2. Roll 1, Rolled 7. We'll reroll that since it's taken, got 4. Young male God of Harvest.
  3. Roll 5, Rolled 15. Androgynous Youth God of Assassins and Poisons. I'll pick snakes- we'll leave the Spiders for the Dark Elves.
  4. Roll 6- Unusual! It was a 6, roll again on appearance. It was a 6. So we'll roll again on Unusual. We got a 1, so a pair of opposite gender twins who are beasts. I decided on something appropriately elf-y for them and for their domain roll, which was a 16 again! We'll say they have poison fangs then; their real domain was 8, for the Forge and Craftsmen.
  5. Roll 1 again, Rolled 19. Young Male God of Madness. Our quirk roll was 5, so he's in charge of giving out judgment in the afterlife and he is insane. Maybe this is why Elves live so long. Maybe it's a religious metaphor for death being uncertain- so live a long time!
  6. Rolled 5 again- Good lord. At least this Pantheon is appropriately androgynous for the Elves. Rolled the domain of 11 for Ale and Revelry. Weird for a kid God but ok. In order to balance out the scales a bit, we'll say this last God is truly a female, just looks like a kid and is androgynous. She gave up her growth so she could make the first wine “grow” instead. Makes sense for her to shack up with the God of Harvest, since he'll tend to her Grove. If you know what I mean.
Now for the second generation of Gods. We only have one proper couple, the others being androgynous kids, and a pair of twins. We'll say the twins had a kid of their own, or “crafted” one using their powers, since they are ugly compared to the beauty of elves and wished they were more like their father. Perhaps the reason elves don't find poison dishonorable is because of these two; the young god of poison is more like poison in nature, but gave that knowledge to the crafter gods, so they could teach the hunter elf prime god to put poison on his arrows. Makes sense.

Now the God of Harvest and Goddess of Wine are the only normal gendered pair in the secondary generation. However both due to the age difference and the fact this Pantheon is getting a little large for my sample generation, we're just going to say they have a more platonic relationship instead of rolling on the relationship table. He harvests the grapes that she makes into wine, and she makes the wine which lets him relax after a hard days work (hard work for an elf, anyway.) We'll just make a 3rd generation God from the twins instead.

They rolled a 4, so an adult female elf. Nobody has been old/mature on this table yet except her, which works well for elves. I should probably mention that “mature” means a totally adult, where as young adult means in early twenties, since it fits better for Gods then being old. Her domain roll was 12, which is the Hearth and Spinning, so that works basically perfectly, at least for old Elves. We'll say she's the inventor of Glint, an old and very homespun type of elf magic. Maybe she's not actually old, but just wise, since Elves don't really get old. Depends on your setting, I guess.

So anyway, looks like we're done! This is the basic Pantheon. We could easily add a few more elements; let the God of the Harvest have a asexual reproduction event or match him with our Goddess of Spinning, or creating a demigod that could end up as a monster. We could also let the twin monster God/Goddess of the elves create more offspring or their own demigods, or maybe their own powerful Astras to represent their race. But hopefully this taught you how to use the Pantheon Generator, which is the post following this one. Hope you enjoy.

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