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[Class] GLOG: The Many-Faced Man

GLOG Class- The Many-Faced Man
For every Many-Faced Man Template you possess, you have an X+1 in 6 chance of avoiding surprise or being snuck up on. If you don't like this rule, just give +1 to save versus spells per template.

Starting Equipment- Alms bowl, spear, and a box filled with white-lotus petals.
Starting Skills- Roll 1d3- Ascetic, Merchant, or Lesser-Official

A: New Face, +1 hit points
B: New Face, Spellcasting, +2 spells known, +1 MD
C: New Face, Crowded-Chorus, +2 spells known, +1 MD
D: The Peaceful Face, +3 spells known, +1 MD

Many Faces
You have many faces. Despite this, you still have one body and head. You also have one mind but it is capable of stretching in many directions, and you can have many voices. You can still wear helmets; but prefer those specially crafted to be open in many directions for your many faces.

Your original face must pick a “resting expression”. This expression can be anything you chose, but cannot ever change it once chosen- it's the face that best fits the character. All of your faces “rest” on single expression, which they keep as you would expect whenever neutral. But your faces can speak, laugh, sing and so on- changing expressions together- each has a personality that matches their expression but you are one being.

Faces Table - 1d8
[1] The Sneering Face
The Sneering Face is a sign of arrogance and superiority over others; enemies make their saves versus your magic at -1. Additionally, if you roll a spellcasting Misshap and get a 6, you can chose to put this face on a wall or inanimate object big enough for your face to stick on the surface. You can see, speak, and hear through this face but any attacks given to it still deal normal damage and the face has no body to defend itself with on its own. You can also expend a magic dice to use this effect whenever you want, lasting for 1d6 turns.

[2] The Grimacing Face
You get an extra save against all mortal diseases that you have every single day until they are cured.

[3] The Fearful Face
Whenever you are attacked in combat by something (before the attack or damage dice are rolled), you may choose instead to flee. You avoid this attack, but run off in the darkness in a random direction and will be on your own for a turn; triggering traps and potentially running into more monsters. Additionally, increase your MV or speed or whatever stat you use by +1/5ft when you are running away from something.

[4] The Roaring Face
Gain +1 to attack rolls. Whenever you cause enemies to roll a morale check, they get -1 to their roll from the terrifying, fearsome expression held by this face.

[5] The Winking Face
This face is sly, and constantly winks to those who see it before you use its abilities. You get +1 to stealth or sneaking rolls, and can do sneak attacks like a thief- adding your Many-Faced Man templates to your stealth attack and damage roll. Additionally, you can pick normal locks if you couldn't already.

[6] The Weathered Face
This face looks like you, but older and more weathered. It has a weariness to its eyes. You get +2 to saves vs death. Additionally, you can subsist on grime, old crusts, powders and dusts from within cups and bags and cannot starve; but you don't exactly thrive either.

[7] The Grinning Face
You have an aura of supernatural luck. You can reroll one magic die once per day. You can use this to try and downgrade a doom to a mishap, or get a higher result on a low spell roll and so on.

[8] The Stoic Face
You are immune to supernatural fear effects. Additionally, those belonging to monastic orders will always roll a reaction check of at least a Neutral result unless you are wanted by their order.

Your many voices are raised at once in a chorus. Using this ability has an X+1 out of 6 chance to disrupt a spell in progress based on a voice or music. Enchanted voices are drowned out by your sea of babbling, magic instruments lose their tune. You can only use this power by expending one of your magic dice for the day.

The Peaceful Face
Your final face is Enlightened. This face shows peace- showing anyone could make this face once they know the truth. As long as you carry no weapons, you cannot be attacked first by any mortal creature. Angels, demons, and the undead can still strike you, but must make a saving throw to deal damage on a hit. Otherwise the attack or spell is engulfed by a heavenly light, and is nullified. You can only absorb the first attack from these creatures, then you must roll initiative.

The Many-Faced Man is a spellcaster, but knows no spellcraft. You gain spells each day by meditating for an hour in a tranquil place- you do not learn new spells from spell books. You instead get random spells from a Cleric, Sage, or Wizard of the White Hand spell list. These powers emanate from within you in a golden holy light.

Cantrips- Like all spell casting classes, you get Cantrips. You can use your cantrips at 1st level, even before you reach the B Template that gives you magic dice.
1- Change which of your faces is the foremost, which is the one that speaks to people. Usually.
2- Create the sound of a far-off windchime.
3- Pick up the wind to a light breeze. Only useful for making petals dance around you majestically.

Mishaps- Rolled when you get doubles, as per normal GLOG spellcasting rules.
1- MD only return to your pool on a 1-2 for 24 hours
2- Take 1d6 damage
3- Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then Save. Permanent if you fail.
4- One of your faces gets stuck making a silly expression. Get -1 to reaction checks for 1d4 hours.
5- One face is (1d3) Struck Mute, Blinded, or made Deaf permanently. Unless all your faces share the same condition, your character can still see speak, see, and hear.
6- 1d3 Faces shift to your (1d4) Underarm, Chest, Groin, Foot; roll once for each. You cannot use its ability unless it is exposed, and obviously cannot see through it if under an article of clothing. They are stuck there for 1d6 turns.

Doom of the Many-Faced Man
1- All of your faces make their resting expression and are stuck in them for 1d4 turns; they become unable to use spells, speak, or use abilities for that time. You can still fight but make all attacks and defenses at -2 from the lack of emotion and willpower.

2- The effect of the first Doom, but over 1d6 days. One of your faces is permanently paralyzed in their resting expression. You cannot use this face's ability every again. If it is your first face, you lose the ability to have children and can no longer use titles for your name. This is a magical effect that applies to everyone. You are no longer Sir Jack Kasmian of Argor. You're just “Jack”.

3- You find the nearest quiet, peaceful place, sit down, raise one hand, and turn to stone forever. Your faces are stuck making their resting expression. If a Stone to Flesh spell is cast on you, the statue just becomes a golden light that disappears after 1d6 minutes.

There are two ways to avoid your doom. The first is to have one or more of your faces removed through magic and turned into magic items. You cannot use that face once it is gone; it is merely a separation of your spirit. Your soul will live on within the faces; a magic shield with your face on it that feels the pain of each blow but protects its wielder from harm, or a cursed magic mask that possess a person to live out the emotion of that face until removed and so on.

The second method to avert your doom is to trap yourself in a dimension or place where there is no peace or beauty; an eternal pilgrimage in hell.

Notes on the Many-Faced Man
This is my first GLOG class. It's meant to be a bit of a gonzo Cleric sort of thing, and it's also pretty powerful and multifaceted. I've never designed a GLOG class before either, but I am pleased with how it turned out and the unique dooms. Also, I intentionally made spellcasting only begin at second level, so even people who attempted to multiclass into the Many-Faced Man would be unable to get all 4 MD; any Many-Faced Man you meet will always be a weaker spellcaster then a full spellcaster.

In order to make the class less random, you could allow the players to pick a face instead of rolling on the table.

If you want to convert this class to your own game, you'll have to use your own GLOG conversion methods. I've also thought on how to convert it into my own rule set.

The Many-Faced Man
HD- d6
Max AC- 14 / Minimum Hit-Points- 3

At 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 10th level, get a new face. Get +1 to hit at 4th level and Crowded-Chorus at 7th level. Spellcasting starts at 3rd level. At 10th level, you are a Many-Faced Guru and gain the power of the Peaceful face. Additionally, you can retire by turning into a statue.

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