Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Two Rewrites

Hey all, just thought I would share some behind the scenes work and link them.

It seems like all my posts about alternate dimensions, weird beings from other realms, and weird timelines always seem pretty popular. As such, I've rewritten The Other class. I've always loved the class for its flavor, but the mechanics of the class itself was really bland. It was just an alternate Fighter with some tinkering skills, now it better reflects the strange mutant being its supposed to be.

Second; the Deep Time Generator. I ran out of ideas when I first wrote it, and stopped writing at 12 entries. However, for a "generator" that's pretty lacking. I've since expanded it and added two new subtables- a bunch of ponderously lengthy prisons/prisoners and some eternal creatures. Use any combination of these tables to give your setting the eons of lore it deserves.

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