Saturday, March 2, 2019

Single Dragon

Single Dragon (10 HD, +4 to-hit, +8 AC, claw attack at 1d6+1, bite attack at 1d12, tail attack at 1d4, flight, breath weapon at 5d6, loneliness)
Morale: 18; 10 with love interest
Number: Always 1

This dragon is an impressive specimen; a fine exemplar for the draconian race. They have a 50/50 chance to be male or female, and have an equal change to be any basic chromatic color, roll on the table below to determine its color. This dragon is also very lonely, and for a good reason.

Dragon Color Table – 1d6
[1] Red. Fire Breath. Starved for physical contact and clingy.
[2] Blue/White. Ice Breath. Tries too hard to look badass.
[3] Yellow. Lightning Breath. Can't commit.
[4] Green. Toxic Breath. Lazy, demanding lover.
[5] Purple/Black. Death Breath. Depressive, can't stop bringing up their ex (from the dead).
[6] Brown. Rust/Sandstorm Breath. Over enthusiastic about own hobbies (rock collecting).

Dragons have multiple attacks and are quite powerful. Their breath weapon can be used once per 3 rounds, and deal 1d6 elemental damage of their color per 2 HD they have. This dragon therefore has 5d6 damage of their element. When the breath-attack is made, characters get a saving throw to lessen the damage; on a success, you take half damage. If you're wearing good quality protective gear that isn't magically enchanted, like a fur-lined winter coat versus a blue dragon, then you may reduce the damage by an additional -1 per high quality item.

Purple/Black Dragons have death breath. If 2 or more of the dragon's breath weapon dice land on a 6, then all who are hit by the full amount also have a level drain. Negated if you rolled your save.

Brown Dragons have Rust breath. Only uses d4 as breath damage die, but your metal equipment is rusted and loses -1 AC. Magic equipment may get a save or be immune entirely.

This dragon is very lonely. They may be seeking a mate, but are so desperate that even non-dragons may catch their eye. If a character has a +2 Charisma modifier and is of the opposite sex, the dragon will try to avoid killing them, fights with morale at 10, and when they retreat will attempt to snatch them up and carry them away with their claws back to their lair. The dragon could also have a 1 in 10 chance to be gay, if you want.

When you encounter this creature, roll a reaction check. Dragons grant a +1 to their reaction check for a party that prostates themselves before them when they arrive, or otherwise praise the dragon excessively. Dragons have a -3 to reaction checks if they spot a dragon slaying weapon (such as a lance) in the hands of the party members, and will probably target that character first.

Good Reaction- Insults and berates the party, demanding they step down and offer up to the dragon all of their treasure, but will claim not to want it unless very valuable so it can feel smug. Will off-handed mention them looking for another dragon, and will get very excited if anyone claims to have seen one or signs of them. Will not explain why, but based on their facial expression and voice it's clear they're very desperate. May attempt to flirt or perform a clumsy pick-up line if a character of the opposite sex has +2 Charisma or better is in the party.

Neutral Reaction- Says something along the lines of “run before the storm, rats!” and discharge breath weapon once, flies away laughing at reaction of weak mortals, but won't retaliate further unless attacked in response. Looks around to see if anyone saw it lay waste to the lesser beings.

Bad Reaction- Prepares to attack with a roar, will capture the last surviving party member as a meal for later, try to use it to attract a mate and feed the person to another dragon like one would a grape or other delicious snack.

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