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50 Freaky Fingers

Each finger is randomly determined for a mutation roll- 1d10 to pick which one. Changes that make a finger lose flexibility or make them into stumps or similar lose -1 to rolls to pick locks or add an additional +1d6 days of total time to write something substantial (spellbook, magic scroll, bawdy tales of sexual escapades, etc.)

Some results may also ask for a random element. For this roll 1d4-
[1] Fire
[2] Cold
[3] Lightning
[4] Acid

50 Finger Mutations
[1] Alien Finger. It turns a grayish purple color, grows longer, and gains an extra knuckle. Additionally, all of this fingers joints become much more flexible and can rotate freer. As such, complex actions with this hand gain +1 to rolls as this finger can bend and be useful in ways most cannot.

[2] Lighter Finger. One finger can be lit up like a candle at your choice, but you must drink a small amount of lantern oil after every use to restore it. Make a save modified by Con to not throw it up.

[3] Green Snake. Cute little snake replaces the finger of about equal length. Venomous fangs can bite once per day, target must make save or take 2d6 damage each round for 5 rounds. If you're hit with a spell or attack that causes a seizure highly likely snake will bite another one of your fingers on accident.

[4] White Snake. Constrictor. Seems useless, but if you try to choke something with this hand the snake grows several feet long and wraps around their neck to aid in the process. Target must save each round or begin to lose energy and consciousness until death.

[5] Racial Swap. One of your fingers is replaced with the same finger from a random other race. The finger may have a minor ability; such as claw from a cat-man that lets you deal +1 damage on an unarmed strike if you don't have claws already, or the porous fingers of climbers giving you +1 to climbing checks. If the finger does not give you an ability like this, instead it gives you +1 to spell saves that specifically target members of your race as you are very slightly not 100% human (or whatever else you are).

[6] Sword Finger. Very dumb finger that has a long blade and a very small cross guard, thankfully vertical so your hands can actually clamp together, but it can make it difficult to hold things close. Can't use it much as a weapon, though you could use it to duel a tiny mouse king. Also if you are a Fighter, you count as a Fighter of one level higher to determine your title and respect you get from other Fighters, but you do not gain the level advantages of your perceived new level.

[7] Root Finger. Finger becomes made of wood, slow but prehensile. You have to stick it into some high quality soil and let it soak in water at least once every week or else it will start to wither and lose function. If you're a druid, you get a bonus spell per day, otherwise you gain +2 maximum hit points from the heartiness of nature. If a fire spell or attack rolls at least one maximum die of damage against you, save or lose the finger.

[8] Ring Finger. Your finger is replaced with a magic ring; it appears as though you have a unadorned golden ring on that finger which is invisible, but the finger is not there and can be passed through. You can magically control this ring, letting you make it spin or heat up, and can conjure ghostly lights from it like a projector.

If you remove the ring from your hand you can leave it for someone else to pick up, who you can now feel their hand that is wearing the finger as a phantom limb, and while they sleep or are unconscious can control that hand. If they are awake you can make a sudden motion like forcing them to drop something or ball up their fist and shatter whatever glass they are holding in that hand if the target fails a save. The finger being worn does not give you any sight or sound at the target but you do get a general sense of if the ring is being worn and the physical/mental state of the person wearing it, as well as a vague sense of direction towards your missing 'ring finger'. When off your hand you have the normal penalties from having a missing finger until it is returned.

[9] Metal Pointer. Randomly determine a hand, then roll 1d4 random fingers on that hand. On these fingers, from the farthest knuckle to the tip, turns into a solid and rigid metal. This hand grants +1 AC against attacks per metal finger if you try to grab or deflect weapons used against you with it, but you take 1d3 damage each time you do this if the enemy misses.

[10] Vomit Finger. Finger swells up and has a small sphincter on the tip. Once per day you can spray a small amount of stomach acid out of the finger's tip, which deals 1d4 acid damage. This can blind them for the same number of rounds if they fail a save and you hit them in the eyes.

[11] Bullet Finger. Tip of this finger turns into a brass cased bullet. If you're in a generic fantasy setting, nobody knows what it is. At will you can fire the bullet that deals 1d12 damage to whatever you hit. You can only do this once. Once the bullet is fired, the spent casing is blown open and gives the regular penalties for being difficult to use with fine manipulation.

[12] World's Smallest Violin. Your finger turns into a violin, though it retains its flexibility. The little cords on it can be played with another finger, or with a tiny bow, letting you have a musical instrument on the go.

[13] Glow Finger. The end of the finger swells up into a large fat bulb. While impeding normal function, the bulb can be lit up as light as a match with glowing light at will. If you focus you can make it as bright as a candle for up to 1 exploration turn per day, but will need to consume an extra ration to restore your energy.

[14] Dragon Finger. Your finger looks like a tiny dragon of a random color. It can give off a puff of its breath weapon that deals no damage, just looks cool. It jealously clings to any coin brought into its grasp, meaning you cannot hold anything else in that hand for 1 exploration turn if you accidentally grab a coin with it.

[15] Tentacle Finger. Looks like an octopus tentacle with little suckers. Can be used to grab onto things and is totally prehensile; add +1 to rolls involving fine manipulation. You must soak the finger in salt water occasionally or else it starts to get cramps- each day the tentacle has a chance to cramp and deal 1d2 damage by wrapping around and squeezing another finger on that hand very hard; can break sensitive finger bones.

[16] Key Finger. Your finger looks like a key. There is a 1 in 20 chance any lock you stick it in for the first time it will be a matching key. Once determined, the key only opens that lock.

[17] Scythe Finger. Your finger is long and gray, with a sharp metallic edge along it like a farmer's scythe or claw of some extinct beast. Using this as a weapon lets you deal 1d4 damage as per a slashing dagger, but this weapon finger gives double the negative penalties to fine manipulation.

[18] Coinroll. Your finger is replaced by a fat stack of silver coins, roughly the same diameter as your finger should be, and the correct length by the coins stacked together. Magically the coins cannot be removed by you and act as your flesh, making a terrible racket if you grab an item or move to open something as they clank together (-2 to stealth rolls). However other people can 'steal' the coins from your finger, which can only be healed by finding the coins and returning them to you. The coins are engraved with the hands of famous monarchs, which you can only name by association, such as the hand of the axe king holding a bloody axe, etc.

[19] Toothy Finger. Teeth grow out of the sides of your finger, which needs to be pulled painfully once per season or else receive the penalties to inflexible grabbing. The teeth could be used as arrow heads, or could be pulled or reinserted into your mouth as a replacement for any of your real teeth that get knocked out, since the finger teeth are the same size and shape your real teeth are.

[20] Imbued Fingers. Choose a random hand, 1d4 fingers on that hand change color and are imbued with the magic of a random element; all sharing the same element you roll. Whenever you cast a spell of this element, you can add +1 to your to-hit roll (if applicable) or -1 to enemy saves per finger on the hand you throw the spell with.

[21] Troll Finger. Big gross green finger, gives you -1 reaction checks to monster hunters since you clearly got monster parts. However if this finger is ever cut off, it grows back in 1d4+2 days.

[22] Ice Hand. Your entire hand becomes as ice, but still mobile and flexible enough. In hot climates it starts to melt, becoming weaker and less flexible from the water it is slick with. Instead of melting off, it deals 1 damage to you as your blood is turned to water and “bled” out through the hand each exploration turn you are in the direct hot sun. In very cold climates the hand gives you +1 AC from the cold hardening its ice. Also, you can use the hand as a 1d4 improvised weapon from the sharp tips of the icicle fingers.

[23] Spider Hand. Pick a random hand, it becomes a large, hairy venomous spider. Each “leg” of the spider are your new fingers, though the spider tries to bite other people if they touch it, it won't attack you. You can control its legs for use as fingers well enough, having a +1 to fine manipulation. You need to feed your spider hand a small bird or toad every few weeks, and once per day it can fire a web that will entangle a small creature for 1 round, or give that creature -2 on its attack roll for being webbed up temporarily.

[24] Two random fingers on one hand become magnetically attracted to each other. While not holding anything, those fingers will stick together and cause the normal penalties to fine manipulation. If you are holding a metal weapon or item it cannot be disarmed from you in this hand, the fingers sealing it tight in your grip.

[25] Minihand. Your finger grows an extra, very tiny hand on the very end of it. Using this hand for very small objects gives you +1 to rolls for fine manipulation.

[26] Scaled Fingers. Roll 1d4+1 for the number of fingers on this hand that turn gray and scaly, akin to a reptile. That hand alone counts as a reptile for purposes of spells and magic items. If your character is already a reptile, make these new fingers furry and count it as a mammal hand instead.

[27] Prisoner Hand. All fingers on this hand turn gray and metallic, with slightly squarish in shape. There is no penalty to movement. When you close your hand, the “bars” of your new prison hand snap shut, becoming an impossible trap. Anything you can fit inside your enclosed fist, like a fairy or some other very small creature, is trapped by this hand absolutely as though it was a magical prison.

[28] Bleeding Finger. Each time this finger touches something more then the lightest, daintiest touch, it bleeds on it. Thankfully the blood lose is very minimal, seeping out through the pores of the finger's skin, but it still stains and marks things. Gripping weapons, opening levers or pushing buttons, making a fist attack with this hand, etc. These all make the finger bleed- every three times the finger bleeds, you take 1 damage.

[29] Arcane Finger. The finger changes from flesh and blood to made of a lightweight metal. It is fully flexible, and hollow on the inside of which you can see through the finger like a delicate elven spiderweb. However over the course of several days elemental energies filtered from the environment fill up your finger, which can later be discharged to deal 1d2 elemental damage to a target within spear range. The element that the finger stores and can discharge is always the same but random, roll a random element and that is the element this finger uses.

If you get multiple fingers of this type then you can discharge multiple if you have a free hand and each additional finger used in a discharge increases the dize size- so 2 fingers makes it a d4, 3 fingers makes it a d6, etc.

[30] Dainty Hand. Determine one hand. This hand disappears and leaves behind a stump with a black void where the blood and bone should be when not in use. You cannot use this hand to do anything useful; such as hold a weapon or a torch, cast a spell, count coins, etc. The hand ceases to exist. However if you do something not useful or frivolous with that hand, like holding one end of an instrument, holding a paintbrush and practicing the arts, drinking fine wine, etc. Then your hand returns, doing frivolous things. If you are an elf, this mutation simply doesn't function on you as you already live life this way.

This dainty hand can be “tricked” by the “useless” items having a secondary purpose like being enchanted with magic or used for some purpose, like a paintbrush marking a path down a wall.

[31] Jerky Finger. One random finger dries up, becomes salted, and totally becoming useless. It has the regular negative modifiers to fine manipulation, but smells tasty. If you ever need an emergency ration, you can eat this finger or someone else can eat it. It counts as a ration despite being so small, and technically the meat on it has magically changed too so it doesn't count on cannibalism. It has not changed into any specific animal, so no specific detection spells will work on it either.

[32] Artistic Finger. Your finger is somehow transformed into a flat painting of a finger drawn and brought to life. It functions the same as a normal finger, but is two dimensional and can be pressed into artwork to be made “real” in that world. You can barely nudge things with it, since it's just one finger.

Your body is no longer wholly in a single dimensional space and as such you are of slight interest to extra dimensional entities. You have a 50% chance to be attacked each round when fighting an outsider being, and you are much more likely to be noticed if invoking the Gods of the outside.

[33] Chrysalis Fingers. On one hand, 1d6 fingers become bloated and covered in strange, hard gray cocoons. If the number of fingers rolled is 5+, then the spell affects the whole hand. If multiple fingers are affected but not the whole hand, then the mutation only grants the standard negatives for each finger for that hand. The cocoons are hard and hard to cut off for that reason, though they can be crushed open with a forceful blunt weapon made of metal and if they're specifically targeted. If the entire hand is a cocoon, then you get +1 AC while you have it but your hand is a useless stump that can't hold anything and can only be popped open by a +1 or better magic blunt weapon that hammers it down into a hard surface, like a floor, leaving you with nothing but a stump.

As the cocoons stay on your hand however, they are undergoing transformation. For every finger on the hand in cocoons +1 or 5+1 for the entire hand they are going through changes. You experience strange food cravings at the time. Pickled carrots stuffed with newt eyeballs, toad brains on toast, rare noodles smothered in salt from half the world away, etc. These food cravings are your new hand drawing in the vital nutrients it needs. As long as you attempt to fulfill these cravings each season by spending 5 to 10 times your normal food costs, the transformation continues swimmingly. If you don't, make a saving throw and on a failure your new hands are stunted when they arrive, getting a permanent -1 to hit in that hand and -1 max hit point per finger.

When the duration is over, your hands will emerge in your sleep, your cocoons cracking open. Your new fingers or hand is advanced, something beyond your natural state. Your hand turns gray, slightly armored, has new fibrous muscles, high dexterity. In that hand, you get +1 to hit and damage with all weapons, +1 to fine manipulation rolls, and get an additional saving throw to avoid having your hand bitten or sliced off. If the hand has multiple normal fingers as well as the advanced ones, the saving throw only protects your advanced fingers. If it was a whole hand, you also gain +1 AC permanently from the newly found armor plating.

[34] Spiked-Piston Finger. This finger looks like a spring of flesh without skin, surrounding a white bone spike for the finger. Has no penalties to normal finger function, but looks nasty and gets -1 to reaction checks if visible. You can 'launch' this spike piston as a 1d4 damage piercing attack at up to the distance of a spear. After being fired, the finger is slack and dangles out as a long cord, having this cord grabbed gives you -1 to AC when fighting with it out.

[35] Ray-Gun Finger. Finger becomes bright colored and plastic, small plastic knob on the end can fire high-tech laser beam weapon. Has one extra firing mode. Deals 1d6 damage on a normal laser blast, but power cells are probably extremely hard to come by in a fantasy world. Maybe if you stuff the chamber with electrically charged mana crystals you can power it that way.

[36] Multitool Finger. Looks and acts like a regular finger, but very faint outlines on it betray the hidden tools within. With a flick you can reveal a tiny pair of scissors, a file, a tiny peeling knife, or a tiny lockpick. If any of the tools break you take 1 damage and they don't grow back.

[37] Golem Hand. The entire hand selected turns heavy and into stone. The movements it makes are a bit slower and more ponderous, but much stronger with its square, boxy fingers. Deal +2 damage on an unarmed attack but you always count as though carrying 1 more load of encumbrance due to the weight of the hand.

[38] Scroll Finger. This finger becomes a curled up scroll, which has no negatives but if you're hit by a flame spell you take +1 damage from the scroll being lit up easier. The scroll can also be unfurled by yourself or others and shows whatever you wish to be written or drawn on it; which means even if you can't speak you can communicate, or you can communicate things like symbols much more easily then in vague speech.

[39] Interdimensional Fingers. Roll 1d3 Fingers on one hand; these fingers become entangled between different alternate realities and dimensions. Any magic rings you wear on these fingers will cross over between dimensions, even if all your normal equipment will disappear. Additionally, you get +1 to saves vs being disjointed into other realities per finger on this hand. If you are ever successful disjointed by an enemy spell caster then these fingers are severed in the transition and either them or you get sent to the target destination, 50/50 chance of each.

[40] Dream-Mist Hand. The selected hands turns into a bright pink, semi-corporeal mist in the shape of a hand. The mist has tiny golden sparkles within every time you change the position of your fingers, or when you grip an object hard enough. The mist hand acts as a regular hand without penalties, but any magical spells that counteract or dispel magic force your hand to disappear for 1d6 turns.

The hand is made of Dream-Mist, and as such can enter people's minds when they sleep and dream. Covering someone's mouth and nose while they sleep with this hand doesn't try to suffocate them, instead the mist enters their body and lets you feel around in their dream. You cannot actually see what is happening, but you can feel and somewhat infer the dream state. Your hand can feel warmth if the dream is warm, or your hand can feel wet if you're touching the blood of their tortured nightmares. You can also pull a dream out of a person while they're having it, making the rest of their night uneventful and making your hand change color and glow. You can then either reinsert this dream or nightmare into someone else while they sleep so they suffer it, or you can use it to distract an enemy in combat for one round within vision radius, by blowing the mist of your hand into their eyes and give them daydreams. Your hand reforms after this move and you can only store one dream at a time.

[41] Double Fingers. Roll 1d2 random fingers on this hand. Whatever finger(s) you rolled, an extra copy of it sprouts from the skin right next to it. These fingers are tightly packed and totally responsive, and do not interfere with normal finger function. If one of the copies, original or mutation, is removed from your body the backup finger lets you still use that hand at peak efficiency.

[42] Feather Fingers. Hand transforms 1d6 fingers into fluffy feather-duster like protrusions. If you roll a 5+ it's the whole hand. No penalty to normal flexibility. If you fall and this hand is free, you can open it up above your head and for each finger you lower the damage caused by the fall by -1 per each finger.

[43] Finger of the Mystic. This finger becomes slightly smaller, off-color, and covered in mystic tattoos on its skin. While holding a strange talisman like a petrified lizard or gold coin traded between four kingdoms, you can cast one additional 1st spell or turn undead once more per day. If you cannot do either of these, you can instead create a 1st level spell effect from any spell you have personally seen. The talisman turns into white smoke and disappears on use.

[44] Ultra Smooth Finger. This finger has a lighter, smoother skin tone and texture then the rest of your body. It's very soft and sensitive, and you can press it against a surface like a machine or a dead things heart to feel even the tinest vibrations; you can sense if a worm is crawling through a corpse for example, or feel the tumblers on a lock giving you +1 to lockpicking while you press your finger up against a safe or door. However any damage taken to this finger is doubled do to enhanced sensitivity; consider spells and attacks and especially traps that target or chop off the hands or fingers as dealing double damage to you in regards to this ultra soft finger.

[45] Nightman's Hand. This hand belongs to a Nightman; a creature of darkness, civility, mistrust, and predation. During the day, this character has no hand on this arm. But during the night, the hand reappears. It is a partially real thing made of glint and shadow, physical but capable of change. The character in question may use this hand to pull out a single item they can imagine that could fit in the palm of their hand. The item can be made of any material and is also illusion, disappearing in the day from the light into a wispy shadow. This item can be magical or contain special properties, but these properties can never outdo a 1st level spell with a similar effect. The Nightman's Hand can be used once per night.

[46] Glass Orb Hand. This entire hand turns into a clear glass orb with no holes or openings. The stump on your wrist is a shallow metal disk that can spin and rotate the ball to your mental commands as per a normal hand. This glass orb can easily be shattered by hitting it with something hard, on yourself or others, but reforms over a period of 3 days.

The orb can absorb liquids it is touching over a long period of time; magically drawn in through the solid walls of glass if you choose to draw them in. It takes an exploration turn to fill the orb with a liquid you can stick it in; applies to things like lantern oil, acid, water, anything you wish to fill the orb with. Then the orb can be thrown or dashed at your feet to release the liquid and use it, or thrown at an enemy for an attack. It would be difficult but not impossible to shatter off just the top of the orb so an ally or yourself could “drink” out of the newly created glass cup.

[47] Tentacle Hand. This entire hand turns into a tentacle of a random color. The tentacle is as good as a regular hand and can be used just as flexibly, but can also squeeze into tight spaces and tightly grip onto things with its suckers, granting +1 to hit against any enemy who you grapple with the tentacle. However if an enemy attacks you with an axe targetting the tentacle and deals at least 6 + your Con modifier or higher in damage, they chop the tentacle off.

[48] Lymph Fingers. Strange white bulbs end on these fingers, 1d4 of which are on one hand. The fingers have fleshy red lengths made of wrapping tendrils, and are very fragile. No penalties for normal interaction, but -1 AC for having such an exposed and sensitive body part.

If you stick these fingers in someone's open wounds, into a body of water, or something similar you can draw the disease out of it. Common diseases can be safely contained in the fingers itself, the bulbs turning black for 1d3 days as they destroy the sickness. More deadly diseases transfer up to 50% of their damage or penalty to the finger owner's body, the bulbs turning black for 2d20 days to destroy what of the disease it could contain.

[49] Experiment Hand. This entire hand is replaced. It's very similar to your old hand, but is slightly different. You're not used to it and it feels much slower and weaker in grip then you're used to; the knuckles are too high and the fingers don't bend the right way. You get -2 to all actions taken with this hand. However the hand has a tattoo around the wrist that has a color corresponding to an element; the whole hand is immune to a random element. You can grab, punch, hold any amount or intensity of that element without issue.

[50] Gnarled Hand. This hand becomes old and very thin, stained black and purple as though deep in the powers of death, but still living. It has no penalties to fine manipulation, but you take 1d8 damage to your Strength modifier when the hand first appears on your body. Finally, the hand grants +2 to saves vs death.

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