Tuesday, February 26, 2019

20 Eye Mutations

[1] You can swell your eyeballs. Each one can expand up to the size of a full coconut, and as you make your eyes bigger your vision improves. At maximum size your eyeballs grant you eagle like vision and a +3 to all to hit for attacks. If your eyes are hit at their maximum size then you have to make a save or else they permanently pop and shower everything nearby with pink goop- causing you to become permanently blind in one or both eyes.

[2] Your eyes turn green with small glowing purple pupils. You always have a far-away look, even if you are focused and at attention. It becomes impossible to hypnotize you (visually) or trick you into reading explosive, maddening, or death-causing runes or symbols.

[3] You gain the goat's eyes. Your horizontal peripheral vision greatly improves, meaning you only surprised on a 1 in 6 chance. Your eyes are also creepy with their weird black bar pupil, meaning you get -1 Charisma modifier unless you hide them when speaking to a normal person.

[4] Golden Rings. Your eyes turn totally black, except with golden rings lining your iris. You have an unsettling, magical gaze that lets you see demons even when they are invisible, or latching onto people to whisper in their ear. You are blinded whenever you enter a church, and cannot see until you leave any sacred ground.

[5] Portal Eyes. Your eyes swirl with distant stars. Everything you see is directly beamed to an outsider entity, appraising your dimension with half interest. If it sees anything truly beautiful, such as unconditional love between mother and child, it may be moved to help humanity. If it sees something truly awful, like graceless torture for hours on end, it may be moved to destroy humanity.

[6] Lead-Shot Eye. Randomly determine one eye to turn dull gray. It becomes made of lead, heavy, but still mostly functional. Once per day you can fire the eye out of the socket as a projectile, dealing 1d4 + Wisdom modifier in damage as though shot from a sling. The ball will always attempt to ricochet back into your eye socket as it bounces around, or roll into your hands if it cannot, but enemies can try to pick up or block your eye from returning to you, thus making you blind in that eye until it is returned to your skull. You cannot see through the lead ball if it is outside of your head.

[7] Feely-Vision. You don't really “see” anything, your eyes just project invisible beams that let you “feel” everything they touch. Because of this, you can feel the weight of objects by looking at them, can detect hidden objects through soft fabric as though you ran your fingers over them, can sense if something is hot or cold at a distance, etc. However you cannot see through anything even totally transparent, because your eye beams get stopped by the physical object. You can also see the invisible for that reason, but cannot see colors and noncorporeal but visible objects like specters and magical energies would be totally invisible to you.

[8] Laser Vision. Your eyes constantly give off energy in the form of bright red lasers that deal 1 damage per combat round you focus on someone. You can't turn it off. You can only participate in normal life by keeping your eyes shut, or by looking at the world through a blackened piece of glass or in extreme darkness, where your eyes can't get enough energy to blast off their lasers.

[9] Scrambled Eyes. Your eyes scramble up when you're stressed; turning into a weird white mush that growls and pulsates in your eye sockets. Whenever you have to make a morale check, you're blinded for one round. However, magical symbols that cause insanity or confusion when looked upon just look like normal to you; your eyes make sense of the insanity. You never make a morale or “sanity” check when viewing eldritch horrors either, as they look fine to you.

[10] Your eyes are replaced with glowing red orbs that give you a monstrous appearance. Your eyes grant darkvision as a standard monster, but if a protection from evil or turn undead spell is cast on you, you'll lose your vision as your eyes evaporate. Fear not, you can restore your sight by living in a dungeon for a month; your eyes coming back as the energy of chaos pools in your sockets.

[11] Lizard eyes. Your eyes are replaced with two tiny, cowardly white lizards; who have the color of your pupils on their own eyes. These lizards live in your eye sockets now, which have become like eggs for them. The lizards can crawl on your face or head to get a look behind you or to look in whatever direction you want. You can also have them dangle off your finger to get a look down a small crack or around a corner, but you cease being able to see from them if they stop touching you for any reason. If one or both of the lizards is killed, you are blinded in that eye permanently.

[12] Cyclops eye. Your eyes fuse into one large, magical cyclops eye. This eye gives you a negative to hit with ranged weapons of -2, and does the same for spells that need to be aimed at range. However the eye is very tough and is tied in with your life force; a strong enough blow to cut the eye from your head or strike it just deals damage to you instead. You also have a strange interest in and desire to forge items and collect magical artifacts; you get +1 to any rolls or count your level as one higher when crafting magical items or equipment. If you are ever killed, someone will probably try to scoop out your eye and use it to make a magic item out of it themselves.

[13] Antennae eyes. Disturbingly, your eyes are replaced with large, hairy insect antennae. You lose all sense of sight, but your new antennae are very sensitive. By touching a wall or floor, you can detect nearby vibrations, fine enough to sense mice scurrying through the walls or running water or even a hidden passage just behind on a 4 in 6 chance. You can also inspect objects by touching them with your eye fingers, letting you detect hidden compartments on them on a 3 in 6 chance, and can often find minute details invisible to the naked eye, like faults in a blade or tiny designer emblems hidden on the inside of a strap. Your new eyes make other people extremely uncomfortable, and since the only way to see another person's face is to touch them with your feelers you get -3 to all reaction checks.

[14] The Wandering Eye. One of your eyes is replaced with a glowing green ghostly eye. By focusing on a nearby object for a few seconds, you can make it levitate as per Mage Hand. You can also light an object on fire with an entire exploration turn of staring at it, which only works on very flammable objects. Every nightfall, there is a 1 in 4 chance this eye disappears for the night, only to groggily return in the morning. You cannot see out of that eye nor use its powers when it is gone, but you do get occasional flashes of sight from it- looking over alien landscapes, or the rapturous faces of alien lovers in mid coitus. You have no fucking idea where it goes.

[15] Your eyes sink down into your skull, and are covered by several layers of milky membrane. You are immune to blinding damage and attacks, even with you strapped down it would be very difficult to actually pluck or poke out your eyeballs. However you lose out on your peripheral vision and get -2 AC versus attacks from the sides as you don't see them coming.

[16] Nautilus eye. Your eyes have a creepy tight black hole giving it a distinct look. Underwater you can see very well, but on land your eyesight worsens depending on how dry it is. Right after it rains or in humid places you see just about as well as under water, but if it gets temperate or dry you get -1 to hit. In a desert or in a frozen wasteland you'd get -2 to hit from the dryness. While underwater your vision is not obscured by standard muck or darkness.

[17] Druid Eyes. Both your eyes turn to wood, but you can see out of them just fine. If you pull one of your eyes out of your socket and bury it in the dirt, it will one day grow into a tree. The tree has a “vision” radius equal to that of a human standing on its highest point, with slightly less sharp vision but better senses beyond sight, such as feelings of wind or magical energy. You can see out of this tree for the rest of your life and as long as the tree lives, but you cannot see out of that eye socket anymore. Very powerful regeneration spells may let you regrow your natural eyes in addition to having the trees, or a powerful druid may be able to let you gain more wooden eye-seeds.

[18] Gravel eyes. Your eye sockets bet filled with hundreds of tiny white stones, which rumble around as long as you're looking at stuff. You lose the ability to see color and fine detail, especially at a distance, but you can now see the face of every single stone-spirit. Each individual stone in a field, brick in a wall, tile on a floor, or any other shifted form of stone can be seen. Their faces are reserved, though many are twisted in annoyance or even pain depending on their new form (sand turned to glass is especially unhappy). If you ask the spirit of stone a question with the proper sacrifices, it will mouth the words of its reply over the course of several days, and thought it cannot speak aloud due to the cruel jealousy of air spirits, you may be able to learn what it knows or what hides behind it by reading its lips.

[19] Each eye has a 5 pronged metal spike protrude from it. The rest of the eye turns hard and silvery, letting you “see” in an abstract sense. Any elemental spell aimed at you always deals maximum damage, but you trap elemental energies in your lightning-rod eyes. With thought you can redirect this energy into elemental blasts from your eyes, each blast dealing 1d4 damage if it isn't blocked or dodged of its respective element. You get one of these blasts per spell level or every 6+ damage of elemental damage you take of that element. There is no limit to how many blasts you can store.

[20] Your eyes disappear from your head, and grow on other body parts. You get one eye in both palms of your hand, and one eye on the top of each foot. As long as you don't wear boots or gloves, you can see out each eye in each direction, though will lose sight in that hand when you grip an object.

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