Monday, February 18, 2019

10 Green Spells

[1] Thread of Jade - 1st level
Target thread, string, or vine turns a bright glowing green color. Magically strengthened by this spell, the thread can only be cut by a very sharp magic weapon of at least +1 or equivalent. The thread also becomes capable of supporting much more weight then it normally could, such as a simple bit of string being used as climbing rope. The thread is changed for a full day, or until it is broken.

[2] Shamrock Bunker - 4th level
This spell suddenly grows a large, magical bunker with a dome-like top out of ivy, leaves, shamrock clovers, and other greenery. The vegetation is incredibly thick and smells very strong, its magic keeping it powerful and protecting the magic user and anyone within a 15 ft radius. The bunker has 8 windows, one in each direction, that can be used to peak outside or fire spells or projectile weapons. Small creatures can scamper through the windows in or out, but everyone too large or not agile enough cannot enter or leave the bunker.

The magical structure regrows any damage it takes, but could theoretically be destroyed if something does 80 damage to it within 2 turns before it grows back. The magical structure takes a round to create and while quite fast, still can't stop you from getting hit by a projectile in motion. The bunker lasts for up to 8 combat rounds. Druids, spriggans, and similar creatures may just be able to move through the walls of the bunker without resistance if the magic user fails a save to ward their sanctuary from intrusion.

[3] Noxious Nova - 3rd level
Conjures a powerful and thick field of green energy immediately around the caster, and then expands outwards after one round as a thick smoke-like energy filled with the powers of poison. Because of the glow and time to charge, targets near the outside edge of the Nova's 40 ft diameter range can escape it if they run out by the next round, but those closer to the center must make a saving throw to brace themselves instead, reducing the damage by one die.

The Nova explodes outwards on the final round, dealing 3d6 poison damage to everyone hit. The Nova hits as a smoke explosion which goes out and upwards, meaning targets who duck into a ravine or something similar won't be hit by it. Those wearing a breathing mask or other equipment are still harmed by the Nova since its poison it magical, but it will reduce the damage by another die. After a target is hit, they must roll a saving throw or else take 1d6 poison damage each round until they save against it. The caster is protected from the first blast of poison, but not the second blast, meaning they have to make a save each round or else also take 1d6 damage like everyone else.

The Nova's smoke also bleaches metallic surfaces a slight greenish tint. Those who hunt Wizards may show off their green stained chainmail with pride, showing their success.

[4] Field of Battle - 3rd level
This spell creates a magical, razor thin floating platform. It appears as a grassy field gently swaying in the breeze. The platform magically is solid for only two people; which are the first two who step onto it. For everyone else, the platform is just an illusion they fall through. If a saving throw is made, a magic user can attempt to use the platform to break their fall, but will only stop the first two to hit it and still causes falling damage to that distance. The field is oval in shape and about 50ft in length, and 30 ft across, giving space for the warriors to meet each other.

Normally this spell is cast to allow two warriors to battle on even ground, above or away from the ruckus of a real field. The spells ends when one of the two warriors on it are dead, or after two exploration turns if only one person landed on the platform. If both people landed and both remain, alive or dead, the platform will not fall, which could mean the field stays for centuries until it is dispelled or the corpses removed.. Those on the platform can jump or fall off of it if they get to the edge, but have no protection from the fall.

While the bottom of the platform is opaque, projectile weapons and spells could still fire through it and hit the warriors from below, and flying creatures could deftly move through the field; using it to their advantage to hit and run by slipping under the false ground which is very real for those on the field.

[5] Encased in Emeralds - 3rd level
This spell can either be cast on a single creature, and effects all their jewelry, or can be cast on up to 3 adjacent creatures and effects all jewelry they are wearing in the same position such as ring, amulet, tail-braclet, etc. There is no saving throw for this spell, with only the exception of jewelry worn on body parts the caster does not have- make a hard save to avoid the effect.

Once incanted, the spell magically seals each article of jewelry; rings, amulets, talismans, bracelets, ankelets, earrings, tiaras and so on in magical emerald crystal which grows from within each piece. The emerald is transparent enough to see that the jewelry is still present, but now has a magical emerald covering on it like a cancer. As long as this piece of jewelry is covered in emerald, its magical powers and effects cease to work. This spell only works on items of a precious nature such as silver, gold, items studded with gems or jewels, etc. Magical trinkets made of bone (other then expensive ivory), wood, base metals, or glass are not harmed by the spell. Fools gold and colored glass is also not applicable, which is a way to trick spellcasters into wasting this spell on pretty baubles instead of actual enchanted jewelry. Once a piece of jewelry has been encrusted it can only be freed through painstaking labor by a master jewelry-smith over the course of a season per item locked in emerald.

[6] Lime Corpsewalker - 1st level
This minor illusion makes you appear as a disgustingly putrid undead corpse. Your clothes and equipment are still visible, but very rotted and reveal as much of your disgusting decaying body as possible. From even a far distance you look very wrong and people are very afraid of undead as putrid as you appear; bright green undead tend to give off horrible diseases and parasites. Others automatically have the lowest reaction check possible (immediate attack) if they are living beings. To undead, however, you appear as one of them and get a +2 to stealth rolls trying to blind in with or move past undead without being detected. This spell lasts for 3 exploration turns.

[7] Buried Man's Leaf - 1st level
This spell creates a long spindling stalk of a plant out of the tip of the caster's finger, which strikes upwards until it reaches sunlight. This stalk can travel through dirt and soil, and once it reaches sunlight the energy and warmth of the sun are transferred down to the caster. This spell cannot give you enough energy to heal wounds, feed you, or even grant much protection against the elements but it will keep you alive if you were buried alive for up to one full day, at which point the stalk beings to wilt and die.

The stalk as well as the survival usage of this spell was specifically designed by paranoid magic users after their rivals started using a false death curse to have them falsely buried alive. However, more useful countermeasures were needed as coffins block this spell entirely. It is still quite useful if buried alive under snow or quicksand, and can also be used through loose gravel and rocks of a cave in to signal for help or see how far away the sunlight is. The stalk has a maximum length of about 50 feet regardless or material; if you truly want to bury a Wizard you need to dig deep.

[8] Sage's Seal - 4th level
This spell must be cast on a single summoned creature or other similar supernatural entity. The creature is locked in stasis with a magical green seal floating around their body for 1d6 exploration turns. While in stasis they cannot be harmed or damaged in any way, and maintain their same location in space, so if they were in the middle of the air they stay floating there. Once the time is out, the seal breaks and the creature can move again.

If the creature has total hit points remaining equal to or less then the duration of turns they are sealed for; they instead make a hard saving throw. On a success, spell as normal. On a failure, they are instead sealed in stasis forever, only capable of being freed by another magician or by collecting enough dark power from other realms to grow stronger and break free.

[9] Hellish Loogie - 3rd level
This spell requires a to-hit roll modified at +4 if you are within melee distance, and +2 if at a farther range. This spell makes the magic user cough up a horrible green phlem booger that flies and seeks the target, growing as it travels through the air as a sticky projectile. The loogie keeps growing before and after it hits; within one round it swells to the size of an ogre and can stick any living creature of the same size or smaller within its grip, forcing a saving throw to escape.

Additionally, the Loogie begins to boil and burn. Each round it becomes hotter, the phlem boiling and smoking each round. If you are trapped in or touching the loogie for the first round, you take 1 damage. The second round, it deals 2 damage and so on. The Loogie lasts 10 rounds, at which point it gets so hot that it is boiled into a tiny black clump of hard tar, all the moisture burnt out with a horrid smell of burning salt filling the room, causing a morale check against easily disgusted targets (elves mostly).

[10] Brigand's Band - 2nd level
This spell conjures a magical headband, which must be worn to keep hair out of your eyes. The headband is bright green, and while within a forest grants +1 due to a semi magical camouflage effect it puts on the wearers body. The spell lasts until you mug one person or misplace the band.

The main power of this band is well known- if the wearer leaps from stealth and demands a small amount of money, minor item, or a minor favor for information from a target in the context of thuggish banditry, such as leaping out from behind a rock on a road with sword in hand, the target will instead simply relinquish in question as long as their reaction check does not roll the worst result (instant attack). The amount of money, the item, or the information must be something very insignificant to the target; while a poor traveling family will fight to the death over every silver piece, a noble woman would gladly hand over a purse of gold coins to the charming rogue. Additionally the victim of this spell will not seek to punish or report the crime unless it violates one of the above rules; however justice will still come to the wearer as gossip gets around about a dashing rogue demanding valuables from travelers in the area. Those targets who are aware of the band's abilities and wish to resist them, not fearing the Rogue in question can get a saving throw to resist the mental effect.

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