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10 Yellow Spells

[1] Amber Wave of Force - 3rd level
Creates a yellow wave that expands outwards at the highest point of the caster's body. If the caster is holding up a wand or staff that is bound to his life force, then that object counts as the highest point. The wave expands outwards in all directions in a perfect circle, and any target it strikes will be affected by it depending on where it hits them. The wave hits everything it physically can, regardless of the number of power level of the enemies in question.

To hit animals, the caster may have to stoop their body lower. To hit something very large like an ogre or dragon, the caster may have to jump up on a stool or raise their hands over their head, etc. Agile beings may be able to stoop under or jump over the wave as another method to avoid its worst effects.

When the wave hits;
Waist or lower- No effect
Chest- Easy save or lose breath, going last in initiative order this turn.
Neck- Save or lose breath, going last in initiative order AND getting -2 on all attack rolls.
Head- Save or be stunned 1 round.

[2] Friendly Banana Snack - 2nd level
This spell conjures a roughly 1.5 ft long fat little yellow slug. It's bright colors are a misdirection; the slug is not at all poisonous or dangerous in any way, and smells faintly of a candied-banana. The slug creature is slow, but strangely cuddly and likes to be held. Holding and stroking the slug, which “purs” in response, is very relaxing for those who look past its gastropod exterior. While holding and stroking the slug, you get advantage on all nervous disorder rolls or saving throws versus ongoing mental effects, but this slug cannot stop the direct visceral terror of a morale check on its own.

Beyond its pleasing touch and friendly nature; the slug is also totally delicious. It is soft and weak enough it can be directly bitten into, chewed up, and swallowed in a few brutal bites. It doesn't bleed either, and tastes like a candied gooey banana with a unique salty aftertaste. The slug counts as a basic meal or ration when used like this, and can exist as a living slug pet for 2d4 exploration turns before going bad and becoming inedible. Bad slugs turn to yellow goop with a hiss and give off a putrid smoke that gives anyone who breathes it heartburn.

[3] Golden Band - 4th level
To cast this spell requires a bracelet, tiara, or ring made of gold of high purity. This spell casts a powerful enchantment over the item, making it give off a constant dull golden glow, and grants the item magical protective powers. Anyone wearing a Golden Band gets +1 to saving throws versus spells and may also gain a minor increase to magic resistance if your game features it. The golden band has greater powers on larger and more ornate pieces of jewelry; rings have a maximum bonus of +2 and tiaras and bracelets have a maximum bonus of +3 to the spell saves.

Golden Bands are very magically potent and keep their powers semi-permanently. Magic users wearing them get to add these spell bonuses to their own saving throws if used to control their own spells or manipulate a magical effect in progress. The Golden Bands stack if multiple are worn, and only cease to glow and be empowered with protection if the Golden Band is ritually debased or destroyed. For example, tossing the golden band on purpose into a muddy river would end the enchantment, but if it accidentally slipped off your head and laid on the floor of a dusty dungeon for a century it would still glow, just waiting for someone to claim it.

[4] Mustard Sharks - 3rd level
This spell must be cast on a body of water at least large enough for a rowboat to comfortably manuver in; so a small pool or bath wouldn't count but a pond, lake, or the ocean easily could. This spell creates a murky yellow cloud to appear in the water, with about 160 ft of surface area (16 squares on a map?) that is affected; which can be in any shape or orientation as long as it is continuous and each area touches another adjacent area. The caster must dip a foot, finger, or be in the water to cast this spell- unless if you're a max level Wizard, in which case you can just piss in the water from your boat instead.

The cloudy area becomes home to mustard sharks; which are dull yellow sharks that can only live in this yellowed water. They attack anyone who enters the water, but the magic user can make a save each round while within to avoid the sharks notice; if they fail even once then they are also a target and cannot attempt again. The mustard sharks each have 3 HD and deal 1d8+1 damage on a hit, preferring to bite off limbs- if they kill a target with less HD then them, they merely bite off a random limb instead, their blood from the stump turning yellow and self-closing from the attacks. The mustard sharks last 3d10 combat rounds but reduce the time they last by -1d4 rounds for each shark killed.

[5] Yellow Orbs of Magic - 2nd level
This spell can only be cast in an area rich with ambient magic. Places like ancient standing stones, mystic pools, fairy circles, houses of wizards, and so on. The magic in this area coalesces in several bright yellow orbs, waxy and smooth, with a light glow of magic around them. Depending on the ambient magic of the area, you will generate between 3 and 10 orbs. The magic orbs float around on their own, gravitating around interesting people or character with the highest Charisma. The magic user can move the orbs according to their will, but requires a saving throw vs spells to control the orbs if they're currently infatuated with an enemy.

Each orb can be used while casting spells. By holding an orb and speaking the incantation, the size of one die relating to the spell can be increased by one unit, to a maximum size of 1d12. (a spell that restores 1d8 health now restores 1d10 health instead, same with damage or number of turns of duration). Each spell can only have one orb used on each, but the orbs can be ordered to follow to last for later. The orbs will slowly dissipate next sunrise or sunset, whichever is closest.

[6] The Endless Stream - 3rd level
This obnoxious curse is a favorite of the wizzards. Cast upon a target the caster can see, they feel the urge to urinate. Technically, they are urinating all the piss they have ever pissed out over the course of their entire life, but the spell doesn't have the power to enforce that. Instead, the person must spend two exploration turns every 6 (hour) doing nothing but relieving their extremely swollen bladder. The target gets a saving throw every two days to end the spell.

While this curse is annoying, it doesn't stop the affected from casting spells or fighting, just wasting a lot of their time. It will make stealth nearly impossible, as the tinkling of their urine will give away their position in a life or death situation where they need to piss so badly.

[7] Noise Modifier - 1st level
The spell is cast in mid air, creating a yellow swirl. The swirl appears at mouth level of the caster, and cannot be adjusted once cast, meaning if shorter or taller people want to use it, they'll have to maneuver themselves around. Anyone who speaks into the magical yellow swirl has their voice boosted much louder; whispers become shouts, speech becomes a proclamation, and yelling becomes nearly deafening- shouting into the swirl causes 1d4 damage to anyone within a short distance of the 'output' of the swirl from the incredibly noise if they fail a save to cover their ears.

You can also speak or flip around the swirl; anyone speaking into the large end of the swirl has their voice shrunk in volume; with even a loud sound of a battle or spell being barely above a whisper. This method could allow you to make the cry of a banshee or a wampus cat, but a more powerful version of this spell of at least 2nd level would have to be researched before you could actually aim it as a method to quiet noise.

[8] Yabbin' Flyswallower - 1st level
Summons a fat toad. It's colors are black and yellow and it has a fuzzy bottom that it gets by padding its butt with pond scum. It even has a tiny pair of gossamer wings made of stitched together mosquito and dragonflies; it does all of this to pretend to be a bee. The toad uses its tongue to eat insects, but especially bees, and can also speak. The toad is incapable of aiding in combat unless you are a fighting a swarm of insects or similar small creatures; it can eat 1d2 of them per round dealing that much damage to the swarm. The toad only sticks around for one exploration turn.

Also whenever the toad eats a bee, it can hold it in its mouth to listen to its buzzing, then after swallowing it it can repeat what was whispered by the bee to you. Flowers listen closely to gossip unlike bees, and as such can sometimes spill juicy details of secrets or events from the surrounding area wherever there are flowers. However this chain is unreliable; the flowers hear it, spreading the rumor among themselves, before picked up by the bees, who are then eaten by the frog, who then repeats it back to you, and as such the meaning of the statement may be totally changed or mistranslated.

[9] Helmet of the Dandelion - 2nd level
This spell conjures the Helmet of the Dandelion in the hands of the spellcaster, which seals itself to the head of whoever wears it first. This helmet is covered in bright yellow tassels. The helmet releases several slowly drifting and yellowish orbs whenever the wearer turns their head, making stealth nearly impossible while wearing the helmet unless you hold completely still for at least a minute.

While wearing the helmet, the wearer can jump the height of a man, and gets a second jump while mid air which puffs out their tassels and releases white spores of the dandelion and asorted common plant seeds everywhere beneath them. Additionally, while in the air, the character receives +2 to hit and AC from their fast flying movement. By concentrating, the wearer can also direct the yellow sparks around them to crowd around any fast moving creature and slow them down, giving up your turn to push an enemy to the bottom of the initiative queue, or forcing their next turn to roll an automatic 1 on their initiative dice if you use that system.

After three exploration turns, the helmet begins to fade and die. The yellow turns a dark, melted brown. The wearer must take 1d2 damage to have the helmet removed in any way; fire and knife both hurt them to scalp the melted magical mess off of them. If the helmet is not removed within three days, a stunted tree or random grain crop will start growing out of the wearer's head, its health and longevity tied to the wearer. This isn't a problem if you found the real helmet, as this spell just conjures an unstable duplicate.

[10] Thundershock Scroll-Twister - 2nd level
This spell can only be cast on a target within the range of a spear. This spell creates a powerful shocking blast of electricity, twisted up in a yellow lightning bolt curling up around itself like a helix. The target gets a saving throw to reduce the size of the damage die from 1d4 to 1d2. When the damage is rolled, a number of magic scrolls equal to the damage rolled the target is carrying twist up into tangled knots. These knots can only be untangled slowly and carefully over the course of a whole exploration turn and they cannot be used or read until after it is untied.

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