Saturday, February 2, 2019

8 Unusual Super Powers

[1] Snapping Snollygoster Transformation
This person has the power to transform into a Snapping Snollygoster. It's a dinosaur creature with a very furry body, bipedal, with a long snout and thick dragging tail. It is very colorful and is mostly green, yellow, and teal- It looks like something out of a children's book. By using this ability, the person gains enhanced strength, speed, and senses as well as a powerful bite and a hungry appetite, but also becomes predator and clumsy in equal measure, like a cutesy killing machine.

During periods of “intense” comfort and relaxation, the person may also inadvertently transform themselves instead, becoming like a huge living warm plush pillow. Using their newfound powers, this person could become a hero or villain.

[2] Extra Lives
Whenever you die, you respawn. There is a number tattoo'd on your forehead in black that shows you how many times you've died. So after you die for the first time, your blank forehead will now show a 1, then die again for a 2, etc. You have no other abilities, but remember everything from your past lives until a few minutes before you died; as you will not remember things that killed you. You don't have any special toughness or mental powers, you just simply reform after you die in a new body in a safe place. You still age and always reappear as your same age.

You have a hidden, fixed number of lives when you first get this power. The number of lives you have is 1d12+2 and you will not know when this life is your last.

[3]Number 26”
At any fast food chain, taco truck, or To-Go restaurant you can quietly ask the cashier for a “Number 26” and slide them a 20 dollar bill. From the other side of the counter the cashier will give you a bag containing the following items;
  • One hot food item (decoy, edible, changes based on establishment)
  • Loaded, untraceable Revolver with 6 rounds
  • Untraceable disposable flip phone with one battery charge
  • Pair of gloves
  • Print of most recent photograph and address of a Target (Variable)
  • Aspirin bottle containing one pill (Variable)
These items are always the same, but change slightly based on the store. Very old dives may give you a half rusted gun with a chance to misfire, where as a fancy coffee shop may give you a smart phone with a built in self destruct feature as your phone. The price of the 'bag' is always the same, and the person who handed you the bag and took the money will never have any recollection of it. They will only remember you as 'that weird guy who didn't order anything and left' and won't remember your name or face. This power also can only be used once you fully use or dispose of the last 'bag'.

There are two extra variations of this power. If you slide the cashier a 100 dollar bill, you can also write the name of a person on the dollar bill, which will grant you the address and photograph. Only their real name works, but a legal alias or a very well known nickname will also suffice. If you draw on the face of the president on the bill you slide, you will also get a pill depending on what you drew. If you drew swirly marks over the president's eyes, the pill bottle will contain a dose of a knockout drug. If you draw hearts it will be a dose of ecstasy or LSD. If you draw Xs, then the single pill will be a cyanide capsule.

For whatever reason, all items created by this power are extremely hard to track and cannot be traced. However, the dollar bill will remain at the store and drawing a name or face is more likely to catch attention to government authorities or those who may suspect of your strange ability.

[4] Mint Jam
By touching things, this person can smear on a strange mind flavored, bright green Jam. Everything they touch with this jam becomes more “aligned” to their purposes and goals as long as the Jam stays on. Creating thick piles of it and smearing it everywhere takes time, and the Jam can easily be removed by spraying water on the affected things. Regardless, the Jam gives a bonus to standard usage rolls, a sixth sense for who or what is interacting or stepping on the Jam-covered thing, and can even allow some supernatural means of motion, such as turning a gun sideways and firing through a wall if the gun is sufficiently covered in Jam. It takes 10 minutes to create as much jam as you would find in a standard jar for your use by squeezing and rubbing your hands together.

Anybody who eats the Jam can have their internal organs messed with, or deal internal damage like stab wounds with a knife or cause them to lose consciousnesses, the power of these being dependent on how much jam the victim ate.

[5] Snowfall Switch
Whenever it snows and you are present during snow fall or a blizzard, you can mentally change what is coming down. Snow is replaced with a similar white-powdery substance. Such as cocaine, detergent, baking soda as the obvious ones. But more abstract chemicals and substances can also be snowed out by you, such as a weak acidic powder or some sort of soft fabric down to land on.

Regardless of what this substance is, it will always melt back into water as though it was standard snow as it reaches above the freezing point in temperature. Being examined in the laboratory will show some strange chemical results as to how a complex molecule melts into pure water, but this is part of the power's overview.

[6] Machine Heart
Both a bit of a super power as well as a mechanical implant. Your heart isn't natural, it's a machine instead. The grinding gears and pumps that keeps your heart beating are more powerful then a normal heart, though most of the time it does its job normally. When you concentrate, you can make your heart pump faster, giving the rest of your body better bloodflow and nutrients making you stronger or faster for a short period of time.

If you swallow down nuts and bolts, screws, washers, or other small objects that work with machines- your heart is enhanced. This power grants you no protection against the damage to your throat or digestive system eating metal would do, but it will make your heart stronger. Each handful of these you eat makes your heart capable of giving you a superhuman burst of adrenaline once a day.

[7] Air-Pocket Bile
Your vomit isn't normal. If you vomit, either by chance or by choice, you spew up a bubble instead that slowly grows from your mouth. The bubble is filled with unusually strong lighter then air gas, and if you continued to vomit without popping or removing the bubble, you could eventually create a balloon large enough to fly away with.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to automatically get back down, but you can remove the vomit-bubbles at any size and scoop them out of your mouth without them popping. By doing this you can attach them to another object to have it fly away. The vomit bubble also acts as a shield that can absorb one bullet or attack; the gas escaping from the puncture wound tends to disperse fire and energy pretty well at the point of impact, making the chance of a penetrating attack that can go through the whole bubble to hit you very unlikely.

[8] Wind-Up Whippet
You have an incredible sense of machinery and resourcefulness for the specific purpose of creating mechanical dogs. You can turn paper and plastic into legs or flanks, metal or glass shards into teeth, any springs or electronic parts into the power core. These dogs are like giant wind-up toys and are powered by cranking their tail- each dog can be built for only one specific purpose. Each dog “unit” is still much more intricate and intelligent then any actual machine like them would be, but nothing about your machine units necessarily makes them supernatural on their own. Your dogs look like machines made of their junked or spare parts, much like moving scrap sculpture.

Dogs are built of specific purposes- dogs can be told to search an area and bark if they find a specific purpose or thing, in which case the dog gives off a low-quality mechanical bark. The dog can be made to sic people, chasing them down and biting them once with their sharp metal teeth, after that they latch on like a bear trap. Dogs can also be built to point or guard and area in the same vein as above. Machine dogs can also be built to emulate real dogs or pretend to be hurt/wounded before detonating a bomb hidden in their chest cavity, etc.

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