Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Ladies of Higher Standing

Ladies of Higher Standing (2-5 HD, +3 to-hit, +AC equal to HD, +½ HD as bonus to spell saving throws, +1 damage, Gilded Improvised Weapons at 1d8+2, social skills)

The Ladies are assassins. They are hired in the employ of emperors, as guards of merchant lords and the killers for the richest men and dragons in the lands. While they blend in and pretend to be servants, maids, or concubines make no mistake as they are both powerful and very driven to kill anyone on their list, and even those who just get in their way.

The Ladies are both very fast and well trained combatants, using grace and speed to avoid blows and even spells. Their most iconic ability however is the power to Gild. Gilding requires them to touch any basic or simple object, and regardless of what it is it becomes Gilded. Golden paint appears upon it, with fine silks replacing all cloth or plant-fiber material, fresh new designs are embossed, and carvings and etchings become both more intricate and gain studded gemstones and silver nuggets. Simply put, Gilding an object makes it an expensive and luxurious item. In the hands of one of the Ladies, a gilded item also becomes a magical weapon that deals 1d8+2 damage.

The weapons that are gilded can be made of anything; a candlestick is shoved in an eyesocket, burning the man's brains. The cigar box is thrown open to reveal finely polished ninja stars. The chalice has a secret blade hidden inside, or even worse is swung around like a cudgel and somehow can snap necks and break skulls- Gilded weapons cease to be as powerful and deadly as soon as the Lady drops them. Also, each Lady of Higher Standing can create these items through their touch and they remain that way permanently. It seems the Ladies are either well trained or simply uninterested in exploiting this ability; only using it for their assassinations or in self defense when found out as a spy.

The Ladies originally hail from somewhere else- while young attractive orphan girls are often taken and adopted by the Ladies for training somewhere else, and many had lives before, the Ladies are nonetheless driven by an outside force. It is believed that the master of the Ladies is a supernatural entity living in another realm of existence entirely, siphoning its wealth and power to give the ladies their gilded weapons, knowing it can make a return on its investment in our realm a million fold.

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