Saturday, January 19, 2019

8 Fairy Ice-Queen Traps

[1] Snowflake Shurikens. Classic. Deals 3d4 damage, save to only take 1d4. Each one is unique, and are flung across the hallway as thought they were freshly formed.

[2] While walking across an icy floor; one random character must make a saving throw. On a fail, the floor breaks open, they fall in, and then the floor refreezes itself- This is the wrath of the fairy Queen of Frozen Waters. This nightmarish trap freezes the unlucky soul under the ice. It is possible to break the ice by using a powerful heat spell or with pickaxes and hammers, but you have to go fast before the parrty member drowns.

If you're breaking into the palace of the Queen of the Chilling Winds instead; then the trap creates a miniature blizzard and snowstorm that buries the character in snow to the same effect. Your allies will need shovels to help get you out before you suffocate under the snow.

[3] Fearsome Flurries. Small, endlessly spinning flurries of snow. If someone steps through it or disturbs its, a fae creature steps 'sideways' out of thin air to enter the world and attack you. Favored minion of the Fairy Queen of the Chilling Winds.

Fearsome Flurrie (2 HD, +2 to hit, 1d4+1 cruel dagger, immune to cold, pain-cold burst)
Morale- N/A
Number- 1 per disturbed Flurrie. Battle likely to disturb and draw in more enemies.

This fae creature looks like an impossibly tall, gaunt woman with ice crystals forming on her eye lashes and lips from the chill in the air. They are totally immune to cold damage, and also pain. If hit by attacks or spells that primarily cause pain (pain spells, whips, torture devices, etc.), they both resist the pain effect and also release a burst of cold equal to the pain; usually 1d6 damage to all within a short distance.

[4] Cold Snap. When an invisible line is crossed, a very strong and powerful blast of cold wind hits the offender with the force of winter. The ground around them freezes solid, and their clothes become stiff from the wind. Deals 2d6 cold damage. No save.

[5] Character steps into a blue light and starts to cry. They tear 3d6 tears, save for 1d6 tears instead. These tears represent their emotions, and fall to the ground as frozen blue crystals. If the crystals melt or are lost/stolen away from the character, they lose 1 point of permanent Charisma per destroyed or stolen tear. The tears will melt if left out in direct sunlight or if thrown in a fire, but aren't warmed by body heat and will stay safe as long as its cool enough where they are kept.

[6] Spirit of Death. Half rotted caribou carcass in the small embankment of snow. Warnings or a line drawn in the fallen slush tell you not to pass. If you do pass, the carcass's head turns towards you and laughs as a sense of dread fills you and deathly energies assault your body. Take 2d6 damage and make a saving throw or lose a level via level drain.

[7] Clinging Freeze mist. The cold chill is a light blue misty fog that follows and clings to people it touches. Each turn, make a save or take 1 damage from the slow numbing cold. If you're holding a torch, it goes out 1 turn faster. You can remove the cold by either sleeping indoors where blankets will ward it away, or by casting a spell to cure it.

[8] Black Ice Orb. This frozen orb of black magical ice floats in the air. If struck with a weapon, it freezes the weapon used to strike it. The black ice coats the weapon and makes it deal a maximum of 3 damage until melted off over the course of 3 days over a hot fire. The magical ice orb tries to get people to attack it by imitating the sounds of an enemy, or accompanying several other dark magic traps to enrage intruders into attacking it.

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