Sunday, January 6, 2019

Alien Organ Generator

Shape- 1d6
[1] Spiral tube. Maximize surface area.
[2] Orb or ball of tissue.
[3] Web-like. Stretches across many membranes.
[4] Small gland; geometic shape of 1d6+1 sides.
[5] Ganglion. Specialized lump(s) formed on another structure.
[6] Abstract. Looks more like a tumor then an organ.

Texture- 1d4
[1] Pure Slime. Very fragile, moving it out of the body just turns it into a pile of goop.
[2] Hard and calcified. If organ shape is “web-like”, then it's cartilaginous instead.
[3] Splotchy. Regular tissue-based organ with spots of color.
[4] Tough, leathery. Unusually cell wall unlike rest of organs.

Number of Valves- 1d6
[1] One large valve leading to organ. It's a “dead end”.
[2] Two valves, input and output.
[3] Four valves, multi-chambered.
[4] 1d4+4 Valves. Centralized body location.
[5] Hundreds of veins or connections sprout from this organ.
[6] No valves. Freely suspended.

Roll any color from the Random Color Table. If texture is “splotchy”, then you roll twice, and the second color are small splotches on the first primary color of the tissue.

Purpose- 1d20
[1] Collects waste into small hard orbs that flow freely through the circulation system. If this organ is damage, alien will slowly die of blood poisoning as the waste seeps into their organs and valves. Alien only excretes briefly; pumps all blood to waste vents to deposit orbs into easy to drop sacks.

[2] Pisonic ray dispersion. Harmless radiates psychic energy as alpha and beta radiation out of vents or dark pigments on skin. Without this organ, psychic rays will build up as radiation and cause DNA mutation and eventually cancer or organ failure.

[3] Energetic center. Creates pulses of energy in the skin or outside covering of the alien, used to “unlock” and interface with alien technology. As unique to the individual alien as a fingerprint.

[4] Strut creator. Creates bone-like “struts” or stints that travel through the blood that can help keep vital circulatory system passages open and keep sac-like organs from collapsing completing. Seems painful or dangerous to human standards, but aliens are adapted to it.

[5] Liquid dye generator. Creates a dye with no other function; used to mark territory. Clan or sub-species lines are determined by genetics as the color changes based on heritage. Maybe- that's your best guess as to what this shit is.

[6] Plasma Filter. Filters or helps purify all bodily fluids- including brain fluids, blood, waste fluids, bile, etc. All of it must be filtered at this central location.

[7] Nutrient Gland. Compresses and creates liquid store of calories and nutrients- can be excreted through mucus membranes or spit out through a social stomach. Used to feed symbiotic relationships with other creatures or to feed superior members of their caste system.

[8] Poison Condenser. Breathed in particulates get melted down and mixed into fluid that travels through secondary circulatory system, collects in tissues that get flushed with poison fluid when in pain or during stressful situations; similar to blood but with the intent to deliver poison to predator that bites into the alien's body. Not a necessary component, but needs good diet to avoid slow blood-poisoning from lack of filtration.

[9] Protein Folder. Body system that literally folds a specific protein into shape using pneumatic force, restructuring the bonds and creating usable prions for cross-body hormones and information messaging to the brain or blood stem.

[10] Indigestion Cortex. Powerful band of muscles and mucus that can be squeezed at any time to force a very strong feeling of nausea, heartburn, and causes vomiting on command. Alien species is used to having to expel bad food or accidental exposure to stomach-borne pathogens, this method allows for easy removal. Possible projectile vomiting as a weapon.

[11] Secondary gametes. Less healthy sperm/eggs/strange 3rd gender alien reproductive cells are stored in a secondary sexual apparatus. Using this, less desirable partners can still be impregnated, just with the lower quality offspring, reserving high quality sex cells for higher quality partners.

[12] Heat Matrix. Overly complicated and requires high amounts of caloric intake or energy to maintain. Allows creature to increase their body temperature to much higher levels. Home planet has already been out of ice age for a long time now, just causes heatstroke if used.

[13] Green-Death Organ. Allows user to make their body burn up its fat reserves and change ph balance to creature good compost for plant life upon death- consuming their corpse in the process. Evolutionary tactic that allow certain symbiotic relationships to thrive, or was added by higher caste aliens to keep the farms well fed with their slaves without any more use.

[14] Relaxation-Center. Creates important muscle relaxants to allow rest and destressing. Without this organ, alien creature's own muscles would snap their bones or strangle them on accident due to hypertension and being too strong without relaxant produced by an organ.

[15] Relay. The organ helps send hormone or proteins as messengers across the body. Without, alien DNA highly likely to mutate mid transit and arrive at receptor-cells with incorrect instructions causing cancers, mutations, and eventual death.

[16] Detachment point. Organ located in a strange place, usually base of tail or midway up arms/legs. If it's a mutation, it may only be in a single limb, but if it's naturally occurring then it will be mirrored. When the limb is critically damaged, this organ can be used to make a clean detachment, flooding the wound area with blood coagulants and anti-bacterial cells to keep it from getting infected. Only works once unless the limb can regenerated with this creature. 1 in 10 chance the organ is located on the neck, allowing the creature's neck to be cleanly severed and their body can be repurposed by a cybernetic computer control or a head transplant; an artifical organ to let their masters trade around bodies or grant them to more intelligent slaves when the time comes.

[17] Air reserve. Small lung-like pocket that can inflate with air and be used as a short term secondary air supply, which is found among creatures that must hold their breath for short periods such as diving species or species that work in industrial fume factories. Supplies a few short minutes of oxygen, depending on the size and metabolism of the creature.

[18] Inner ear. Strange sensory organs that let aliens listen to their own internal homeostasis, and the interruption thereof. Most important to hear burrowing mites and horrible little parasites that go inside of aliens and click their jaws, helps locate them for surgical removal.

[19] Bone-Drive Pistons. This “weaponized” organ allows you to burst forth certain bone structures under your skin out as weapons; usually from the feet or hands to act as claws. The organ also contains a healthy pack of blood coagulants to makes the bursting wounds less dangerous, and the organ also fully pushes out the bone-spikes after a few hours with regular contractions, before slowly healing the space. The tissue damage is still severe and there is always permanent scaring if anything actually uses this last resort natural weapon.

[20] Compression Center. Allows the bones of the user to be compressed, including the chest, skull, arms and legs, making them more slender and able to fit in a smaller space. Some may be used on alien slaves so they can be stored on mass, or they may be used on a scout or spy to squeeze into tight spaces.

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