Thursday, January 17, 2019

20 Teeth Mutations

[1] Your teeth become wavy, with extremely strange formations and hooks. You have a slight lisp and take twice as long to consume any ration; but for one specific fruit, vegetable, or seed you can consume in a split second. Determine randomly- your teeth excel at taking it apart, but nothing else.

[2] Your teeth look pretty normal, but have a strange property when they exit your mouth. Whenever you have a tooth pulled OR take 4+ blunt damage from a mace, club, or punch- your tooth flies out from your mouth. The tooth will begin to swell each second, doubling in size every combat round. It stops after 6 rounds, becoming a huge white boulder with a very hard outer shell. If broken apart, could be used to make material for some kind of armor, or could be flung as a +1 siege weapon.

[3] You have bull teeth. Long incisors on the bottom row, molars in the back, and a rough dental pad on the top. You can chew and digest grass now, but lack the sharp teeth necessary for a bite attack. Also you can moo like a bovine and female cows gather around you for your protection. Bulls prefer to charge you and try to gore you to establish dominance.

[4] Your teeth turn into tiny, chattering undead skulls. They chew food for you, but also try to talk over you whenever you speak, by warping your words into a cacophony of voices. Turn undead being cast on you makes 1d4 of your teeth fall out, who try to run and hide in little cracks in the walls.

[5] Cage Mouth. Your teeth are long and hard, similar to prison bars. It's hard for you to bite down on things or eat, but any small creature you trap in your mouth has disadvantage on all rolls to try and escape as long as you don't talk.

[6] Liquid Teeth. Instead of teeth, you what an opaque white liquid kept in your mouth. It doesn't drip out unless you want it to or you spit, and can be safely stored in your gums or under your tongue when you speak or eat before use. The liquid teeth touches things and acts as though they have been bitten and chewed- sloshing some of your liquid teeth over a piece of bread tears it into little bite sized wet chunks. You can spit out your liquid teeth on others to deal 1 damage to them, or throw a bottle filled with your liquid to deal a 1d4 chew bomb, in which their injuries appeared as though you bit them. You can also chew things on the go by spitting out your liquid teeth into a container and adding your liquid teeth to it, thus chewing food inside a hip-flask while you walk. You don't get new liquid teeth if you lose yours but it's relatively easy for you to drink it back in if you manage to find any of your lost mouth-fluids.

[7] Planet Teeth. Your teeth look like tiny planets, a few with moons. Food you eat are blasted apart by gravatonic forces and meteorite impacts, a primitive civilization is developing on your back molar. Avoid cavities, lest the sinkhole take away their finest city.

[8] Your teeth were swapped with that of a holy man. If you smile while turning undead, add +1 to the roll or if you cannot turn undead you get +2 AC for a single attack made against you by an undead creature per round, as long as you focus your smile on them. If you drink alchol or eat anything too luxurious, you'll get toothaches. Regardless of your actions in life, your teeth will be taken as a holy relic.

[9] Regenerating Teeth. Your teeth constantly rot away, but also regenerate just as fast- they grow back in less then a day. Unfortunately, all your teeth rot and regrow at different rates, meaning at any given time you need to charm someone or smile randomly lose -1d4 Charisma based on your rate of teeth decay. Because of this, your teeth will always grow back if knocked out, and you can also temporarily have all your teeth grow back and be clean for a short time by pulling all your teeth out so they grow back about at the same time- requires hour long tooth pulling session and you take 1 damage from the blood lose and general pain.

[10] Hollow fangs. Not necessarily a vampire, but you can only 'eat' things by sucking liquid out of them with your long hollow fangs- such as sucking juice out of a fruit or draining a gourd of its moisture. You can deal 1d4 damage with these but don't heal from it unless you become partially undead or a vampire.

[11] Special Tooth. All your teeth fall out except for one; it's a large and slightly blue magical tooth. Treat it as a +1 weapon and you can eat ghost food or chew ghostly things with it. You can also use up its magical powers for the rest of the day to cast a spell with +1 damage. The tooth also contains some of your life force and if the tooth is ever removed you take -1d4 Constitution per day damage until you die from wasting away.

[12] Gremlin Teeth-Town. Each one of your teeth has a “door” appear on the back of it. Each tooth is lived in by a gremlin as their little house. They live off picking up bits of stuff from between your teeth, and may occasionally ask you to eat something specific- like eat some more lettuce so we can make new curtains. The richest gremlins live in your molars, little mansions with the best detritus to gather. The gremlins come out and dance on your tongue whenever you sleep, and sometimes you breathe out little bits of white smoke when their chimneys are all lit up. If you make friends with them you may be able to use them for something, like spitting them into a machine to try and figure out how it works from the inside or have them make you a very tiny set of chainmail for your uvula.

[13] Your teeth become fake and capable of being lifted up. There is a small storage space between your fake teeth and gums, but as long as you keep your teeth in they feel and act as totally real. Anything hidden between under your fake teeth is impossible for anyone else to find, as your teeth are so convincing. You have enough space under their to store a small rolled up scroll, a very tiny vial of poison, or some other miniature useful item.

[14] Harmonious teeth. Your teeth change to have many holes, weird groves, carvings, and smooth disc-like surfaces raised on them. They do not look diseased or rotten, instead simply looking like a work of art. While annoying to keep clean, if you fill your mouth with water and let it pour out the water will make a sound similar to a wind chime as it works your way through your strange and mystical teeth. The sound can be used to open certain secret passages that have a common passcode, such as a short musical ditty or if it opens at the phrase “open sesame”.

[15] Big Bucks. You now have only two teeth, two huge front incisors or 'buck' teeth. You can use them to cut and chew through things as a dagger or small hand axe could, and you can often be seen chewing on wood and shaping little sculptures or spears.

[16] Energetic Teeth. Your teeth store energy you consume or put upon them; shaking your head or jumping up and down makes your teeth feel strange, like they're lagging behind the rest of you or more effected by inertia. When you eat food, some of the flavor gets suctioned into your teeth to give them physical energies. At your will, you can speak in a massive booming voice powered by your magical teeth that lets you speak over crowds or make intimidating commands.

[17] Your teeth are replaced with tiny shellfish. They are shaped a bit like teeth with white shells, but can squirt ink as a defense mechanism. You can now spit out a stream of ink, which could be used for drawing and writing, marking walls, or to try and blind someone. If you use it underwater it becomes a murky black cloud that is very hard to shoot through and may help you escape an attacker. If you need a limit; 4 + Con modifier uses per day.

[18] Flail teeth. All your teeth disappear from your mouth, and your tongue instead is replaced with a chain and spiked flail within, with the same texture and whiteness as your teeth. You “chew” food by smashing it with the flail inside your mouth, which somehow works and makes meaty slaps even if you keep your mouth closed. You can also use this as a weapon in combat, swinging your head around and sticking out your new flail to attack foes, dealing 1d6 damage and having -1 to hit. If you roll a 1 on an attack roll with your tongue flail, it comes back and hits you in the face for 1d4 damage and you take the same amount of damage to your Charisma score from the black eye. You can use this flail at the same time you're using other weapons if you're a fighter, but get -2 to all attacks due to the difficulty unless you're really good at using your teeth-tongue-mouth flail thing.

[19] Mirror teeth. Your teeth are very shiny. You can trap a beam, color, or burst of light inside your mouth by 'eating' it and keeping it inside your mouth. As long as you don't open your mouth (like talking or drinking a potion) you can keep the light inside which is released when you open your mouth- bursting out as though you had given off the source of light yourself or the enemy you burp it on was hit by that light-spell.

[20] Molar-Mouth. Your teeth slowly mutate into all being huge, fat molars. You have a massive, creepy smile and can crush things in your mouth at 1d6 blunt damage, including other people's hands, fingers, metal objects, glass, etc. Your mouth also gets really tough to avoid getting hurt by chewing this stuff, but you still cannot swallow it without suffering the normal effects that would have.

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