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The 9 Almighty Astras

The Astra are legendary weapons, created by the Gods. In the ancient past, they were forged to fight off the demons and banish them to the underworld after their cruel reign and enslavement of the mortal races. The Gods created the weapons and imbued them with immaculate powers; the Astras are extremely powerful and are all assumed to have an Ego score of 10, meaning only a 10th level Fighter or similar can control their power fully. The only way to get your hand on an Astra is to either steal it from the Gods domain or be granted it in a moment of greatest need, usually against an otherwise invincible or truly evil threat. Anyone who tries to abuse an Astra's power will find it betraying them, or unless they're totally corrupted and evil, becoming a dark version of the weapon if they can somehow corrupt the powers of highest divinity.

All Astras have unique properties compared to most weapons. Astras do not make to hit rolls; as they bypass all normal defenses. Only a 10th level Fighter or equivalent can get a chance to deflect an Astra- making a very difficult combat save (DC 25) to simply deflect the weapons. Only very powerful spells, a similarly powerful champion, or divine-level armor can block these weapons.

9 Almighty Astras - Roll 1d10
[1] Unmaking Mace – One-Handed Heavenly Mace
Damage- 2d8+2

Created by the god of craftsmen, physical wealth, tools, and destruction. Appears as an ornate Fabergé egg on the end of a black and gold stick, tied with leather of some beast that only exists in the divine realms. The weapon is divinely made and hums with supernatural power when swung. Tapping the weapon against any hard surface lets a vibration of sound tear up all mundane and magical shields below 4th level in power that the caster so chooses. This power can also destroy hard brittle objects, like shattering class or an entire dry brick wall.

Even if this Astra is blocked or deflected, it releases vibrations of force that seek the target like an arrow, traveling through any nearby medium with holy purpose. The wave will reach the target and deal 1d6 damage, penetrating all defenses with internal force. Even if a highly powerful Fighter does manage to deflect or block this weapon as above; the tool used to block it is also destroyed and turned into its more base components; only similarly powerful divine weapons, shields, or +3 magic weapons and items can resist. This weapon can also shatter brittle objects by making an attack against the inanimate object; using up your attack for this round but sending the shards flying at whatever foe or group of foes like a rain of arrows. This power does require a to hit roll, in which the user's Dexterity modifier + 2 for the divine weapon's aim will be used on all targets, dealing 1d6+1 damage per hit as the shrapnel finds its mark.

[2] Serpent's Javelin – One Handed Heavenly Spear
Damage- 2d6+2

Created by the god of murderers, executions, betrayal, thieves, venom, and painful deaths. It is a short javelin, with a fine green painted material along the handle that feels lighter then wood, and with a sharp two-prong speartip that appears silver. This Astra is much less ornamental and flashy as the others, which fits with the theme of its god. It is also said that the weapon is the only Astra that may also be wielded by a very powerful and legendary thief or assassin; 10th level Rogues or equivalent may also use this weapon. Since it is tied with stealth, the weapon can also shrink to the size of a toothpick and be used as a stealth weapon; brought out only when least expected.

Like with all Astras, the Javelin cannot miss. This includes when it is thrown, and has the power to travel as far and as fast as an arrow when it is thrown by a worthy fighter. The Javelin will seek its target automatically, but will require a round to fling itself back to its user to return to their hand. The Javelin is tied to snakes and poisons, and tapping a snake or venemous creature with the javelin is enough to drain them of their venom for one day. This also includes poisonous creatures, like frogs and sea-urchins. The creature will retreat to its burrow as it senses its killing power was taken and as those creatures are tied to the God of this Astra, it is not necessary to use it to slay them for this reason. Intelligent snakes or other poisonous creatures will very well feel honored to 'feed' the Astra and will always offer to give up some or all of their venom on a positive reaction check if they know you carry the Javelin.

Once it has absorbed any poison, the Astra can inject that poison on any hit you choose, causing the target to get a -2 to their save against it and to take the normal damage and effect of the poison. The Astra can also be pointed in such a way to spray out a caustic blast of the venom while in the hand like a surprise ranged attack, dealing 1d4 damage even if it misses the targets mouth, eyes, or open wounds to enter the poison into their blood.

[3] Majesty Greatsword – Two Handed Heavenly Greatsword
Damage- 2d12+2

Created by the god of princes, battle, honor, and warfare. This weapon is huge, and has a large blade heavily decorated with spiraling lines, geometrical and angular, branching from a mighty symmetrical tree down the center of the blade near the hilt. The cross guard of the blade is curved like a ram's horn and is similarly decorated with hundreds of tiny divots embedded with rubies, looking much like it is “sweating” blood. The handle is long to allow a two handed grip, and the pommel is a great polished jewel with golden points shaped as a spear, sword, arrow, and dagger respectively. It is an absolute work of art and there is not doubt of its divine origin from even a cursory inspection.

This sword grants an aura of majesty. While holding it or carrying it, treat your base Charisma modifier as +2 regardless of what it was before. If it was already a +2, consider it a +3 instead. You can apply this modifier both for the morale of your hirelings and retainers in combat, and also to ALL soldiers under your command in an army as long as you personally are there to lead them- the sword is made for glorious generals in warfare.

If the weapon only needed one dice to kill someone (roll 7 and 9 against an enemy with <7 hit points), then the other dice worth of damage can be immediately brought down on an adjacent target. Since all Astras never miss and ignore earthly methods of defense, just roll the damage straight against the target. The +2 bonus damage can be applied to either, not both.

Finally; the weapon is also considered supremely anointed above other fighting styles, and the Majesty Greatsword can freely copy the blade arts of those fighting against it, sending back your foes flashy moves tenfold.

[4] Loyal Axe – One Handed Heavenly Axe
Damage- 2d6+2

Created by the goddess of outdoor living, toughness, and teaching. The weapon is based on a fable; the three times in a daughters life when she has to pick up an axe. Once to chop wood for the fire, once to build a cradle for their child, and once to build their father's coffin. The weapon appears as a beautifully carved piece of wood, the handle bleeding into the face of the axe, the smooth grain flowing like a waterfall all the way to the bottom of the grip. The axe itself is golden, with a shining red edge made of some yet unidentified created metal from the lands of the gods. This weapon is especially good at chopping wood; and fells even large trees in one swing. Using the axe to craft wooden objects results in higher quality goods; count as +1d6 hit points for wooden doors or hulls of ships.

The Loyal Axe always returns when called, flying through the air to its master's hand. You can throw this weapon like a boomerang and it will magically returned, letting you use it like a ranged weapon. It also throws in arcs, meaning you can hit multiple foes past the first that are standing abreast of each other, or those in a circle by following the trajectory. Due to its divine nature, it doesn't miss on these attempts, but every target past the first gets a saving throw to duck down or jump behind a solid object to avoid the axe's return path.

The Axe is also loyal; and allows you to call upon loyal spirits to you. The spirits must be people you knew in life, and who would still answer your call and aid you even after your death, as they remember their dying moments as their awakening in the next realm. These spirits are not undead, but simply 'called' from another realm where they belong. The spirits are non-corporeal and can only interact with the world as poltergeists, but can answer questions or perform some minor ghostly task for you before returning to their realm. Keeping a spirit in this realm longer then intended is possible, but forcing it upon them will bring resentment. Each time you dismiss a spirit, there is a 1 in 4 chance the spirit releases all earthly bonds and goes beyond to a place where you will never reach them.

[5] Supernal Hoop – Two Handed Heavenly Blade-Hoop
Damage- 2d4+2

Created by the goddess of wisdom, magic, plots, secrets, and the cosmic order. Appears as a large metallic hoop made of gold with silver bands, each band curled around with edges equaling one month of the year, and each one with a ridge representing the days of that month, which fall under holy festivals and ways to keep time between the years. It is unknown if the hoop is constantly changed or if the holy days simply don't change since the times of creation; as it is never wrong when inspected. It is said that this weapon could be used by a high level Cleric, along with powerful Fighters.

By squeezing the hoop; the user can shrink it down to the size of a chakram or large enough to cover their whole body standing up vertically. Any spell or magical beam, bolt, blast, or ray that passed through the hoop can be absorbed or reflected like a mirror. This only works on spells of 3rd level or less, so very powerful magics may be not be totally stopped by the hoop, but the hoop can be used to greatly reduce the power of any arcane spellcraft regardless of level. The inside of the hoop can be filled with magical energy to create a portal, in which arcane beasts from other realms can be drawn through; angelic servitors to fix problems within creation. These creatures do not fight on their conjurer's behalf but will defend themselves and attack any demons on site. Mostly these summoned beings go out to fix the mistakes and corruption of the world, using hammers to flatten out folded spatial anomalies or untrapping people “frozen” in time by warming them up with heavenly blankets. Consider these beings as 6 HD outsiders who cannot be turned.

The final and most powerful ability of the hoop is to stop and interfere with the cosmic orreries. By holding the hoop in the air and giving it a very soft spin, it floats on its own power and can be used to stop the clock of cosmic motion; suspend time for up to one hour. This only works on time of the cosmic bodies; extended the daylight for another hour, or stop a volcano mid eruption so you have time to save the people on it. This does not effect living beings of intelligent minds, as that would interfere with the free will, but animals and simple beings may be stunned in place, frozen in time as the natural world is. The hoop cannot move while suspending the cosmic scales of the universe, and cannot be used again until it is over or it is knocked from its place. It could also be used on abstract concepts too, like fate, if the user can identify and specifically suspend that motion. This power can only be used once per generation- the owner will not live to see it used again until it passes back into the hands of the gods for future purposes.

[6] Grand Divider – One Handed Heavenly Sword
Damage- 2d8+2

Created by the god of science, mathematics, logic, debate, banking, and abstract wealth. It is a short blade with a crooked handle, with a fat edge midway up the blade, making it more similar to a kukri. It has spider-web like gold ornamentation along the back of the blade; ending before the stunningly well crafted acid-wash pattern to the tip and along the edge. Beyond being a powerful weapon, this sword is also specially infused with the powers of separation and division. Attack an object to split it into constituent parts; splitting an electrum coin into two halves, one with its silver content and one with the gold. By using the flat of the blade and slapping someone fully armed and armored, you can split them apart from their armor harmlessly making them naked, and flinging their weapon farther away as well.

By swiping this weapon against a limb, the target limb is severed, the wound being cut so cleanly as not bleeding the target to death, but still dealing regular attack damage. The blade is so sharp as this is possible without magical means and with no saving throw. This weapon can also cut things at a distance by swiping the blade at them, the air itself slicing through ropes, curtains, blades of grass in a wide area getting cut invisibly along the angle of attack, etc.

Finally; once per adventure the blade can be used in a special motion to exactly sever a person or monster in two; but this doesn't kill them or deal damage. Instead it divides them into two halves or wholes. Their level or HD is exactly divided in half, with odd numbers being rounded down and each being “close” to leveling up or becoming more powerful in some way. The user may dictate exactly under what line this split is made; separate a person between their good and evil side, split a chimera back into its multiple parts (with three or more part chimeras becoming two separate animals with the third or more types being added to the whole parts again), or divide a person into two halves to lessen their threat. Even do this on a friend to let them be in two places at once; but the process cannot be reversed and the two half-beings will feel either a strange brotherly kinship or a deep, hateful rivalry.

[7] Conductor's Baton – One Handed Heavenly Ball & Rod
Damage- 2d4+2 (Elemental)

Created by the goddess of storms, the elements, the oceans, music, and travels. It is a short, hollow metal rod with a very pleasant chime whenever it hits anything. The rod is mostly silver, with slight golden accents around the ends, and decorated holes along its length. One end has a chrome ball that is strongly attached to the end for all unworthy beings. Anyone who can utilize the Astra's power can remove the ball easily, and roll it along their body to always return without it falling to the ground in an act of divine balance and control. Unlike other Astras; this weapon deals elemental damage when it attacks. The metal ball flings itself towards the enemies, spraying them with water condensed on its surface before a blast of cold from the wand freezes them in place, or the ball spins in a great cyclone to create a powerful blast of wind magic, or the ball gets red hot and the rod channels the heat into a gout of fire that burns your foes. They work in tandem. It is said this weapon could be used by a high level Magic-User, along with the high level Fighters.

By blowing into the rod, it can create the clap of thunder that whips up the weather, or enchanting music that calms it. Either way, the user can summon forth wind, rain, hail, or still the storm. When deep underground or in the underworld, this power can create a weaker and phantasmal version of the weather as it would be on the surface, the false rain only a slight shower from the thin wiry gray clouds coalescing around the roof of this chamber.

The orb attached to the rod seems to have a personality and a “mind” in some abstract sense. It can scout areas; going around corners, or holding a magical spell or elemental blast within itself to roll over a ledge to divert attention and release it when first picked up. It cannot leave the rod, and neither can the rod be separated by even the strongest magic. By spinning the rod over head and making a roll modified by your Dexterity modifier, the magic rod can be used to fly into the air, this power becoming easier the more it is storming and the harder the wind is.

[8] Bow of Parna – Two Handed Heavenly Bow
Damage- 2d10+2

Created by the god of justice, morality, balance, beggars, asceticism, and meditation. The bow itself is beautifully decorated, but does not need arrows to fire, and was this god's only possession. The bow is wrapped in silver linens and is a long gray-gold in color from the cured wood and leathers wrapping itself along the edge. The string of the bow is invisible, and only glimmers with a golden glow when pulled or touched. As with all Astras, this weapon cannot miss, and has advanced range. It can fire many times over what a bow normally could fire, letting it accurately hit moving targets in the sky or across a long valley at a very small target, infused with holy magic.

This bow can fire regular arrows, dealing its damage in their place, but allowing the elemental damage or the secondary effects of any magic arrows fired with it to color its power. For example, if the bow launches a fire arrow that deals 1d6+1 fire damage, instead it deals the bow's normal 2d10+2 damage as fire and can ignite targets as normal; turning even weak projectiles into powerful bolts of destruction. Secondly, the bow does not need arrows to fire and can fire by using the 'breath' of the user; pulling back the string with an exhaling breath creates a magical arrow that travels straight and true. The target will be hit by a gray-gold arrow of clearly supernatural nature; the arrow becoming nothing but mist when the one hit by it dies, turning into their last 'breath'.

Whenever this arrow kills a target; their last “breath” can be harvested by the bow's user and “caught” in their quiver. The breath of each individual is different, and have magical properties of the person who died from it- this is also somewhat determined by the bow's user. For example, if killing a volatile warchief, their final breath may turn into a misty pure red arrow that deals no damage, but makes the victim of it go into a berserk rage for 3 combat rounds. The arrow may also be broken to release their last words, or something they desperately wanted to say before dying. There is no limit to how many of these last breath arrows one can create or carry, but each has a special significance and are not made lightly; the final breath of lesser animals or beings simply dissipate instead of being able to be harvested as the fog needed to create the arrow.

[9] Golden Basket – Heavenly Basket
Damage- None

When the Gods created the 8 Astras; they looked to the final goddess who pledged to craft a weapon capable of destroying the demons forever. She was the goddess of the hearth, childbirth, wisdom, healing, and food. She presented to them a simple wicker basket made with golden twigs and sticks, along with it came a golden cloth bundled within it. While the gods and goddess balked at her creation, she was the wisest of the gods and knew that it was truly the most powerful of all the Astras, and was the most instrumental in defeating the demons.

Unlike the other Astras; this one cannot be used as a weapon directly. It can conjure small objects- like caltrops to fling onto the ground, or simple arrows or throwning knives for use in combat. All created objects are real and last indefinitely- but divine creations are not much for pointless use. Beyond this, it can create other supportive objects, like bandages, flasks of oil and candles, waterskins and food, or sowing needles and thread to repair clothing. It is of great usefulness along a journey, and all these supportive tools and items have slight divinity touched with them. Anyone carrying this Astra and no other weapons is also not targeted as a threat, and will not be attacked by hostile opponents. Offering a gift from the basket or giving an honest and real attempt to befriend a foe will always count as a successful reaction check of a Good result; but you cannot intend to betray the trust anyone gives to you as a result of this powerful Astra.

This Astra can also be used as a shield in a pinch, acting as a +4 AC shield; bladed weapons like spears, swords, and daggers that attack this shield and miss will have their tips stuck in the wicker and shattered when the user rips the basket away. Despite just being a shallow wicker basket, it is of course unbreakable with its divine magic.

Finally; this Astra can be used to harbor a helpless baby or infant when wrapped within its blanket and kept in a safe place. Even if the Astra's user or their allies are slain or driven away, the baby within the blanket is magically kept safe and is whisked away to a good home by a river, a great huge eagle, magic winds, falls off the back of a cart, etc. If it cannot be reunited with its true parents, foster parents are always found by this magical basket who will protect and care for the infant. Even in settings with always evil or chaotic mortal races; an infant sent away by this basket will be raised in a loving and supportive home and will always creates an honorable and good aligned individual who does the right thing- even if it may sometimes be a challenge.

[10] Demonic Mimic-Astra – Varies
Damage- As normal Astra

Roll a d8 on the list again. This demonic Astra appears as that Astra, with the same powers and abilities as the first weapon, but with a slight twist. All decoration and ornaments are slightly skewed; such as showing a god performing a very minor sin, like eating an apple from an orchard without paying for it, or showing an innocent person getting hit by a stray arrow, etc. Anyone besides a 10th level Fighter who uses this Astra even once is mentally corrupted by it and lusts for ultimate power; those who seek power so much that this doesn't upset them and they seek a demonic Astra may actually turn into a demon of one HD less then their character level in a shedding of their mortal form and restrictive morality- becoming one of the evil beings in the process. Those 10th level Fighters who do use this Astra accidentally are cursed to keep it, it whispering to them to use its power for their own game, but the Fighter has a chance to seek the power of the Gods to break the curse, or to find the real Astra which easily destroys the demonic deceiver.

The powers of these demon Astras copy the divine ones; but always with an evil or perverted twist. The shards from the Mace of Unmaking for example seek the eyes of their targets and try to scratch innocents, even if you aim it away from them. The Majesty Greatsword doesn't provide a moral boost to your soldiers, but instead creates an aura of total fear and terror to your enemies instead. Those who accept or succumb to the demon Astra not only turn into demons but the Astra slowly transforms as well; losing its golden and silver colors for demonic black and red steels, and their powers become more corrupt and cruel. The princes of the demons created these false Astras to corrupt heroes and turn them to their side; any Demonic Astra is a worthy weapon to adorn their belt as a demon champion when they ware against the mortal races once more.

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