Saturday, January 5, 2019

6 First Level Illusion Spells

[1] The Chalk Door -1st level
Creates a large chalk drawing of a set of double doors along a flat hallway wall. The drawing attempts to fit in with the rest of the dungeon, and some of the details of the drawing can be determined by the caster; such as falsely drawing the door as slightly ajar or damaged, or with a large fake metal padlock on the side, or working in surrounding elements such a dangling manacle from the wall being worked into the drawing as the large knocked on the door's face. The door can also be any color, and is slightly better drawn by characters who cast this spell with higher Charisma or is slightly more convincing if cast by characters with higher Intelligence to work out the small details.

Due to the nature of the drawing, it is flat against the wall but is supernaturally good at tricking people into thinking its a real door, which will distract them for a maximum of one combat round. Large and dumb creatuers like ogres or trolls who might try to just run through the closed door will take 1d4 damage from ramming into the wall at max speed, and thieves may drop a lockpick on accident by trying to ram it into the keyhole of the fake door. The door drawing is essentially permanent, and several of them put together or to hide a real door could actually be useful. It washes off with water or when scrubbed with a brush.

[2] Upright Creatures - 1st level
This illusion is cast on an individual. This individual will see nearby animals as walking upright, potentially wearing clothing or attempting to speak in grunts and squeals. Needless to say, the first time this spell hits you it is terrifying and causes a moral check to avoid fleeing away from any animal seen. This spell has a secondary obscure effect- by causing animals to appear as upright it allows people to see creatures hiding in tall grass or foliage as though they were standing over it, which accurately shows their locations but not physical bodies. (get -6 to hit rolls with ranged weapons against this illusion, as it greatly misleads about the location of the creature.)

[3] Shifting Sands - 1st level
When cast, this spell creates a false sand dune the size of a small hill over the course of one hour, the sand slowly piling up from beneath. It magically has the structure and support to allow people to reach the apex of the peak; but nothing happens if only one person stands on the top. If another person approaches and gets close, then the dune will shake and rumble, and start to fall inwards, sand flying everywhere as it is shook apart. Anyone standing on the top of the dune must make a save or takes 1d4 damage from the fall unless they have a shield or a spell to glide down the sand dune harmlessly. Even in areas without sand- this spell can be used by someone to get a good lookout from a high place.

[4] Glamour Gala - 1st level
This magical glamour is cast on a location. The location is decorated with fragile gossamer and raindew decorations. Tinsel and streamers are suspended along the railings and ceilings, paper lanterns help illuminate the boring candles you already placed around, confetti rains down occasionally like a soft snowfall. All the decorations are extremely fragile and a touch of a living being will melt them back down into nothing but moisture and refracted light. This spell also requires at least a bucket worth of water or moisture to cast; flicking the droplets of water to created the hardened fake jewels that line the walls. Desert magicians have to use other methods to decorate their parties.

[5] Yellow Missile - 1st level
This spell can only be cast while drawing a bow or on someone about to draw a bow and fire. It creates a large glowing yellow arrow on the drawn bow within the fingers of the holder, ready to be released. It can also be cast on someone who drew an actual arrow, in which case the yellow missile replaces the real arrow, which pops back into the quiver or whoever the arrow came from. The fake arrow glows and hisses as it is fired, and looks like quite a powerful magical projectile, leaving a yellow streak of energy behind it where it fires. However, the arrow deals a maximum of 1 damage to someone who truly believes it will hurt them, and anyone with a doubt to it being a real arrow or having seen this spell before means it will have no effect on them.

While it can be used to threaten others or to act as an emergency last shot for an archer, you could also cast this on an enemy archer as they are firing an arrow at you, and since you know its a fake arrow it will not deal any damage to you.

[6] Wizard's Breath - 1st level
This spell allows the caster to magically change their breath to almost any smell they desire. The smell can either be subtle and last three hours as a lingering odor (18 exploration turns), or it can expelled as a loud and gross burp, releasing a very powerful version of the smell. This spell is mostly used to do things like make the Wizard's breath smell like mint (to mask actual bad breath), make your breath smell like garlic to dissuade vampires from biting you, or to burp out a very toxic and foul smell to scare away animals or other weak minded creatures.

While humans lack the nasal sensitivity to really make full use and be fully effected by this spell, creatures with especially sharp noses like dog people can make a saving throw to realize the smell is clearly an illusion- the subtle differences in the smell between your breath and the true source of the smell is enough to make it clear. Like perfume placed upon yourself, not your actual smell.

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