Thursday, January 24, 2019

d6 Random Cursed Trash Tables

-1d6 Cursed Notes & Papers
[1] Deadly, Shocking Note

When the user reads this note or scrap of paper, they scream, hold their hand to their mouth, and then clutch their heart as they go down like they had a heart attack. After 10 seconds, they get back up. The note just says something dumb like "pretend to have a heart attack when you read this". It's a dumb prank spell, and only works once.

[2] Flutter Spoil
When your character does something bad, like steal an apple from a stand or confess to hating someone behind their back, the crinkled old note will animate and turn into a paper butterfly, and then fly off to go tell someone nearby what they learned. Most of the time it will only cause some minor inconvenience, but could tell the world about a serious crime if it was the first thing it witnessed. If you hit the butterfly with an arrow or spell (AC 19 or +9 to saves), it will prevent the message from getting out.

[3] Under Budget
This notebook contains pointless tables and notes of tax and census information, many decades out of date for a province you've never been to. Every day you hold it, you lose 1d6x10 coins/gold/silver out of nowhere, you just can't seem to find it. Only by carefully going through the budgeting book can you find the missing bits of money, added in to cancel some pointless debt, in which case the coins come tumbling out of the open book when it is next opened. This happens for as long as you hold the book, or finishing balancing all the money within, which could take months of steady work to finish.
[4] Doodle Monster
This book is filled with little pictures of monsters. Goblins with dumb expressions, silly looking dragons breathing dumb wiggly lines for fire, and many other childish doodles. However one monster looks a little different, and is drawn straight on looking at the reader. Once seen, the monster appears at night in 1d6 nights to attack the person who saw it. It is quite weak, just a drawing after all, but has a surprise attack.
Doodle Monster (1 HD, +2 to hit, -2 AC from paper body, doodle weapon at 1d6-1)
Morale- 11
Numbers- One, unless in magic notebook land
The Doodle Monster is a strange creature made of paper and lines of ink or graphite- it is black and white and lacks almost all detail. It's form suggests something biological and monstrous, but is too poorly created to be much threat. However it is so alien and shocking to see a drawing come to life like this that it always gets a free surprise round as it jumps out of nowhere.

[5] Horsewhip Atlas
Strange and crude atlas and travel guards to fictional places. Whenever the character rides on a horse, it seems more agitated and trotting too fast, like it's traveling to go somewhere new out from under the rider's feet. The horse is much more tired after a whole day of riding then it should be, slowing down travel or potentially injuring the horse if forced to continue at this pace.

[6] Discordant Melody
This paper has a half completed bit of sheet music on it; whenever a nearby musician tries to play a song, a few spare notes and badly sung notes will slip out of them, making the performance less skillful. Party members will rightly start being blamed by superstitious performers. If you have a bard in the party then once per combat this curse will make one of their spells or song-actions deal or heal 1 less point, or will make it easier for enemies to resist its effects by +1, etc. This curse can be broken by either having someone finish the music and play it off, or by burning the page, in which case the sound of mournful music plays in the fire's crackling.

-1d6 Spoiling Liquids
[1] Green Envy
Bottle is filled with green envy. Was once a Charisma potion, or similar. Once drunk, the potion makes the person who drank it envious and jealous of everyone, making them have less Charisma for the duration of 1d4 days. If not drunk, the bottle is desired by others for as long as the user carries it, or to see its contents finally drunk.

[2] Negative Mana
This is a potion of magically energy that has reversed its polarity over its duration. Now, if spilled, any magical person will lose some amount of magic points/prepared spells to the draining effect of the liquid if it touches their skin. Even those not affected by the liquid can accidentally drain energy by touching someone with magical powers after they touch the liquid.

[3] Whistling Wine
This liquid is spoiled to the point that it randomly boils. Once per day, there is a 1 in 4 chance the bottle will start whistling. Not only does it make it hot and uncomfortable for the user to carry, but it also makes a loud whistling noise that attracts attention. The bottle will always whistle at the worst time, and can be ended at any time by just smashing it.

[4] Blackberry Bear Berries
This potion attracts bears, and still smells sweet. Anyone who drinks it will be healed 1 hit point and it still tastes good. If confronted by an otherwise neutral bear, just throwing this potion at it is enough to make it run off, carrying it away in their jaws.

[5] Fly Ointment
This magical curative seems great at first; once found out it is known to be an ointment that heals people as per cure wound potion, but a sticky ointment is how it is applied. After being applied though, the sticky ointment attracts buzzing flies to get stuck in it, creating a gross spot on the subject's skin where flies are dying off and making them smell bad. Only wears off after the wounds the ointment healed would have just healed up naturally.

[6] Shattering Glass Potion
When opened to be smelled or drank, the liquid inside vanishes. It was an illusion. The moment it does, the bottle also shatters causing a 1d4 damage as the glass shards get stuck in their hand.

-1d6 Grit & Bits
Grounds of Vinegar
Grimy, oily handfuls of sandy grains. The next time you cook something, these magically sprinkle themselves onto the food, ruining a ration. Dogs won't even eat it.

[2] Crumbs of Peril
Tiny gray bits of stone. When carried they lie dormant, until the user gets nearby a cliff. Shift their weight to try and pull them over, granting a maximum of -1 on a saving throw vs falling down or increasing the damage they take from an unavoidable fall by +1

[3] Shiny Shards
Small metallic shards of metal, picked up as treasure in the trash. They're still trash. These items do not have any value but appear as precious metals to the user, causing them to fawn over them and get -1 Charisma modifier to any metalsmiths or bankers they interact with, who can practically feel your love of fool's gold.

[4] Antimagical Grit
These grits appear as mildly glowing small grains or spent seed shellings. Upon first inspection, they seem fit to serve in a magical potion of a few different uses. If actually used in a potion however, they spoil the broth and make the potion nothing more then a watered down glowy water with the minimum possible effectiveness. (Healing potions thus spoiled heal a max of 1 hp per hit dice they normally heal, protection from an elements only lasts for 1 turn, etc.)

[5] Burglar Bits & Bobs
Handful of trash that animate at night. Little gray men come folding out of this refuse as though they were hiding within, grabbing nearby coins or other small valuable objects to steal them away. The worst things they may steal might be gems or even holy symbols if made of precious metals, but they don't have the strength or numbers to grab things as big and heavy as potion bottles or daggers. The tiny burglars steal the stuff and stash it away for nearby, hoping to be able to pick it up later when they get the chance and get some money so they can grow larger. The more they steal, the more likely they will be able to reach human size before they get disemboweled by some bored farm cat.

[6] Slush Pile
Your handful of vague material is cool to the touch. When you place it in your bag or pack, or carry it along with you in some way, there is a 1 in 6 chance each day you will wake up and it will be replaced with snow. The large pile of snow will get things wet, put out sources of fire, and generally be a nuisance. Anything wet from the snow may have may grits pre-expanded stuck to them, resulting in a few days or getting accidentally snowed in or seeing your pack stuffed with snow and ruining your spellback as you dumb it out onto the floor.

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  1. Luverly. The Burglar Bits & Bobs would be recruited and repurposed by my players in an instant!