Friday, January 11, 2019

20 Blood Mutations

[1] Blood is replaced with highly pressured gas. Your wounds whistle and squeal. You bleed from any weapon that deals slashing or piercing damage, which means you take 1d6 damage per round unless healed or quickly wrapped in bandages. However, you take -1 damage from all blunt attacks and treat falls like they were 10 ft shorter then they are.

[2] Bloody Bomb. Whenever you take damage from physical attacks, don't take it right away. Instead, write it down on your character sheet. At some point you will need to take the damage, but can choose when to do so at will. When you do take the damage, your character's body fires out blood and gore everywhere, but they don't die unless their stored damage would put them at 0 HP or less. The explosion deals damage equal to the stored damage you had, targets get a save for half damage. If you are currently storing damage that puts you under 0 HP you cannot heal and instead must make a save each combat round to not prematurely explode yourself. When you're ready you can fully explode, in which case your body is utterly destroyed in the bloodiest bomb.

[3] Levitating blood. When you bleed, your blood drips upwards- falling off you towards the sky or ceiling instead of on the floor. If you smear your blood onto an object, you can give it levitation of 1 pound per 1 point of damage you take from the blood loss. After your blood dries, it loses most but not all of its levitating powers. Your blood could be used as ingredients in potions of flight or as part of the paint of a flying carpet, or soak the wood for a magic witch's broom; you may be hunted for your blood from amoral magic users.

[4] Your blood is delicious in a tangy, sort of savory way. Intelligent monsters want to use your blood as sauce to make their human-skin noodle dinner, and vampires find you an exotic but not all together bad treat. These monsters are more likely to take you captive for careful killing later, rather then killing you right now.

[5] Your blood can be used as a substitute for magical ink or to draw a Wizard's glyph or sigil. Whenever you bleed, your blood flows as beautiful calligraphy if you have at least 17 Charisma.

[6] After you die, your blood becomes a blood hydra. It's a strange creature, made of blood, that follows its original host's goals and aspirations. You get to keep playing your character as a homunculus of their blood. You have HD equal to ½ of the original character's level and have a AC and to-hit bonus equal to that character's Constitution modifier. The blood creature can use any weapon(s) its user could but cannot wear armor or cast spells. Since it's only partially solid it can also squeeze through iron grates and under doors, out of chains and binding spells, etc. By making a save, the blood hydra can also half any physical damage it takes by flowing freely with the weapon's strike.

The blood hydra only lives for 2 weeks before its blood dies off, or essentially long enough to finish your current adventure. This essentially lets you continue playing a strange monsterous version of your character until you complete a major objective or run out of time. Upon running out of time or death by damage the blood hydra congeals where it stands as a fragile red statue. Especially powerful or magical blood hydras may turn into red crystals after they die; useful to sell or perform some magic with.

[7] Your blood is replaced with little red mice. When you are cut, they scamper and scurry away from you, and if you swallow them whole you have a 50% chance to recover 1 hit point per mouse swallowed back in. The mice like to hid from you in different places, and if the mice are stomped on or eaten you lose -1 maximum HP per mouse. If the mice are lost in good locations it is possible for them to survive until old age and you don't lose any permanent hit points from leaving them loose. These mice are also true breeding magical creatures, so they will make babies with normal mice and you will see little orange and copper mice running around where you lost blood before. They have a strange kinship with you.

[8] You have virgin blood. For all magical spells and creatures, your blood is virginal regardless of your own sins. Every time you have sex your blood loses this virginal quality for 2 weeks until it regenerates, in which case you are magically considered a virgin again. This makes you a target for demon cultists to sacrifice you, lets you ride on unicorns, your pure blood makes you immune to some diseases and miasma that only affect sinners (STDs), and so on. This power does not work on the Gods and your final judgment will not be changed by it; the Gods are much too smart and aware of your life as a whole to be tricked by a little magic blood.

[9] Entrapment blood. If your blood totally covers a small creature of 1 HD or less, it gets sucked into your body's veins in a semi-liquid and semi-living form. It can cause you some small stress or make your wounds worse, requiring a saving throw or increasing the damage you take from a physical attack by 1 whenever you're hit. However the creature is also trapped and can only be released by the blood-mutant with a ritual slicing of wounds and verbally allowed to leave, or when you are killed.

[10] Your blood is pinkish water. Lose -1d6 Con permanently. The spell that turns your blood to water doesn't kill you, instead just dealing 1 damage per caster level or spell level of the offending spell, as you are adapted to watered-down blood.

[11] You have negative space blood. Your blood doesn't exist, and instead you must have empty space to pump through your veins. If killed or wounded, your body is bloodless. If anyone injects anything into you, like medicine or poison, you take 1d4 damage per exploration turn plus the original contents effects until you slit your wrists to let it back out.

[12] Your blood is infused with the magic of cymbals. When a drop of it falls to a hard surface, like a stone floor of a dungeon, it creates a loud crash of sound and you must roll for wandering monsters. However you are immune to sound based damage and get +2 to saves vs other sound-based or music based spells, as your body just interprets them a gentle ringing in your veins.

[13] Your blood clots into jewelry. When outside your body, your blood forms into hard droplets of precious stones and flowing lines of blood become strings and silver chains. The jewelry made by your blood isn't real and can be detected as a fake by any skilled merchant, but appears like real jewelry. They last for about a weak before they rapidly tarnish, rust, and fall apart into dust.

[14] Your blood has an extremely high concentration of iron, and has a darker red color and sheen. You save at -2 to electrical attacks and spells, and your body is weak against magnetism and you could be pulled by a magnet as though you were made of metal. On the plus side, you get +1 AC due to how tough your blood vessels are.

[15] Your heart is gone. Your blood is self pumping, or rather has pneumatic force that pushes it through your veins. By concentrating, you can give yourself +1 to either your Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution once per day for a single roll as you focus your blood on important organs or body parts. Since you no longer have a heart, you are also immune to spells or special weapons that target it, dealing only regular damage as that spot is just a clump of crisscrossing veins and arteries.

[16] Whenever your blood leaves your veins, it spurts off in a dazzling display like a fountain or glorious waterfall. It looks like you bleed massive amounts even from a finger prick, as your blood seems to multiply its volume outside of your body. You still lose the same amount of blood from the same injury as anyone else, yours just flows like crazy. If you are ever killed by a slit throat; your blood will flow like a river and people will have to run to avoid getting drowned.

[17] Your blood turns orange with blue spots suspended within, and has several unusual properties. The first time you are killed by a magic spell, instead you fall to the ground totally unaffected. However you have a new shiny blue blood clot that shoots its way into your brain, causing you to have a serious stroke. You will require immediate medical attention and several months of bed rest. You lose -1d6 points in all mental stats (Int, Wis, Cha) permanently and talk with a stutter, unable to speak complete sentences without aid. If you could cast spells, the part of your brain responsible for casting spells isn't effected- but if you couldn't cast spells you can't possibly learn it anymore.

Secondly, if your blood spills out on a cold surface (stone floor, snow, etc.) the little blue spots change shape into larger blue stars as your blood cools and solidifies.

[18] Your blood turns pale magenta and has several unusual properties. When leaving your body, your blood becomes a thick wispy smoke, heavier then air and falls to the ground. Any very small creatures such as rodents or swarms of bugs must save or breathe your blood as smoke. If they fail the save (or have less then 1 hit point) they are killed by it, and their body turns a bright shade of magenta as they curl up and die.

Secondly, your blood becomes very adapt at blistering. Disgusting big purple boils appear on your skin when your skin is injured, and while unsightly and conferring a -1 to Charisma while there, but they are good at dealing with damage caused by burns. You take -1 damage from all fire attacks and spells that hit your skin, your blood quickly quenching the burn.

[19] Your blood turns bright green and has several unusual properties. First, whenever your blood touches the water, it swells up and becomes a huge cloud of green sludge that is very sticky, and is very likely to trap fish and small sharks that try to swim through it, or stick to anything trying to move the same pool as you are. Since this happens whenever you get injured it's highly likely for you to get stuck in your own glue and drown, you have to make a saving throw modified by strength to swim free from the trail of slime bleeding out of your wounds.

Secondly, when mixed with sawdust, bone dust, flour, or other sandy material, your blood acts as a weak glue that holds these together and conducts energy. When lit on fire, this small bundle will hold together until enough heat is absorbed that it explodes, dealing 1d2 damage or dealing up to 1d4 if metal or glass shards are added to the mixture. It costs 1d4+1 points of damage worth of blood to make a usable clump bomb with your mutant blood. This only works on materials with some amount of 'energy' within it, so sand or gravel won't work.

[20] Your blood turns white with very thin lines of sky blue that always flow in the direction of the trickle, and has several unique properties. The undead nearby you have their own skin start to turn white with long, thin blue lines and seem to shudder. You have +1 AC versus the undead, and +1 to saves vs level drain or diseases brought on by the undead.

Secondly, when you intentionally spill your own blood it pools in unusual patterns. The light blue lines converge, twist, and bend to create an accurate map of the enclosed area you are within. For every 1d4 damage you inflict on yourself, your blood creates a map of up to 3 nearby rooms and hallways, and even secret passages at a 1 in 4 chance to appear in your blood. These wounds can only be self inflicted, and bleeding caused by other creatures or wounds doesn't count.

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