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10 Blue Spells

[1] Azure Walkways - 2nd Level
This spell creates up to 4 pathways of a maximum of 30 ft in length each. The pathways are cast to connect several floating or suspended platforms and landings and ledges over a cliff or pits in the floor. The spell lasts for 2d6+6 exploration turns. All of the platforms are made of a semi-solid blue magical energy that have a buoyant upwards force. Anything with at least 1 point of magical resistance, or anything that is immune to spells, must make a saving throw and if failed they fall through the magical floor, as it can only support things that are affected by its enchantment. Even the magic user cannot stop this from happening, a willing or friendly target is just as unable to cross as any other if they are immune to magical spells.

[2] Dewdrop Orb - 3rd level
This spell requires casting on a body of water at least as large as a barrel. The water must also be pure, not salt or swamp water. This spell collects and combines the water into a hard crystal-like orb of clear blue glass, called a Dewdrop orb. If this orb is placed at the end of a staff or rod, it can be used to create blasts of water magic that deal 1d4 damage to a target, or 1d6 damage while underwater. Water magic isn't especially dangerous to most living things, but certain creatures like dry mummies, lotion zombies, or creatures made of fire may be weak to it causing these blasts to do far more damage.

The Dewdrop orb can also be expended to double the duration of another spell involving water; usually spells that control the tide, let the caster breathe underwater, or create/control water elementals. When used up, the dewdrop orb evaporates fully, the water within lost. The orb doesn't ever really go away if used for magical blasts or for other purposes, but will slowly lose size via evaporation and become less effective over the centuries, and as such Wizards tend not to stockpile more then a few of them at a time.

[3] Lapisaur - 4th level
Momentarily, the caster will transform into a dinosaur. The creature stands 7 ft tall, has two claw attacks at 1d6+1 and a bite attack at 1d12+2, and has magical bright blue skin. All of the casters clothes fall off during the transformation, and they cannot act with more then an animal intelligence during this spell, though their newly found hormones make them violent and aggressive, they will still avoid harming their allies in this new form. This creature has the same hit dice as the caster did, but has 17 AC and is immune to acid.

This spell lasts for 1d4+4 combat rounds, and the transformation is so terrifying that any intelligent enemies will need to make a morale check to avoid running in fear from the horrible ancient creature. Also, while pursuing fleeing enemies, the Lapisaur can reroll failed attacks once each, their vicious little claws and teeth looking to find a mark.

[4] Guardian Tattoo - 2nd level
To cast this spell, the magician must inscribe a magical symbol of protection on the body of the target in magical blue ink. This takes a minimum of 4 exploration turns. When the spell is invoked by the wearer of the tattoo, which they can do at will, it creates a magical blue guardian spirit above them, which matches the pattern on the tattoo. Most tattoos are drawn as spirit animals like bears or tigers, or sometimes as mythical beasts like dragons or unicorns, or even as familiar guardians. This tattoo appears above and around the person as a glowing light in the shape of the tattoo, granting them +2 AC versus all incoming attacks and having the ability to knock a maximum of one 1st level spell out of the air aimed at the tattoo-barer each round. They can also do this to elemental blasts from rods or from monster powers in the same vein, still limited to one per round and limited to blasts that deal 1d6 or less damage; equivalent to a first level spell.

The spell lasts for 1d4+4 combat rounds and once it is done, the tattoo's ink fades to a dark blue and is still permanently marked on the targets skin. The recipient of this spell could have multiple tattoos prepared at once for use but they are permanent marks on their skin; only able to be removed by other magical spells or alchemical salves that can remove tattoo ink.

[5] Sword of Throguus - 3rd level
This spell conjures a sword made of solid blue energy. The handle is embedded with three hexagonal cut yellow topaz gemstones. Each time the sword hits its mark, the user of the sword can mentally command the sword to inject blue fire into the wounds, causing a burning feeling that travels through the targets veins and deals +1d6 additional fire damage internally. Targets without blood are immune to this effect, but the sword is still a powerful magical sword that deals 1d8+1 damage on a hit. The wielder of the Sword may also willingly smash it against a hard surface (if they have at least +1 strength modifier). The moment it is smashed, everyone who had the fire of the sword blown through their veins is healed for that damage, but falls asleep for 1 day per point of damage they just healed. Dead targets are not revived, instead their bodies do burn into bright blue ash.

The sword lasts for 4 exploration turns. If it is not broken when the time is up, the secondary effect of the sword doesn't happen and the damage the sword caused is permanent, without the sleep effect.

[6] Great Parade - 1st level
Can be cast on up to a dozen horses or twice that number of men. Creates brilliant fake tabards of a bright blue color, blue flower petals as confetti, blue banners, and other such parade wear. By walking this attractive assortment through a town or city, it is sure to attract attention and is a good way to fake or make a parade. All of the clothes and items conjured by this spell are very weak, and will fall apart the moment they are caught on something or an offensive spell or attack lands on any participant.

This spell can be cast multiple times as well to branch out the effect. If cast while in the parade that has already been hit by the spell, then nearby town homes will fly blue flags and carpets from the windows, with blue flowers lining the roads. If cast again, then those watching the spell may have blue garments as well; turning everything more and more blue.

[7] Cerulean Magnetism - 4th level
The caster must target an object or a person with this spell. They must also decide the polarity; either attractive or repulsive- the color of the person or object changes based on their polarity. Repulsive targets turn darker blue on the outside, with a lighter color nearer to their center, and attractive is lighter outside and darker internally.

Once the target is determined along with polarity; they become magnetized- but this is no mere magnetism of a lodestone. This spell is special as the next metal the caster speaks aloud is picked as the subject of the magnetic spell effect, relative to the target. Any metal can be used with this spell- bronze, gold & silver, steel and iron alloys, magical metals like adamantine and mythril, etc. If the target was made repulsive, then the metals fly away from them as though they were a powerful magnet, and if made attractive the metals fly towards them. As this spell offers no inherent defenses against the metals, this spell can be used to make all nearby weapons fly towards the target in an attempt to wound them. If used with a metal floor, could be made as a levitation spell, or could stick the target against a surface from where they couldn't pull themselves off.

[8] True Fractioning-Flask - 4th level
When cast, this spell conjures a bright blue but clear flask of a glass-like material. It's slightly heavier then glass and much harder to break, having an AC of 18 and requiring a strong hit with a blunt object made of stone or lead, or any magic club or mace of at least +1 damage bonus. The flask also isn't shattered by long drops. Anything shoved into this flask is forced to become it's true self within and it blocks disappearing magic out of the flask, so tiny gnomes or pixies shoved into this flask cannot teleport out, and an imp shoved into the flask could not keep up a disguise. People that are changed into animals that can fit in the flask (like a mouse or insect), will be forced to polymorph back into human form within the flask, cramped into an uncomfortable but thankfully not fatal state. The flask can also be filled with nonliving things too, as per a normal flask.

The power of this flask is through sweating. When the flask it brought before a hot flame, the flask 'sweats' or 'bleeds' the essence of whatever is trapped within. This condensation has both a color and magical properties of whatever is inside the flask; if you sweat a demon within the flask, then the dew on the outside of the flask will be dark black and contain pure evil. This makes the inside of the flask hot, but not immediately fatal for whatever is inside. For each unit of condensed essence, any living things inside the flask lose -1 HD and any magical material or unit of another object loses at least -20% of itself, whatever it may be. This flask is a powerful magical tool for alchemists and for magical experimentation, and can be used as a semi-permanent prison for beings trapped within.

[9] Aura Bomb - 1st level
The caster creates a hidden blue aura within their own invisible aura; this aura can also be placed on a willing target. The energy of this aura is flaming and frozen in place- it's still easy to miss due to this being a useful trap. When an astral parasite, magical spell, or hand of a rival magic user attempts to grab or attack the caster's aura; the blue energy explodes outward on the astral plane. While powerful there, in the real world the bombs effects are barely felt. The energy generated is similar to a gust of wind or suck of a vacuum orb, putting out candles or flipping papers off tables.

In the astral plane though; the explosion is quite powerful and deals 2d6 + shield barer's Cha modifier. Wizards will sometimes have this spell go off while in their study or at a polite dinner, realizing only then that they're being attacked in the unseen realm.

[10] Blue Banners - 2nd level
When cast, this spell creates a blue banner and a few smaller ones (such as attached to the ends of spears or on horses' flanks) as a military standard. While fighting under this standard, soliders have +1 morale as long as they find they find the color blue pleasing or something respectable. Most beings do, but monsters might find it a weak or passive color and not follow under it.

These banners last for 2d2 hours and cannot exceed the leadership powers of high level fighting men, but they are better then nothing and are a way for a fighting force to get a supernatural edge when they don't have an actual magical standard to call their own.

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