Monday, March 25, 2019

10 Dwarf Curses

You roll a Dwarf Curse when your character disturbs a dwarf tomb, or starts as a dwarf with a familial curse for some offense a great ancestor performed that has not been repaid in kind.

Dwarf Curses - Roll 1d10
[1] Gemstones turn to pebbles in your hands.

[2] You cannot deal physical damage to inanimate objects. That means no mining, no smithing, no engraving, no breaking barricades or even a piggybank. This doens't apply to weapons or armor being used in combat against you; this curse protects innocent nonliving things just laying around and minding their own business.

[3] You cannot get drunk. On the plus side, +2 to poison saves.

[4] Your facial hair burns off and shaves itself off every day. Your face stays as smooth as a baby's buttcheek.

[5] Get -2 to hit with melee weapons, especially axes which get -3 instead.

[6] You become claustrophobic.

[7] Your diet must include fresh fruit and vegetables; every day that you just survive on tack and rations you get -1 to all saves and lose 1 hit point. You suddenly find elf cooking delicious.

[8] Your armor is easily broken and rusted; you get disadvantage to all saving throws of armor you are wearing, as they are much more easily destroyed by spells or rust monsters. Additionally, your weapons break on any attack roll of 1.

[9] You can only read from and use scrolls that are made of stone/written on stone tablets. Most dwarves don't mind this one that much.

[10] For you, light seems twice as dim or dark twice as deep. You need twice the light sources to see as well as anyone else can with one. Additionally, if you had infravision or darkvision, you lose it, and are reliant on other forms of life like a feeble surface-dwelling human.

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