Wednesday, March 6, 2019

3 Orc Captains

[1] Gristlehide (3 HD, +2 to hit, +5 AC from armor and shield, 1d6+1 shortsword, Ice Rod at 1d6 Frost Damage, Freezing Blood spell, Leadership +1)
Morale- 14

Gristlehide is a tough bastard of an orc. Beyond being tall, strong, and overweight as most orcs are, he is also a bit clever and knows how to use some magic unlike most male orc warriors. He holds his Ice Rod, which is forged in a lump spindly shape from underground metals, as a symbol of pride. He isn't the largest orc, but is still a powerful warrior.

Gristlehide uses his ice rod to intimidate his foes or rally his troops, and loses his leadership bonus (+1 to morale to orcs and squealers fighting under him) if the rod loses all charges or is lost. At range he will use it to fire standard ice bolts, but has also created a trick to finish off fallen or near-death foes. The Freezing Blood spell uses up 2 charges and requires an Ice Rod to cast, but creates an icy sheen by freezing the blood around a fallen combatant, which deals 1 cold damage to them per exploration turn until it is melted off at a warm fire. If a characters blood is frozen by this spell they also heal -2 less health whenever they are healed or a revive attempt is made.

[2] Tusklip (2 HD, +3 to hit with ranged, +3 AC from armor, 1d8 crossbow, 50% chance to see invisible, backup dagger at 1d4-1, tracker, automatically succeeds first save against the first spell)
Morale- 15

Tusklip is an old boar. Too old to command his own squad; as such he is acting as a secondary lieutenant for another, younger orc warrior. He is very old and wizened, so much so that he has two small tusks poking out from his bottom lips; this is a trait seen with a bit of mysticism but also disgust by other orcs, as it evokes a sort of wild outdoors that goes against their nature. Tusklip is a good shot and tracker, letting him track people through underbrush and areas where traces can be left, but due to his physical weakness and frailty he doesn't speak up around other orcs and avoids conflict with them. He would much prefer to die on the battlefield and is slowly losing his will to live.

Tusklip's primary means of attack is using his crossbow. In his advanced age and due to old war injuries, especially on his shoulders, he is physically feeble compared to most orcs and his melee abilities suffer. He only uses his dagger as an absolute last resort. However his experience in combat and general wiliness gives him a chance to detect invisible or transparent individuals or beings by using his surroundings. Secondly, the first spell cast against him he will automatically succeed his save as its one that he's seen before. This ability is nullified if the first spell cast against him is a newly invented spell or rare magic that is uncommon in the setting.

[3] Irontrotter (5 HD, +4 to hit, +7 AC from armor, 1d6+1 lance, unwavering stance, drinker, -2 to combat saves, slow)
Morale- 12

Irontrotter looks like a walking pile of armor- packing heavy plates of metal, his wobbly legs barely able to hold it all up. Irontrotter cannot be shoved back, his stance is too heavy to move, but he is easily tripped, blinded, disarmed, or otherwise disadvantaged in combat. He is quite a powerful and strong combatant, but his insistence on wearing the heaviest armor makes him slower and always losing ties on initiative.

This orc uses a powerful and heavy lance, dealing bonus damage against very large creatures like horses. Irontrotter cares more about his personal honor then his battle brothers, gaining no benefit to leadership, just telling his warband to attack and jumping into the fray himself. He is also addicted to most forms of drink, and if not attacked in melee he has a 50% chance to waste his turn pulling out a wineskin and drinking greedily from it- he'll even ignore arrows and minor spells coming his way.

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