Monday, March 4, 2019

Helm of Two Waters

Helm of Two Waters
Ego- 5
Stats- Magical Metal Helmet, +3 AC when worn

The Helm of Two Waters is a magical helmet. It's made of a smooth, cool unknown metal with a blueish tint, and is imbued with the magic of water. It has a moderate Ego score. Those who attempt to use the helmet's powers without enough fighting spirit (at least a 5th level fighter, or twice that level as a semi-fighting class) will find the rest of their equipment melting away and turning into fresh spring water or sickly foamy salt water, 50% chance of each. Also, each day it is worn by an unworthy person they must make a save or they will attempt to throw the helmet against their will into the largest body of water nearby.

The helmet is protective and adorned with seven mystic pearls. The central pearl is larger and more portent then the others. The metal of the helmet is quite strong, granting +3 AC, and is made of metals found only deep within the darkest ocean and forged by the mightiest river. The helmet is magically powerful and tied to both types of water; the fresh water of the spring, river, and lake as well as the salt water of the ocean. Brackish water from swamps and river deltas is considered half effective for the purposes of the helmets powers, where as unnatural water such as lakes and oceans in the skies or within other realms is simply not applicable with the helmet's powers.

When used near a source of fresh water, the Helmet can be used to commune with the creatures native to the biome. All creatures that spend most of their time near or in fresh water, like otters, river fish, crocodiles and so on have a +1 to reaction checks while you wear the helmet. Also by using the magic of the helmet, you can automatically succeed on checks regarding to keeping your footing and avoiding being swept away by a river or strong current. By focusing the helmet's power, you can also use the river or lake's force to propel yourself along, the sucking current taking other objects along with you. This power can be used once per day per pearl remaining inside the helmet. You can hold your breath underwater for up to 8 turns in a body of fresh water.

When used near a source of salt water, the Helmet can be used to commune with the creatures native to the biome. All ocean fish, whales, dolphins, and other sea-based life have a +1 to reaction checks while you wear the helmet. Additionally, you may summon a creature of the ocean with a maximum HD equal to or less then the number of pearls remaining in the helmet; summoned creatures can be only be called with an offering and are not bound to the wearer's will in any way, they must be appeased and bribed as any other creature. This power can only be used once per adventure. Also while wearing the helmet in ocean water, you swim as fast as a dolphin while in a body of salt water.

The pearls in the helmet are also magical. By extracting them with the proper tools and knowledge, which might require the hands of a Sage of level equal to this item's Ego (5) to extract. The pearls can be magically induced to turn into a cart-full of fresh drinking water, or pollute a body of water the size of a pond into salt water. The pearls can also be inserted into other items; using the pearl in a piece of jewelry grants +1 to saving throws related to swimming or drowning in the appropriate body of water, which is determined when the item is crafted. If put into a weapon, they can be used underwater without penalty, such as a sword which swings as well underwater as above it. Pearls used this way do not return, but over the item's long history new magical pearls found in lakes and the ocean have been a perfect match to replace the ones that are used by the Helmet's owners.

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