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6 Super Power Origins & Enhancments

Super Power Origins – d6
[1] Science – Your power comes from super science. Usually an accident, or perhaps some sort of personal enhancement. Being exposed to radiation and developing a new super ability is a common source of a super hero's incredible powers.

[2] Technology – Your super power comes from technology. You may not have any super powers on your own, except for perhaps a skill and talent for invention. Your own power suite or special tools you use are what grant you your powers.

[3] Mutation – Your powers are genetic. If they come out in puberty, be part of a recessive gene bloodline, or be a once in a million fluke, you have some sort of innate super ability. Your powers may not necessarily be hereditary, but they are quite special.

[4] Magic – Your powers come from magic. Either magical items, magical knowledge, or magical boons granted by a God or spirit of great power. Your super abilities are more rooted in folklore and the supernatural then the tenuous connection to science.

[5] Natural – Your powers aren't special at all. Beyond perhaps a biological innate skill in this discipline, you don't have any powers. You've trained to become a master in your field, or in the case of some abilities it may just be the natural powers of one of your race.

[6] Inexplicable – Your powers are inexplicable. You have no idea how you got your abilities, and they may well be not tied to any sort of supernatural, magical, or known force in the universe. Your abilities seem to bend the rules of reality, or may well be a glimpse into other dimensions.

Super Power Enhancements Table – 1d4

[1] Unknown Element. Extremely radioactive element, glows green. Can be used in a machine experiment or combined with a person's super powers to make them more powerful.

[2] Chemical Y-23. It's a super powered acid that dissolves anything, but can be applied in a special way to accelerate super powers.

[3] Contained Wormhole. By using its power, you could strengthen your own super abilities or use it to gather rare and special materials, perhaps from other dimensions.

[4] Alien Reactor Waste. Special waste product created by alien engines and reactor cores. The waste product gives off energy similar to radiation, and could be used to empower your abilities in the same way regular radiation already has.

[1] Cold War A.I. Artifical conciseness that has been reprogramming itself nonstop in a locked room constantly for the past few decades. If implanted into a machine will be so advanced and intelligent will greatly improve efficacy and super powered technological science.

[2] Energy Core. Alien battery, has massive amounts of energy equivalent to a star going supernova contained within a small, safe package. Requires a lot of research to unlock, but once you figure out how to tap into the power source you'll have essentially limitless power for your machines.

[3] Universal Armor. Danger comes in many forms; physical trauma, energetic blasts, psionic ablative process or direct mental attacks, radiation, dimensional shifting, and many more. Through many advances you've found a way to augment your technological protective gear to give you some protection against any kind of threat you can think of! Using this, you can improve your defensive capabilities or create better containment units for your own tools and many other practical applications.

[4] Plasmatic Interfacing. Using specially designed coils, you can contain and create closed loops of energy that act when turned on or off, “programming” free electrons in the air. While abstract, this could allow for technologies that greatly enhance your personal arsenal of gadgets.

[1] Gene Sculpting. This machine would let you specialize your own body's cells further; enhancing your natural mutant abilities and removing junk DNA to make room for the improvements.

[2] Nanobot Cancer-Killer. This experimental cure for cancer can be used by you instead; going through your body to detect and destroy cells without a strong mutation gene presence, or even improving the growth or cultivation of those cells and tissues.

[3] Hero X Blood Sample. Small vial of blood from the first or most mysterious and powerful super hero. Injecting their blood into your veins will strengthen your abilities.

[4] Heritage. You learn about your mutant ancestors- some of them were great heroes or villains in the past. In your research into old faded photographs and dusty tomes, you learn about their deeds and in the purpose unlock new ways to use or strengthen your powers.

[1] Prismatic Crystal. Splits actual light as a prism, but also splits magical and elemental energies into constitute parts. Using this could allow you to gather and create new powerful spells and magical abilities from a deeper understanding of light.

[2] Arcane Amplifier. Disturbing piece of technology with a human heart beating at its center. It can however boost the powers of magical spells in its area, and can be calibrated to only boost your own powers, helping to make your spellcraft reign supreme.

[3] Staff of the Five Elements. This powerful magical artifact will only its power to be used by one who has completed its five trials; each taking place in another dimension it creates specifically to test you. Only a master sorcerer can accomplish this feat, but will be rewarded with the most powerful magic staff; the elements will be at your whims and can be easily added into whatever magic you already know and have mastered.

[4] Spiraling Sigil. This complex magical glyph must be memorized and drawn with chalk or engraved in your arcane tools to be used, but its power is to “strengthen” your magic by elevating it to a new, higher level of authority that makes counter charms almost totally ineffective against it.

[1] Blueprints. You've found new blueprints for a state of the art training room. It's a martial arts dojo or a breach-and-clear exercise or an olympic level athletic course. As long as you can get enough money, you can use this to train yourself to even higher levels of skill.

[2] Film Reels. Black and white recordings of ancient super beings and old fighting techniques; learning them could help you get the edge you need against them in today. These new kids just don't have the same dedication the old heroes had. The film is very faded and decaying, you'll need to find a way to preserve and restore it to usable quality.

[3] Super Foods. You have learned of a rare foreign fruit, like some sort of berry found only in high mountain villages in far off places or an expensive and one of a kind breed of kale grown in one small English village. Regardless of what they are, changing your diet and supplementing it with these foods will supercharge your natural talents and abilities; you will become healthier then a normal person and it will positively impact all of your powers.

[4] Unlocking the quirk. Your body has a minor quirk or highly specialized tissue group that, genetically, gives you an advantage in physical or mental contests. This isn't the same as being a mutant, as this ability is minor and natural among your species, but by learning of and practicing with it you can augment your talent with your innate advantage.

[1] Lucky Coin. All 708 recorded times this coin has been flipped, it has always landed up on heads. No matter how many times you flip it, it lands up on heads again. There is nothing magical or physically special about the coin; statistically it just keeps defying the odds. Holding onto this will boost your own powers of improbability.

[2] Squared Circle. It's drawn on an old piece of parchment and dates back hundreds of years; a mathematical impossibility drawn and figured on paper. If you try to upload this onto a computer it just crashes. The math is very abnormal but it all checks out. This opens your mind to new ways of thinking, and lets you see past the paradigm of normal belief in physical reality, increasing your own powers of an otherwise impossible nature.

[3] Cursed Ring. This silver band was passed down through several noble families who all died of mysterious circumstances. It was later passed on to senators, wealthy businessmen, minor celebrities, all of whom died or suffered greatly. There is no such thing as curses, and yet the ring is so. The ring has a reputation, and as long as you don't wear it hopefully the effects of its curse won't manifest for you- keep it close to tap into its power.

[4] First Edition. You have in your possession a first edition comic for a famous superhero's autobiographical comic book from your world. The only problem is that the hero doesn't exist, or the hero in the comic was actually a villain in your world. Key details, like names and dates, are changed in your version. Everything about it seems real and true, it simply contradicts reality. This comic is from another, alternate dimension when things were different. Keeping it safe and maintained will grant you yet another bridge between what is and is not.

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