Thursday, January 12, 2023

[ToM] Savanna

Arid grassland with a few trees dotting its area. This area is what remains of what was once serene grassland and the beautiful expanse of land that lead up to the temple; now wild. The savanna is hot in the day and cool at night, and very open. You cannot be surprised on the savanna, except by The Cat.

The savanna is also notable as it is the best place to hunt for game nearby the temple. The main herbivores here are gazelle, who travel in large herds. They were once totally placid and wouldn't even run if a bipedal animal approached them; that was until the gnolls and orcs came, which made them skittish. This is also the hunting ground of The Cat, who drags its prey up into the trees. The skins and remains of some of its kills can still be seen hanging in the branches.

The most notable feature of the savanna is it is the home of a group of Brownies. These brownies wear suits of African animals and are most active at dawn and dusk- if you wait around a full day you'll catch their silhouette in the distance at least once. If you get a positive reaction check, you can speak to them and trade with them. Among their possessions are a handful of bright green feathers; still as vivid as ever in their forever-young fingers, which once belonged to one of the people of Mozz. The boys don't understand the feathers' true value for those trying to enter the Temple and will trade them for a handful of toys or treats. If you piss them off they'll give you one last chance to earn the feathers- but only if you permanently put down The Cat.

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