Monday, January 30, 2023

[ToM] Gnoll Camp

The Gnolls have set up a camp high above a desert ridge. This gives them a view over all of this part of the valley; everything from the desert to the savannah and as far to the perching stone. They are gnolls and make their living on both robbing as well as eating travelers. These gnolls are a lot more lean and well prepared then gnolls most people in the civilized places are used to- most of the people that end up in this valley are tougher then the normal stock- given they probably crossed through a desert to get here.

There are about eighty gnolls that live at this camp. Twenty are noncombatants (children, elder males). Of the rest, about half will be out hunting or patrolling at any given time, but they are notably less active in the day and more will be at camp (they are mostly nocturnal). The camp is visible from a good distance from both the fires, the smell of cooking flesh, and the tents made of skinned humanoids. You can roll a reaction check if you approach with your weapons sheathed, but it will probably end badly. Their only useful things to trade are information, gnome leather, or a four man guard that will follow you into the temple and help you fight monsters (the four gnolls they'll give you are the dumbest and smallest runts). Witchfinger will absolutely give you the gnolls as permanent henchment if you bring him the head of the leader of the Orcs, who disappeared into the temple just a few weeks ago.

The Gnolls are ruled by a shaman, who is a superstitious magic user skilled in necromancy and basic elemental magicks. His name is Witchfinger (most Gnolls name themselves after the most interesting thing they've eaten) He knows healing spells; but only uses them sparingly even on his most loyal warriors- those who succumb to their wounds are too weak to survive in his tribe and are of better use dead.

Witchfinger (3+3 HD) has also stolen some magical power from a nearby site- the Overlook Mesa. This place has connection to the harsh desert wind- and is the source of power for his Whirlwind spell. If you desecrate this site, Witchfinger will lose this spell permanently, and will likely seek out the one who did it to extract terrible vengeance upon them.

This spell create a whipping wind about twice as big as a man. It goes as the caster directs it- they must channel and chant to move the wind about as it goes. Anyone struck by the wind will find their skin ripped by sand and harsh hot gusts, dealing 1d4 damage, and they must save or be knocked to the ground. Anyone laying flat on the ground is immune to this spell's damaging effect, but they cannot get back up if they failed their save until the wind passes over them or someone comes to help them. The whirlwind can be parked directly on someone if Witchfinger really doesn't like them. The wind moves as fast as a man can run and can go as far as the caster can see- but will break apart if moved through rocky terrain or vegetation- as it will break up the mini-storm.

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