Sunday, January 29, 2023

[ToM] Drytalon Canyon

Dusty desert canyons- offering the first shelter towards The Great Temple from the inhospitable flats. The canyon is very old indeed, with deep raised sides near impossible to climb. Beyond the red colored stone; the walls have a curious feature. There are white scratches and marks all over the canyon's interior walls, as high as a man can jump and some farther up- all scratched with deep grooves which have only barely faded with time. This was once the canyon where Mozz' warriors sharpened their talons and practiced their art of war.

There is a small and perilous hiking path up to the Overlook Mesa. It takes two hours to reach it from the floor of the dry canyon.

The Canyon is also home to a rare type of creature; a large dusty beetle. Its back is the exact color of the canyon walls, and most have grown a peculiar marking on the back in the shape of an off-white scratchmark, just as the ones on the walls of the canyon, meaning you can walk into a swarm of them as they sit on the walls without knowing until they strike.

If you explore the Canyons, there is a 1 in 8 chance you enter a side area with walls covered in them; you will enter combat surprised. They eat flesh.

Drytalon Beetles (1+1 HD, +3 AC, 1d4 Mandible, Horrid Buzzing)
Numbers- 2d10
Morale- N/A

The Beetles are hard bodied and possess limited flight. They swarm on the nearest living thing and attempt to rip them apart, having no regard for their own life or safety. However, if you manage to get out of the canyon, they won't follow you and will return to clinging to a wall for camouflage.

In addition, the Beetles produce an awful buzzing noise whenever they are in combat from their wings. While this sound is being made there is an X in 20 chance of any spell cast failing from the incantation being drowned out by the horrid buzzing; where as X is the number of Beetles remaining.

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